Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Below are just a few of the predicaments the girls get into at
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The tickling and humiliation of Julie

Julia tapped the toe of her high heeled shoe against the marble flooring, fuming at the contents of a memo she'd just read. Her recommendation to terminate her newly hired secretary had been flatly rejected by the board.

 "...understandably inexperienced and not promoting the proper corporate image, the board feels a longer period of probationary guidance may result in some improvement..."

For two months she had tried every managerial trick in her toolbox to get the young redhead to realize the decorum required of a Fortune 500 company. Despite her best efforts, Diane, her new secretary, continued to treat her job as a silly game; deporting herself as a gum-snapping, air-headed bimbo instead of the staid professional the position required.

Julia had even offered to take her shopping and outfit her with a proper wardrobe that would reflect the business-like image she demanded of her office. Diane refused with a giggle, saying "..I wouldn't be caught dead in those straight-jackets you stuff yourself into !" Instead, she continued to arrive for work in attire that was more appropriate for a day in the park.

Today she was wearing a filmy sundress whose spaghetti straps barely held her ample bosom in place, and Julia doubted she was wearing any kind of bra beneath it ! Further, she adamantly refused to wear nylons of any sort preferring to show off her shapely tanned legs. At least she had started wearing pumps as opposed to the strappy sandles she originally preferred.

 But her attire was the least of the problems that had Julia fuming. Her secretary spent more time snooping into matters that were not her concern, assuming decision-making roles far above her station, and gossiping about every rumor that happened to come her way ! What had once been a smoothly functioning office had quickly degenerated into a morass of confusion; all due to Diane's disruptive behaviour.

Julia had finally had enough ! She tossed back a few stray blonde curls and marched purposely towards the outer office. If the board wouldn't take her recommendations, then she would supply the "probationary guidance" they thought was necessary. It was late in the day, and Julia had ordered that Diane work after hours to catch up on a mound of paperwork that didn't seem to be shrinking.

 "Let's see if Little Missy can learn to take simple instructions !" she thought to herself. Under her arm was a compact assembly that contained a small green canister, a length of transparent hose, and a small mask. The "Breath of Fresh Air" label stood out starkly against the dark green of the cylinder.

"Diane !" Julia said as she strode to the woman's desk, "...this is to be kept at your desk and made available to those executives that request it."

"Like... what is it ???" she asked flippantly as she blew across her freshly painted nails.

"Essentially, it is an oxygen canister. When stress becomes a concern, an executive can "take a breather" if you will, and relax for a few moments with a "Breath of Fresh Air".

"Cooooll !!! When do I get to use it ?? This job is ... like... sooooo stressful !"

"It is NOT to be used by hourly employees !!!" Julia remanded, "...this is a perk that only EXECUTIVES are allowed to use !"

Diane sniffed at her with disdain and chunked the contraption under her desk. "Oh sure !!! ... Like you suits are the only people that ever have to deal with stress !!!"

"Just check it out to those executives that request it, and don't YOU mess with it !!!" Julia barked as she spun on her heel and returned to her office.

Julia smiled wickedly after she closed the door. She knew the redhead would disobey her order at the earliest opportunity. Feeling more satisfied with every moment, Julia poured herself a fresh cup of coffee and sat down at her desk.

"I bet that little bimbo won't even realize that canister isn't oxygen !"

By Seven PM the building was empty save for Julia and Diane. The redhead tried fruitlessly to attack the growing mound of paperwork in front of her, but she didn't quite have the competency required to turn chaos into order.

"Damn !!! Why do these people worry about all this silly paperwork anyway !" Diane cursed. "Like... it doesn't make any sense to ME, so how could it make any sense to THEM ??"

"To hell with this !" she exclaimed, "...I need a break !"

With that, Diane snagged the Breath of Fresh Air and uncoiled the mask and hose. "Let's see if this thing really works !!!" She clamped the mask over her nose and snugged up the straps behind her head. She could care less if this was for EXECUTIVES only ! She was just as important as they were !

Gingerly she cranked open the tiny valve and felt a cool rush of air fill the mask. Sighing delightedly, she drank the first cool draught deep within her lungs.

"Ohhhhhh YES !!!!" she murmured, "...just like an executive !!"

A giddiness began to envelop her and Diane kicked her heels up onto the desk and stretched comfortably back into her chair. She giggled and squirmed a bit with the delightful euphoria that washed across her, and didn't even flinch when a tug on the hose sent the contraption from her desk to the floor. Nor did she notice that the valve-wheel had rocked to full-open and snapped off as it hit the carpeted floor !

Julia had eased up to her office door and grinned with wicked delight as she heard the first of Diane's giggles ! Predictably, the redhead had disobeyed her orders and was now filling her lungs with a full canister of laughing gas !

Diane's tittering giggles soon grew into explosive laughter as her lungs sucked the canister completely empty ! She was hard pressed to keep her hands away from her throbbing nipples which stuck out as hard nubbins against the sheer fabric of her sundress !

"This is soooooo cooooooolll !!!" she giggled to herself as she laughed and writhed in her chair. A delicious tingling had enveloped her entire body and each laugh made her nipples throb in erotic delight.

Julia waited until she was sure the gas had its full effect, then marched into the outer office.

Diane was a laughing mess ! Through tear-blurred eyes she barely made out the imposing form of her irate boss; nor did she really care ! Giddily she laughed and pointed her finger at Julia as another fit of helpless laughter overtook her !

