Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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You can see much much more of these girls being either tickled, in bondage or naked in public
at www.femfeet.co.uk or www.blackpoolgirls.com

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Below are just a few of the predicaments the girls get into at
www.femfeet.co.uk or www.blackpoolgirls.com


It was 7:30 AM. Time to sit back after a hearty breakfast and have a second cup with the morning paper.


It didn't take long for Lou to find the story he was looking for, it was right there on the front page. His little escapades had finally made the front pages of the local edition!


The first time he had tied up and tickled a helpless female in her apartment, the papers called him some weirdo who desperately needed help.But, now, after the ninth time, his new title stuck out boldly in the headlines," PHANTOM TICKLER STRIKES AGAIN". "Phantom Tickler", he thought to himself,"I like that". The police now had a description of the culprit.The only thing is that now that he had got rid of the beard, the coloured contact lenses, and put his hair colour back to its original shade,along with getting rid of a fake accent he had perfected, he would not be a suspect.


The papers called them helpless victims. He knew different. While it may have seemed random, the ladies were picked out for a specific reason.They all had an attitude. A couple had big positions, knew it, and made sure everyone else did too, and seemed to enjoy stepping on the people under them. The others, were big teasers or bitches or a combination of the two.


And last nights adventure was the best one by far. Not only had he captured and tickled the one he set out to get, he even managed to get her to arrange for another bitch to get tied up and tickled into a mass of jelly along with her. It had been the biggest chance he had taken so far,but it had resulted in his best catch, two for one!


It all started a month ago. He had met Lisa at a lounge one night and struck up a conversation with her that lasted most of the evening. He got to know her well enough that night to tell that she would be his next unwilling tickling victim. She was in competition for a position at herwork with another girl she called Shirley. Shirley was on her way togetting that position too by whatever means she could use. The trouble forLisa, was that Shirley had the edge and Lisa made it known during the chatthat she was not above using whatever means necessary to get the jobherself.


Lisa had been beaten at other times by Shirley, and got to talking about what she would like to do for revenge. She basically didn't want to hurt Shirley, she just desperately wanted a chance to do something to her.I casually brought up the subject of this chap that was going around tickling women in the city and jokingly said maybe he was for hire. Lisa said that this would be the perfect revenge. In trying to get anything on Shirley to use against her, friends had mentioned that Shirley made a big effort to keep the fact that she was extremely ticklish, a secret. Especially the soles of her feet! "Dam!" Lisa said,"wouldn't I love to get my fingers on that ticklish skin of hers, I'd give anything!" "Can I be of some help?", Lou asked. "I don't think so, how could we do something like that without gettinginto trouble?", said Lisa."There is a way", Lou said, "that could work, if your up to taking some risk. It would even mean that you would get to tickle her yourself. And the poor chap who is going around tickling these women would get the blame." That was all it took for Lisa to agree.


A plan was finally worked out. Lisa would arrange for a meeting between her and Shirley. The meeting was to call a truce over the on going feud.Lisa even arranged for the use of a friend's nice little cabin not too far from town where no one would be in hearing distance of the hysterical laughter. Lisa wondered though, if Shirley could be convinced to show. Lou reassured Lisa, "Shirley is sure to accept. She will think that since you want the truce, you're actually worried and maybe even admitting defeat. And the meeting out of town is so no one will be around to see this admission."


