Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Is there something wrong?

"Hi, I'm Nicky Logan.  I'm from the Edinburgh Evening News!" The woman
breezed in past Jane.  Once inside she turned to look at her and couldn't
help staring.  Jane's outfit was not what she expected to find someone
wearing at noon on a Saturday. She looked damn good actually! However
Nicky was there for a reason.
"Err, excuse me?" enquired Jane, "What can I do for you?"  She was still
trying to come to terms with all that had happened.  She wasn't ready for a
forward, young... attractive reporter.
"Oh, did I not say?" replied Nicky, "I just wanted to ask you some
"About what?"  Jane could imagine, but she was surprised that anyone would
be so interested as to come round the morning after she'd moved in.
"Well, did you know that this place was haunted?"  The question came out
"I'd heard it mentioned. It's not the sort of thing I believe in."  At
least, she'd never considered ghosts a reality until that morning. Jane
waited for another question, but Nicky seemed to be distracted.  She was
staring right at Jane! Eventually Jane asked her if there was anything
"Oh!" exclaimed the reporter, "Sorry, I just got... just got... err... So
the landlord told you, huh?"
"Yes, he did." There it was again, the hesitation.  Jane was also somewhat
unimpressed to be faced with a barrage of questions. She decided to
pre-empt the journalist. "He told me that there's supposed to be this ghost
which came from a girl forced to stay in these rooms for all her life."
"Did he tell you there was evidence of this ghost?"
"Evidence?" asked Jane, well aware of the box of antique tickling equipment
in her room.
"Yes," replied the reporter. "The last three people to rent this place.
They all reported coldness... err... creaking floorboards, um... taps
turning on... err... um... strange shouts, screams, noises and stuff. 
They'd all move in and it would start straight away."  Jane shrugged her
shoulders. She believed that Kathryn would have wanted to get rid of anyone
she didn't deem unsuitable, if she was capable of conjuring up silk bindings
and clothes she could certainly do a few bumps in the night! However she
said she hadn't heard anything.  Nicky looked distracted.  Jane asked why
she was interested.
"Oh I'm something of a ghost nut," Nicky replied.  "Edinburgh's full of
history: fires, wars, plagues, death... everything!" There was a real
fascination in her voice.  "What happened here was positively mundane by
comparison, but it kept happening, rather... err... rather than the...
the... err... other things." She stopped for a moment.  The reporter was
still having trouble concentrating.  She kept on staring at Jane, like she
was extraordinary or something.  Jane offered the journalist a cup of tea.
Nicky seemed rather surprised... and strangely grateful, accepting the offer
with effusive thanks.  When the pair of them each had a cup they sat down on
a couch Jane was borrowing from Lucy.  Jane asked Nicky about the history of
"Oh it's fascinating, really!  There's just so much that's gone on here.
>From a ghost perspective there's the whole dungeons and the catacombs.  Some
terrible things happened there..." Once again she tailed off, looking at
"Is there something wrong?" asked Jane.
"Oh no, no!" replied the reporter. "No, I'm just... having trouble getting
my thoughts together.
"Is it because of my dress?"
"No!" exclaimed Nicky. Jane looked at her suspiciously. "Well, yes.  It's
lovely." She was trying hard not to stare, but her hostess' body in her
negligee was just too hot! Her firm breasts were pushing out the top of it
while it was all Nicky could do not to glance at Jane's legs...  Jane, for
herself, suddenly made the connection. 'This woman fancies me!' she
thought. After the trials of the morning it might have been a little better
to wait a while, but this was a new Jane, who was finally happy with her
sexuality! She wasn't going to wait around any more.  She made a plan for
how to seduce Nicky.
They were both sat on a couch that was quite low to the ground.  Jane
placed her cup of tea on the ground and crossed her legs towards the
reporter.  Nicky's eyes followed the entire procedure. Jane was pretty
convinced the journalist fancied her and she was impressed by the reporter
as well. Nicky was wearing a smart trouser suit with a white shirt opened
low to reveal her black bra and cleavage.  'Probably helps with talking to
people who might be less than happy to see her,' thought Jane. She was
aware of what men would do for a look at some breasts. She was shorter than
Jane, who was five eight, but not by much and wore the comfortable shoes of
someone required to do a lot of walking. Her hair was brown, a little
darker than Jane's but curlier and longer despite those curls. She had
glasses marks just above her cute button nose but wasn't wearing any and her
eyes were quite a dark brown.  Jane realised she was staring.  In her haste
to look away she swung her legs around, knocking Nicky's arm which deposited
her cup of tea all over her.
Jane seized the opportunity. She stood up and fretted around Nicky,
bending over low to brush some of the tea in the journalist's lap. Nicky
looked up and found herself staring into Jane's cleavage.  She couldn't pull
her eyes away. It had been near for so long and she hadn't been able to
stop herself from looking at it, now it was right in front of her eyes and
it was all she could do not to try and kiss it!  She realised Jane had said
"Sorry, what was that?"
