Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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You can see much much more of these girls being either tickled, in bondage or naked in public
at www.femfeet.co.uk or www.blackpoolgirls.com

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Below are just a few of the predicaments the girls get into at
www.femfeet.co.uk or www.blackpoolgirls.com

Kristin Tickled

I´m married, but I have also a girlfirend, Kristin, 32 years old and also married. We meet every two weekends in a swinger-club, for it´s easy and no one asks like in a motel. Besides, the location is cute. It´s a club but we allways keep alone, you know fresh loving ...

A month ago, a goodlooking man, about 35-40 years old, asks us to join, only for looking. We thought about and allowed him, he really was only starring on us. No, not on us, especially on Kristins legs and feet.
Last week we spent time in the club, he appeared and we had a nice time and conversation. Then he asked, if its possible to give a present to Kristin, black stockings! We were astonished, what a nice surprise. And further, if he could watch once again ? Of course, no problem. He was very charming and choking and Kristin was laughing a lot. Next question: if it´s possible only to touch Kristin, no sexual points, only the "rest" of her body. No doubt, Kristin was a little bit nervous, then interessted, then we agreed. From the different places the club offers, he asks us to go to the "quiet chamber", a room close to a dungeon, but more bright and nice colours.

Kristin put on the gift. She is a good looking tiny woman, the stockings changed her a litle bit to a vamp. Kristin started kissing and touching me, pulling down my shorts and starting a blow-job. I wasn´t at the right point, my "best friend" didn´t grow. So Kristin whisperd in my ear, she thinks its time to join our guest.

A big smile came over his face, Kristin lying down on the massagetable. Slowly he touched her neck, shoulder and arms. So slightly Kristin giggled cause it tickled and pulled away. He didn´t asked for and fixed her armes over her head with the ropes, hanging beside (I think its a dungeon). He touched her armpits and a "queeck" got out of Kristin, he continued and Kristin couhgs. I stopped him, both looked at me and Kristin said: "It´s o.k., honey, I can take it. Let him go on." I admit, I was astonished, a little bit angry and stepped back a few feet, leaning against the wall.

Our visitor took the possibility and fixed the ankles. He slowly worked up the legs, when he reached the sides, his fingertips were trampling and my girlfriend Kristin couldn´t stand it. She giggled and struggled, but held down by the ropes, the only thing she could do, was to take it. "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ... THATS TO MUCH .... STOP IT PLEASE .... NO NO DONT STOP ..... HA HA HA HA" Kristin was giggling, laughing and struggling. "She´s got a big problem" I thought, but wasn´t it her choice to continue? Several minutes I watched our hard working guest, smiling by the laughs of his victim. Quicker and quicker he tickled the hips, the sides and the armpits, Kristin crying and shaking and my best friend meanwhile watching too.

Time to time our guest stops the tickling torment and half a second before restarting his work, Kristin starts crying and trying to get away from his fingers. But no chance, he fixed her very well.

Meanwhile a couple of people were coming in, attrackted by the sounds of laughing und gasping. The women more starring at the scene, most of the men smiling.

"Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ... NO MORE THATS ENOUGH .... STOOOOOOP .... Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi .... HELP HONEY .... HA HA Ha Ha"

What? Me? Help? Why, she told me a couple of minutes before she can take it. So long, Kristin, enjoy it. I´ll do !!!
Our visitor tickled down her legs "OH NO. DON´T DO THAT .... PLEASE .... AAAAH NO NO NO .... OH MY GOD .... HA HA HA HA HA .... IIIIH .... STOOOP"
He had reached one foot, tickling the top and the toes. "HONEY!!! DON´T LET HIM TICKLE MY FEEEEET ..... HA HA HA HA ..... HONEYYYYY !"

Somebody touched my shoulder. A nice young lady, I Think in the twenties, strokes my arm. "Don´t believe her. She likes it. And I can see, that you like it too." Well, she was wright. A big boob in my shorts, from my best friend, not possible to hide. She turned and stood before me, watching the tickling scene a few yards away and : took out my cock, slowly starting a hand-job ! Oh my god ! Playing with the top of may cock, drops of pearls came out.

Most of the people left, the room got empty. Our male guest was concentrated on his work. Kristin was trying to hold up her head, seeing him tickling her knees and legs, than down to the feet. She doesn´t recogniced what was going on beside her, my stiff cock under the loving touch of a strange woman, who knows how to please a man.

The man polled his finger beetween the toes of Kristin and ripped of the stockings, immediately starting tickling the bare sole of the foot. " DON´T TICKLE MY FEEEEET ..... HA HA HA HA ..... PLEASE ... OH MY GOD ! HA HA HA HA..." Then the other foot got the work, rips of the stockings and starting at the heel tickling up the toes. He used only one hand, cause the other hand was hidden in his shorts. It was a huge bulb, a real big one! The lady with my cock in her hand also registered it. She turned to me and said "Wait a bit, I will give your friend a chance to use both hands!" told me an left me. She made the four steps, kneeled down and pulled down the boxershorts. A few seconds I saw the biggest cock ever! In some adult-magazines are pictures, I thougt they are tricked. That one was real, I guess about 15 inches. Then the lady gulped this big one and started a blow-job. Kristin broke down. Not enough she got tickled without a break, her bare feet got the work at the same time. "OH MY GOD ... HE DOESN´T STOP ..... HA HA HA .... PLEEEEEEASE .... HA HA HA HA .... I CAN´T TAKE IT ..... HA HA HA .... NO MORE .... OH MY GOD .... HONEYYY!!!"

The finish was quick: a few secons later the man stopped the lady licking his cock, took his own hands, 4-5 times rubbing and than shooting his load of the feet of Kristin. The first jet long like a string, a second one, a third one ! Incredible ! Kristin only realised the stopped tickle-torment, gasping and sweating.

He quick releases the ropes, Kristin was just in trance. He kissed her hair and disapperared together with the lady. I couldn´t stand it any longer. I took Kristin, the woman I leaved a stranger for tickle-torment and fucked her. We both needed only seconds until climax. We spent some more time in the club, but the tickler was gone.