The day finally came. All the plans had fallen into place. Shirley had fallen for the invitation. The few little digs and insinuations.Lisa convinced her Lou's idea about admitting defeat were right.  Lisa was in the cabin when Shirley arrived, Lou was out of sight. After a few minutes, a noise was heard outside, Lisa said she would go investigate.This was followed by Lisa letting out a little scream and then being forced back into the cabin by Lou wearing a ski mask, with his hand in his pocket looking like he had a weapon of some sort. "Who are you and what do you want?", Lisa cried. She even managed to look a little scared."Just do as you're told and no one will get hurt!" was the reply."You, what's your name?"Sh-Shirley"""OK Shirley, all I want from you is your blouse, skirt and panty hose,take them off, NOW! You can keep the underwear" Shirley was really scared and obeyed completely. She was a little slow but after a few minutes Shirley was standing in front of Lou and Lisa with nothing on but her panties and bra, with a some what embarrassed look on her face. "Now you, what's your name?" he shouted."Lisa", was the rehearsed reply."OK Lisa, you can keep the slacks on,just take off the blouse and shoes and do it quick!"Lisa was not long in replying. She couldn't wait to get at Shirley. Her scared act was pretty good too.The rope and padded leather restraints he would use were stowed in a canvas sack he carried along with an assortment of stiff feathers and a variety of fine brushes. He took out the restraints and threw them at Lisa."Take these and tie our friend Shirley face up to that bed over there. And make sure that she is tied good and solid! Hands at each corner at the head, and her ankles together to the center of the rail at the foot!"All Shirley could do was ask why, while she trembled and did as she was told. "You'll find out soon enough!" was the reply."Why, what are you going to do to us?", Lisa asked.(another rehearsed line)He looked at Lisa and said "You're going to do everything to Shirley I tell you to do, or you will be on the receiving end of what you don't do to her. You understand?""All right, just don't hurt us, please!", Lisa said with a trembling voice. She was good! Lou took out some rope and tied it to Lisa's ankles so that she could only take a few inches to the step and said, as rehearsed, "This should keep you to just a walk. I wouldn't want you running away from me!" But Lou made sure to leave about a foot and a half of rope loose on each end of Lisa's ankles when he tied them.He looked and could not believe the picture in front of him. This petite five foot-two brunette with deep brown eyes, smooth soft skin tied to a bed at his total mercy. But, what really grabbed his attention was her gorgeous little feet. Those curved arches and stubby little toes made his mouth go dry and his heart beat faster.When everything was completed, he ordered Lisa to straddle Shirley and sit on her legs just at the knees facing her.Shirley again begged,"What are you going to have her do to me, PLEASE, I want to know!""I guess I can give you a hint", he said. Bending down next to her, he quietly wiggled his finger in front of her face and said with a grin,"Kitchee, Kitchee, KOOOooo!"It took a second for it to sink in, but when it did Shirley said with a trembling and quite voice, "Oh my God, you're the Phantom tickler I read about in the papers, aren't you?" Lou just grinned and slowly backed away from the bed.Shirley had an expression of shock and panic as she looked back and forth from Lou to Lisa and back to Lou again."I've read about what you've done to those other women, tickling them half to death. Please don't do that to me, pleeeeease!", Shirley pleaded."I can't stand being tickled!!"Lou paid no attention to Shirley's pleas. He stood at the foot of the bed and said "Lisa! Take both of your hands and start at Shirley's wrists,and gently run your nails down her arms till you get to her underarms.When you get there, start doing circles with your fingers. Do it NOW!"As Lisa did this Shirley started to giggle. The show was on, and as Lisa walked her hands down Shirley's arms, the giggling got more intense until,as instructed, Lisa's fingers got to Shirley's soft arm pits and started circling. That made Shirley almost go limp and she started yelling."AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, PLEEEHEEHEEHEEHEESE STOHOHOHOHOHOP, ICAHAHAHAHANT STAHAHAHAHAHAND THAHAHAHAT!!!!!Shirley was not limp any more. She was jumping and squirming and twisting as much as her restraints and Lisa on top of her would let her.Lisa was enjoying this as much as Lou was. "AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, PLEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEESE, PLEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEESEHAHAHAHAHAVE MERHERHERHERHERCY!!!After a couple of minutes, Lisa stopped. "I didn't tell you to stop!", Lou yelled.  