"You just sit there and I'll get some paper towel."  Jane straightened up,
standing up right in front of Nicky. The white silk of the negligee was
fairly translucent and Nicky could see the outline of her hostess' body
through the thin material. She gulped.  If she stayed any longer she would
be in danger of doing something a bit silly. She knew she was a lesbian,
had known for ages, but wasn't quite capable of asking girls out.  If
someone asked her out she was all for it, but unless that happened she was
never quite sure if a person fancied her or not. She got the impression
with Jane that the parading of her body, from the crossing of her legs to
the shoving of her cleavage right in Nicky's face, was not just a
coincidence, but she wasn't sure... she was never sure...  But her
suspicions were increased when Jane returned.
Jane came back with some tissues and began mopping Nicky's legs where most
of the tea had spilled.  She did it slowly and softy, delicately running her
hands along Nicky's thighs.  It was all the journalist could do not to moan.
  After doing that for a few moments, Jane turned away and bent over to wipe
some tea off the ground, her legs straight as she bent over. Her ass was
hovering less than a foot away from Nicky's face.  Nicky could see the edge
of Jane's panties where the negligee had ridden up.  She could see Jane's
toned and athletic legs and her ass, small and petite and oh so close!
Nicky exhaled. It was a mixture of a sigh and a moan. Jane turned around
and spoke. Nicky had to refocus.
"Sorry, what was that?"
"Oh," said Jane, "I thought you said something about my dress... you know,
like 'nice dress.'"  It was completely untrue but she now was sure that
Nicky was hot on her.
"Oh no," answered Nicky, "I didn't say anything like that."  Jane looked a
little hurt. "It is a very nice outfit though," added Nicky quickly,
"Though it's probably more of a slip and a dress."
"You like it?" Jane was positively beaming.
"Oh yes," replied the journalist, "It's lovely" 'and so is the woman in it'
she thought but didn't add.
"Touch it," said Jane.
"Go on, touch it.  It's the most amazingly soft thing."
"Err..." Nicky couldn't see anywhere to touch that wasn't extremely
intimate.  It was nothing but strings at the back and everywhere else was at
an ass, or a thigh, or a breast, or... Her train of thought was broken by
Jane reaching out, taking Nicky's hand and placing it on her stomach.  The
material was indeed very soft but it was the firm body beneath her hands
that occupied her attention. The journalist couldn't help herself from
stroking slightly.
"Oh!" said Jane, flinching, "That tickled!"  Nicky pulled her hand away
very quickly, but Jane looked at her with a very... naughty look on her
"Doesn't seem fair that you get to tickle me," continued Jane. She looked
at Nicky with a very mischievous smile.  "I reckon I deserve a little
payback..."  The journalist looked startled. She'd barely touched the
woman! Standing up she prepared to leave. The whole business had become
very sexually charged and if she didn't go soon she was going to give in to
her arousal and probably make a fool of herself! She said something about
how she should be going and half turned away, but Jane suddenly placed her
hands on Nicky's sides, stopping the reporter dead.
"I don't think you should go anywhere," said Jane, talking straight into
Nicky's ear in a slow, hot whisper.  The journalist shut her eyes. Jane's
hands were on her and she knew that she wanted them there... she should
leave, but she desperately wanted to be persuaded to stay...
"I really should go..."  Her reply was more breathless than she'd intended.
"No," replied Jane, "I'm going to get you back for tickling me first!"
With that she dug her fingers into Nicky's sides.
"Ooooh!" cried Nicky, flinching hugely.  Jane flexed her fingers again.
"Ooooh!  Stop!" yelled the reporter, but to no avail.  Jane continued her
tickling, digging her fingers repeatedly into the soft sides of the
reporter.  Nicky continued 'oohing,' gasping as Jane stopped, but crying out
whenever she began again.  Soon the laughter came.
"Stopee hee hee hee! Nuh... nuh... nuhooee hee hee hee!"  Jane's fingers
ran up and down her sides repeatedly, playing her ribs like a piano, but
instead of producing music, all Nicky could do was squeal.
"Hah hah hahhh!" she cried, gasping for air as she did.  She could feel
Jane behind her, pushing against her with her body.  Nicky was doubled over
and her ass was pushed firmly against Jane's pussy.  The sexy tickler was
temporarily overcome by the sensation and slowed her assault.  Nicky grabbed
her chance and spun round, driving her fingers against Jane's tummy. Jane
exploded.  The eroticism of tickling Nicky, especially the awesome sensation
of having the journalist grind her ass against Jane, had left her highly
charged and very susceptible to tickling.  Nicky took her advantage,
tickling Jane aggressively.
Laughing hysterically, Jane found it impossible to think, let alone counter
attack.  Squirming under the other woman's touch she fell forwards, landing
on her front and unwittingly exposing her bare feet. The journalist seized
her opportunity, sitting down on the other woman's legs and pinning her feet
to the ground. Jane knew what was coming but was powerless to resist.
Nicky took a moment to gloat.
"Look at these gorgeous pink feet beneath me," she said, her voice dripping
with arousal.  "I wonder what will happen if I touch them?"