 Julia snatched the mask from her face and angrily told her "I told you this was not for YOU to play with !"

Diane laughed even more and waved her hand as if to dismiss her.

"All right then Missy...." Julia began, "...if it's laughter you want .... !!!!"

Julia slammed Diane's chair up against the desk, pinning the redhead in place with her legs laying across the broad wooden expanse.

 With a wicked grin, Julia shot her hands down to Diane's sides and fiendishly began to dance them up and down the redhead's ribs and tummy !

 Diane exploded with squeals of helpless laughter ! She was VERY ticklish and was now so weak she couldn't even bat Julia's tickling fingers aside ! Despite her helpless position, Diane's mind was reeling with erotic fantasies and every nerve in her body seemed to send electric excitement to her engorged nipples and throbbing loins !

"Now, let's see about this totally inappropriate wardrobe of yours !" Julia hissed at her helpless secretary. While one hand continued to tickle-torment the redhead, Julia's other hand snatched the strap over Diane's left shoulder and ripped it loose ! She did the same to the right shoulder and licked her lips in fiendish delight as Diane's thin dress began to shake down over her jiggling boobs !

Diane was so lost in fitful laughter she wasn't aware that her dress had fallen down around her tummy; even after she felt the cool kiss of air across her turgid nipples ! She tried struggling, but the giggly redhead could do little more than quake and wriggle in the confines of her chair.

"And these shoes will just NOT do !!!" Julia crowed as she flung herself across Diane's desk. She pinned the redhead's calves beneath her and quickly plucked Diane's pumps off; tossing them negligently across the office. In short order, Julia used her long nails on Diane's soft bare feet and forced a new round of tormentd laughter from the redhead's blushing face !

Diane's bare feet were like a doorway to her inner-erotica ! They were hyper-sensitive and every flicking touch of Julia's fingernails sent electric shocks of joy coursing through the redhead's supercharged body ! Audible laughter had long since abandonded her as Diane writhed and twitched in completely helpless apoplexy !

 Julia felt the heady rush of total dominance as she tickle-tormentd Diane's bare feet ! Finally, the rebellious redhead would learn the true meaning of discipline ! Julie tickled Diane's feet until they turned a soft rosy pink from her skritching nails. The redhead was near that point where she could hardly breathe, and noticing that, Julia relented for a moment in her barefoot tickle-torment.

As the redhead gasped desperately for oxygen, the blonde boss snatched the hem of Diane's sundress and began ripping; splitting the garment into tatters that fell to the floor. She then spun the redhead's chair around and unceremoniously dumped her to the plush carpeting of the office.

Diane wriggled and giggled on the carpeting, her pink panties the only thing keeping her from complete nudity. They did not last long !

Julia straddled the helpless secretary. Her strong nylon-clad legs a picture of dominace in black high heels. She snatched the elastic of Diane's panties and easily ripped them away like so much tissue paper !

Diane was a mixture of humility and erotica; her helpless laughter dominated her and the feel of the plush carpeting against her hard nipples pushed her dangerously close to a an explosive orgasm !

Now Julia began to teach her rebellious secretary a lesson she would never forget ! Her fiendish fingers flew feverishly over every square inch of Diane's nude body ! Wrinkled arches, tender thighs, wriggling buns, and ticklish armpits all felt the wrath of her boss' torturous tickling !

 She was so weakened by this assault that she couldn't muster the strength to pull her legs back together after Julia had splayed them apart.

 The blonde executive trapped both of Diane's ankles in a strong elbow hog-tie. Her deliciously tender bare soles were just inches from Julia's full red lips. Wickedly, Julia began flicking her tongue up and down Diane's ticklish bare feet while her other hand stole between the redhead's milky thighs !

Diane's green eyes shot wide open in ecstatic amazement as a thunderous orgasm threatened to wrip her completely apart !

The tongueing her soft soles were receiving made her squeal with delighted laughter while Julia's wriggling fingers made her belly explode !

Never before had Julia heard such squealing and grunting coming from a single source ! Diane's body quaked and vibrated with such ferocity that the blonde had a difficult time keeping a strong hold on her!

 With evil delight, Julia manipulated the helpless redhead ! Her tender bare feet were like delicious popsicles that needed to be licked and teased ! Faster and faster Julia wriggled her fingers until they were quite soaked with Diane's hot juices.

 "Now.... now we'll teach you the meaning of discipline !" thought Julia as she took the redhead's big toe into her mouth and began in earnest to suck and nibble it. At the same time her fingers flew like maddened butterflies; tweaking, tickling and teasing Diane's pounding furriness !

Faster and faster Diane's hips pounded the carpet, wriggled and clenched, exhaustedly relaxed, then started all over again ! The helpless secretary could not utter a single audible sound as her body was dominated by an ecstasy she had never before experienced !

 Julia kept her at this destructive peak for 15 minutes; until she had drained the ditsy redhead of every last drop of her love honey. Finally, her nude secretary lay passed out on the carpet, an occasional giggle or delicious wriggle the only sign of life from her.

 Hours later, Diane opened her bleary eyes and felt the most wonderful feeling caressing her engorged nipples ! She was nude upon the carpet. Julia's nylon clad feet were teasing her full breasts; pinching her nipples between her toes !

"Now, let's discuss your secretarial training....." Julia began as Diane eagerly began sucking on her blonde boss' wriggling toes...