Lisa was a little surprised. While she was enjoying this, she did feel that Shirley needed to catch her breath. She thought to herself "I am just as ticklish as Shirley, and I can only imagine what it must be like to be going through this torment."Sorry, I thought she should catch her breath.", said Lisa.Although the tickling had stopped, Shirley was still giggling and shaking,saying "Please, no more, I cant stand that, I'm begging you!"Lou looked at Lisa and said, "Never mind. Since you've stopped, turn around and face the foot of the bed and get closer to Shirley's ankles,...NOW!" With that command, Shirley went into a panic, "NO...NOT MY FEET!! PLEASE DON'T TICKLE MY FEET!! I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT, JUST PLEASE DON'T TICKLE MY FEET!!!! PLEASE, NO!!!!!""Lisa", Lou ordered, " Lets start with a gentle little nail rub on the bottoms of Shirley's soles! This time, don't stop until I tell you to, or you'll get a taste of the same medicine, you understand?""OK" Lisa said quietly and starting to wonder about Lou. "He's really taking this part seriously!", she thought. "I guess I shouldn't, complain,I'm finally getting the revenge I have always wanted. And I am enjoying it!" And with that she bent over to Shirley's feet and curled up toes."Start at the heels and work to those sexy little toes.", Lou ordered,"And just keep doing that till I stop you!"This time Shirley went completely limp. Her weakest spot had always been the soles of her feet. When she was younger, the kids she hung around with knew this, and would take advantage of it. Just the threat of someone tickling her feet would cause her to get weak and start laughing. The kids would occasionally surround her with feathers and ropes in their hands and say, "Hey, time for a tickling party with Shirley's feet!" They threatened it a lot of times, but only carried it out once. They carried her into the clubhouse they had built and tied her to an old bed spring they used as a trampoline. The feeling had been of total helplessness as she felt one shoe get pulled off, then the other, then both socks at the same time. The feeling of at least six feathers being rubbed and jiggled on those bare soles were pure torment then. That memory soon ended when Lisa's pointy fingernails touched her heels."AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!""PLEEE EHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEESE........NOHOHOHOHOT MYFEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEET...I'LL DOHOOHOOHOOHOOANYHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE..THING!!!"Lou was amazed. Unlike when Lisa was working her underarms, Shirley had no fight in her whatsoever when her feet were being tickled. Lou also envied Lisa. She had the type of long slender pointy fingernails that ticklers dreamed of having.But, enough of this! He saw how Lisa was thoroughly and enjoyingly entrenched in this revenge, but it was time for plan B to be put into action."OK, Lisa give her a break!", said Lou. Lisa actually looked a little disappointed. The original plan when Shirley's tickle torment was done, was for Lou to take Lisa to the kitchen and loosely tie her to a chair. Lisa would then give Lou about fifteen minutes head start when she would miraculously get herself free and rescue Shirley from her bed of torment.That may be what Lisa thought was the plan, but Lou had another plan in mind, and he was about to put it into action."OK Lisa," Lou said,"Turn around and face our tickle girl again! Not so far up this time. Stay back a little more. We musn't leave out our little tickle girl's tummy" Lou watched as Lisa's feet came about even with Shirley's and said "OK that's far enough!"With Lisa facing away from Lou, it all happened so fast that she didn't have enough time to react. The extra cord that he had left hanging from Lisa's ankles were quickly wrapped around both the rail of the bed as well as Shirley's ankles and then tied securely. As Lisa quickly turned to the right to find out what was going on, Lou was on her left grabbing her wrist, looping one of his restraints around her wrist and tying it to the same corner as one of Shirley's."WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!, yelled Lisa. Lou just ignored her and quickly jumped to the other side of the bed and repeated the same process with Lisa's other wrist. Now, they were both at his mercy. Shirley tied face up and Lisa tied face down on top of her."I SAID WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, THIS ISN'T PART OF THE PLAN..",then suddenly stopped talking, realizing what she had just said.Shirley's eyes got big,and as she looked sternly at Lisa said,"WHAT DO YOU MEAN...NOT PART OF THE PLAN?"Lisa said with a concerned look on her face, "SHUT UP SHIRLEY!", then looked up at Lou and said "I ASKED YOU A QUESTION, I WANT AN ANSWER!!"That wasn't good enough for Shirley. She was just realizing what had just happened and yelled back at Lisa,"HE'S NOT THE PHANTOM TICKLER AT ALL. YOU ARRANGED ALL OF THIS DIDN'T YOU, YOU LITTLE BITCH?"