"Noooo!" cried Jane, "Not my feet! Not my heeee hee hee!" But Nicky had
run her fingers up the insides of Jane's souls.  The result was
"Ha ha ha ha haaa!" screamed Jane. She was in danger of losing it, but she
had one chance.  Stopping to gloat once more, Nicky had underestimated just
how flexible Jane was. She twisted herself, arching her back in a way that
seemed quite impossible, until she could see her attacker.
"Well it seems that touching them provokes quite a response," Nicky was
saying, "I wonder what:-"
We didn't learn what Nicky wondered as Jane dug her fingers back into the
journalist's sides, causing her to roll off her captive, releasing her feet.
  Now Jane began tickling in earnest, keeping a constant pressure against
Nicky's ribs.  The reporter's clothes were impeding matters somewhat so Jane
used one hand to open the other woman's jacket and shirt.  Nicky felt an
unexpected coolness on her chest, but was otherwise caught up, Jane's
expert, single handed tickling reducing the journalist to a laughing wreck. 
Pausing for just a moment to pull off the reporter's jacket and shirt, Jane
set about the serious work of tickling Nicky all over her upper body.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa!" screamed Nicky, Jane's soft fingers now accessing
every nook and cranny of her ribs.
"He he hee... he heeeee!"  The yelling continued until she was truly out of
breath.  At that point Jane stopped. The journalist was panting heavily,
forcing down the air into her heaving lungs. Her chest was rising and
falling, pushing her large breasts out with each inhale. The nipples were
very clear through the black material of the bra and they were so taut that
they threatened to burst through!  Jane half lifted half dragged the
breathless reporter through to the bedroom, shifting her onto the bed.
Nicky feebly tried to protest as first her shoes, socks and finally her
trousers were removed. Viewing her near naked victim with delicious
anticipation, Jane slowly undid her negligee, letting it fall down, exposing
her breasts and her panties. Nicky's looked breathlessly at the girl before
her. God Jane was hot!  The student slowly moved towards the woman. Nicky
found herself panting, but it was lust controlling her now.  She waited for
the tortuous tickling to start, but quickly found herself moaning as Jane's
fingers traced a path along the top of her breasts.
 The feelings intensified as Jane slowly moved onto the bed, her fingers
quickly flicking open the clasp of Nicky's bra.  Nicky felt Jane's breasts
pushing against hers, their nipples rubbing and flicking against each other.
  Hypersensitive after the tickling, the sensations sent bolts of pure
arousal through Nicky. She brought her hands up against the other woman,
grabbing her breasts and squeezing them together before leaning up to kiss
Free of encumbrances they set about making love to each other. Jane slowly
kissed up Nicky's left leg, enjoying the slight giggles she elicited from
the still very sensitive reporter. When she got to the sodden panties she
kissed the front of them, feeling the outrageous arousal she'd stimulated in
her partner. Nicky pulled Jane away, though.  She wanted to feel the other
woman's weight on her and quickly. Jane moved up so that her body was hard
against Nicky's like Kathryn's had been against hers that morning. Their
breasts were touching, as were their pussies and the feelings were heavenly.
Soon they both felt the last remnants of their ticklish sensitivity give
way to pure erotic desire. Jane pushed herself hard against the journalist,
her thigh scraping up and down on Nicky's moist lingerie.  The reporter
quickly slipped her sodden black panties off her body and felt the
deliciousness of Jane's ripe young skin against her most sensitive areas. 
Jane felt her own panties get peeled away from her body like damp tissue
paper by Nicky's eager hands.  Both naked, they pushed hard against each
other, seeking out each other's mouths and kissing aggressively. The
reporter could feel Jane's body flat against hers: the softness of her
breasts, the erectness of her nipples and the wetness of her pussy.  Jane
felt the similar properties of Nicky's body.
They both hastened their movements, Jane rubbing her pussy hard against
Nicky's while the reporter kissed and sucked the student's nipples, loving
the feel of their hardness.  Their bodies were already in a high state of
arousal before they'd even begun and now they found themselves overlooking
the precipice of release...  Jane felt her nipples being kissed and sucked
as she rocked her pussy against the reporter's, the slippery wetness of both
lubricating their movement, as she came to the tip of her desire.  Nicky,
pinned down by Jane's firm, sleek body felt her own most intimate areas
tense up as the shock of climax engulfed her.  Both women thrust their
waists hard against each other and both felt the spark of explosion fill
their bodies.  Crying out loudly, the scream echoing around the room, Nicky
felt her massive orgasm scream through her as she came.  Slightly quieter
but by no means less powerfully, Jane came as well.  She continued rocking
for a moment until the climax subsided.  Looking at the journalist beneath
her she smiled beautifully, happy she had a new friend in the city.
Soon they lay beside one another, their bodies intertwined.  They took it
in turns to run their fingers against each other's sides, giggling and
kissing as they did so.  It had stimulated them to such a point that they
were about to start tickle wrestling again... only the doorbell rang for the
second time that day..