Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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You can see much much more of these girls being either tickled, in bondage or naked in public
at www.femfeet.co.uk or www.blackpoolgirls.com

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Below are just a few of the predicaments the girls get into at
www.femfeet.co.uk or www.blackpoolgirls.com

Tied Up Girlfriend

I have been interested in bondage for a while, and mostly I've been  tying up willing girlfriends but I was never dominated and I was curious about  what the other side of the coin is like. I went to a professional dominator and this is my story.

I was escorted by a pretty girl down a few corridors to a ordinary looking door. All the mundane trappings of the building  made me feel even more nervous, maybe because I knew there was more to this building than tasteful decorating. Like a wolf in sheep's clothing I  guess.

Behind the door however, all the illusions collapsed. It took  a minute to adjust to the light, it wasn't dark, it's just that all the light was focused at the top corners of the room, making it feel more  like the light didn't really want to be there.

She was wearing a  nice black corset with matching underwear and stockings, and talking to her in  her dungeon about what the session was about only added to the surrealism. Her soft and reassuring voice both put me at ease and prickled the hairs at the  back of my neck. I could feel myself falling under her spell.

She told me she was going to leave for a little and come back, and while she was gone I  was to strip down to my boxers, kneel on the floor with my wrists touching the  carpet and my head down. I was not to look up when she re-entered.

I took a few minutes to look around at all the bondage gear. The paddles, restraints  and stuff I didn't even recognize. There were pictures on the wall of a couple of Dominations (?) all dressed in PVC cat suits. Being immersed in the  culture of this room and a whole other world that you barely get to see, my mind  stopped racing, instead I felt everything. my heartbeat, the way my shirt was tight across my shoulders and the comforting warmth in the air. Nothing before or after seemed to exist outside this room and I was seduced by  it.

Excited by this new sensation. i did as i was told earlier. It felt  very erotic removing my clothes in this strange place and I loved the hedonistic pleasure of it all. Initially I wondered what I would think about while i was  kneeling on the floor, turns out that that my mind was blank as i knelt on the  floor just enjoying every sensation, my breathing, the way my shoulders stretched out as i contorted to my position.

i'm not sure how long I was waiting, but she eventually returned. i hear her walk over to me, taking her time. She ran a hand down my back ;Mm mm good; she  purred. That touch sent all sorts of shivers through my body and at that moment i knew i would do exactly what i was told.

She bade me to stand up and  as i did, i saw her in a totally different light. i checked her out before  coming in, but now she looked even better. Her body was perfect and her outfit demanded attention. Her curves peeked out from behind the lace and though the  corset looked restrictive the look on her face suggested that she enjoyed the sensation.

Now standing, she stripped the last of my clothes from me. Kneeling between my legs the close proximity of this stunning woman's' head to my crotch stirred all kinds of fires inside me. She stood slowly,  tracing her fingers up my body. Still running her hands lightly over me she whispered her demands into my ear.
;First, you may only call me Mistress;,
;You may only speak when spoken  to;
;and you can only cum if you ask for and receive permission;. at her final words she smiles and bites her lip in a oh so coy fashion.
Her fingers trail down my neck to my chest and towards my  nipples, she leans in really close, so close I can feel her breath on my  ear
;and if you want me to stop what I'm doing you must say  ;mercy mistress;. Do you understand;
Her words were punctuated by her nails digging into my nipples.

I expected the words to  sound contrived when they came out of my mouth, instead my ;yes mistress; sounded genuine, even to me.

Gently, she held up a  collar with a leash attached and i just let her buckle it around my neck. The metal from the leash was cold in contrast to her warm body grinding up against mine and it added to my arousal.

Next I was led over to her swing in  the middle of the room. It was entirely made of leather and reminded me more of  a hammock except for the leather cuffs hanging from it. Gingerly I lay back on  it, fully appreciating the slow and erotic way she took her time restraining my  arms and legs. Smiling at her handiwork, she straddled me with her sexy legs and  retrieved a blindfold. I offered no resistance to her as she robbed me of my sight.

Without being able to see, it's harder for me to remember  exactly what she did to me, though there are a few things that vividly remain with me. She teased me, I'm not sure for how long, but she was always  touching me, driving me crazy. I think one time I came close to unbalancing her  with my bucking. Her touch wasn't just restricted to my groin as every  other nerve was screaming in pleasure and it didn't seem to matter where her fingers roamed.
At one point she rubbed ice in a seemingly careless  fashion around my chest before telling me she was putting on nipple clamps. I  remember tensing, expecting pain, but there was none and it only drove me crazier.
At times she straddled my head, sometimes only allowing me to smell  her, others she made me lick her through the lacy material and always taking her  time, letting me please her and only  letting up when she wanted to.

She  asked me if I wanted the blindfold removed. After a meek' ;yes  mistress; I was told that first I had a task to do. without the chance to reply, she slid her nipple into my mouth and told me that I had to make her  hard. She moaned the whole time, caressing my hair, encouraging me to suck  harder. At that point the only thought on my mind was pleasing the woman I couldn't even see.

I received a kiss and a complement before the  blindfold was removed. I barely had any time to gawk, she told me to thank her for my sight and as i opened my mouth to speak, her breast slid back into my mouth. She made me suck on her nipples until they were so hard they must have  hurt, and only then did she begin releasing me. well my hands and feet anyway, i felt like this woman owned a part of me and i found that i didn't mind at all.

I was spanked afterwards, but to be honest, I wasn't all that into it. She did it well though and I'm sure that if it was something I liked, she would have exceeded my expectations.

I was told that for taking the paddle like a man I was in for a treat. She walked over to the low slung couch, sat down with her legs wide open and simply pointed her finger at the spot on the floor between her feet. I did what I was told, no  question, no hesitation.

She said nothing as she pulled her panties to  one side and slid her hand under my collar, pulling me in, forcing me to do what  I wanted to do anyway. It was so much more erotic being made to go down on a  woman. I'm not sure whether she was a good actress or whether she let  her guard down a little too low, but her breathing became low and ragged and I felt her muscles twitch faster and faster.

It was then that I was ordered to fuck her, all the softly spoken words just disappeared. The animal  inside me jumped at the chance and the heady scent of her pussy only fanned the  flames inside me and I took all that I could and only just managed to beg her to  let me cum just before I lost control. Her ;yes;was all it took and my whole body shook as I came.