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU", cried Lou as he gave each of his victims a quick wiggle of his fingers in their ribs.This made both of them let out a quick spurt of laughter and took their minds off each other for a second. Lou bent over by Shirley and Lisa's faces and quietly spoke. "Lisa! You want an answer, well I'll give you one. Sorry to disappoint you Lisa, but I had different plans than what you had. You're really the one I was after, Shirley was just an added pleasure I thought I would take advantage of, with your help, of course." Lisa's expression then turned from pissed off to the same panic Shirley had when he then smiled and got closer to Lisa and said, with a grin, as he placed his hand on her head,"Shirley was right, I am the Phantom tickler!", then he backed away slowly.Lisa started tugging on her restraints, testing them. But Lou, on seeing this, calmly told her,"Pull all you want, you cant get free, I'll guarantee you that! Don't worry, this wont take too much more time. I've enjoyed watching the little show but I enjoy participating even more." With that he went into his canvas sack and took out his tickling implements. Before his first tickling episode, he had gathered some long feathers, fairly stiff, that measured about a foot long. He had tied four of them together at the quill end, and fastened a make shift handle to that end. With each of the last eight tickling episodes, he had refined his implements carefully by judging the reactions of his victims when tickling them, especially when tickling their feet (his favourite area). He now felt he had two perfect implements of tickle torment, the four long feathers tied together, and another one he had fashioned from a half dozen ends from broken ones. These he tied together in a fan shape. When he took these out in front of his victims, the 'panic' look came onboth their faces. Lou even chuckled when both ladies automatically curled their toes at seeing them. When Lou took a chair and set it at the foot of the bed by their feet, it started all over again.Shirley tensed up and said," Please, no more! Anywhere but my feet!!",while Lisa blurted "This can't be happening to me! I'm going to die!!" Lousmiled and said,"Oh yes it can and it is. Ready ladies?" This was followedby about five seconds of silence while placing the long feathers parallelto their soles, when he suddenly cried "TICKLE, TICKLE, TICKLE!!" andproceeded to vigorously run the feathers up and down the four soles.Lisa cried out,"NOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO, PLEEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEESE!!!", while atthe same time Shirley, going limp again, cried, "NO,NOHOHOHOHOT MYFEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEET, PLEEHEEHEEHEHEESE, AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,HAHAHAHAHAVE MERHERHERHERHERCY!!! To Lou, this was the ultimate. Two were being tickled at the same time.Four feet being tickled at once. "STEREO LAUGHTER!", he thought andlaughed to himself. The feet tickling lasted about another twenty minuteswith a few breaks for breathers. Not that he was showing any mercy, hejust didn't want anybody passing out on him.He had grown tired of the feathers after about five minutes and hadresorted to using his fingers, much to the ladies disdain and to hispleasure. He had made a special effort to concentrate on the mostsensitive areas of each victim. With Lisa, it was the center of the foot,right at the arches. With Shirley, it was a little more difficult todetermine, her feet were so ticklish. He had put his biggest efforts inthe area from where the toes meet the foot down to where the ball of thefoot ended. He had decided that was the weak spot for her, because when hetickled Shirley there, there was absolutely no fight in her as opposed towhat little fight she showed elsewhere on her soles.When he was finished, he sat back for a second and looked at the two limpbodies in front of him, and wondered how the ladies these two had walk allover would feel about each other when this was all over.He got up and walked over to the head of the bed and told them to relax,he was finished. Shirley slowly looked up and asked, "What's going tohappen to us now?" , to which Lou replied, "Shirley, that's up to you."Shirley and Lisa both looked puzzled. Lou reached over by Shirley's onetied up hand. He then loosened the rope holding her hand at the head ofthe bed and continued, "You should be able to get loose after awhile.Shirley, I think you got the rotten end of the deal! You were tickledtwice as long as Lisa. After you get your hands loose, I think you cankeep yourself occupied till you get totally free, don't you?"Shirley looked at Lou then at Lisa, then actually smiled. But it was anevil smile that put Lisa into a panic. "SHIRLEY... NO! DON'T YOU DARE!.....PLEASE!", Lisa cried.And, as Lou walked out the door his last view of the two was Shirleyputting her free her hands up to Lisa's underarms.THE END...for now??