Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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The tickling of Vale

"HAHAHAHAHHAHHA you HAHAHAHAHAHA fucking bitch I I I'm gonna HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA snap your neck with HAHAHAHAH my bare hahahahannnndddsss!" Of course, Val's threats were meaningless in her present condition. "Well that doesn't matter cuz you're not gonna get the chance to. You know that stuff we stole back in town? It's a compound that we're gonna use to increase the potency of medical grade nitrous oxide. See it turns the nitrous into an aerosol that can be effective when inhaled through open air. Not only that, but it also increases the potency of the gas. You'll be our test subject." Imani points to a 10'x10' glass chamber in the middle of the room." After you're sufficiently weakened by the tickling, we'll throw you in that gas chamber and simulate the average atmospheric concentration that a person can inhale while just simply walking in downtown Metro City. That's where those blimps outside come in. We'll use those to disperse the gas throughout downtown. Most of the people, including the cops, will be tootoned to stop us as we hit every major bank and a few jewelry stores." Imani produces a small walkie-talkie from her right pocket. "Johnson, get in here and prepare for the test." Johnson's voice crackles over the receiver, "yeah I'm coming. "HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!" Poor Valentina can do nothing but continue her ticklish ordeal while she wonders what Johnson has in store for her. A short, medium brown skinned man with dreadlocks and eyeglasses enters the room pulling a tank on a hand truck. He's nerdy and pretty unassuming looking and is slightly smaller than Val's 5'7" frame. "That's about fifteen minutes", Imani announces after glancing at her watch. "She should be as weak as a kitten." "Good." Johnson fires back. "I don't want her breaking out of that chamber." Imani replies, "well if this gas works it won't matter how strong she is. We should be able to give her so much of it so she laughs hard enough for her lungs to collapse. She'll suffocate; she's not indestructible." Val looks through her own laughter iuces tears to see the pair talk about her as if she wasn't there. However, her eyes detect something more relieving. Imani is pressing a button on the same cylindrical device that just fifteen minutes ago triggered her ordeal. The device emits an ultrasonic signal that returns the tickling creature back to its more benign state. The tickling cilia release their grip from Val's various body parts and she is given a small reprieve for now. "Quick, grab her shoulders, I'll get her by the feet", Imani orders. Valentina is too weak and exhausted to mount a struggle and allows herself to be placed into the gas chamber. Johnson is sealing the airtight doors as just as Imani is connecting hoses from the tank with valves at the base of the chamber. Johnson is standing at a control panel above the valves used to measure the air concentration. "Okay, start the gas." he requests. Imani turns the valve on the tank. Johnson flips a switch on the control panel that activates a microphone and speaker within the chamber. Vallowly manages to stand upright but her strength is still sapped. "No, don't…I can't take anymore." Val pleads as she puts her immense breasts back into a less revealing position behind her top despite the visibility of her rock hard nipples that Johnson can't seem to stop eyeballing. "Sorry dear, I guess you shouldn't have followed us here and this never would've happened", Imani's voice emitted from the speaker. A pink colored smoke began to slowly stream out of a vent at the top of the chamber. Val's eyes widened with fear as she began to back away from the smoke. Her protruding, round, brown ass finally hit one of the glass walls and she knew she was out of space. She turned around to see Johnson and Imani staring at her in anticipation of her becoming stoned. She focused her eyes on a point on the glass. Two weakly looking beams of focused light were produced from her light brown eyes. The beams barely penetrated the glass in her useless attempt to melt it with her heat vision. She accepted the fact thater powers wouldn't return to her in time enough to avoid her fate and turned back around in time enough to see the pink smoke hit her in the face. At first she just stood there looking at the smoke pour through. Then a smile began to form on face. "I've got… to resist the gas for as…long …as possible…" she muttered to herself as most superheroes do. Valentina turned around to face her observers again while simultaneously placing her right hand over her beautiful, full lips so as to hide her giddiness. Imani spoke into the microphone, "come on Val, just give up and let it all out. You can't fight it no matter how physically strong you are. You can still be drugged. This gas is going to turn you into a hysterically laughing idiot within the next few minutes!" Val finally gave in to her reflexes and began to giggle, "hehehehehehehe." She stopped abruptly to compose herself but to no avail. Her body was betraying her. She let out another round of giggles, "heheheheheheheeheheheheheehehe." Her giggles became fulllown laughter. "HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA you you're not going to HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH get HAHAHAHAH away with HAHAHAHAHA this. Someone HAHAHAHAHAHAH will HAHHAHAHAHA sto stop HAHAHAHAHAHA you! HAHAHAHAHAHA." Imani responds, "oh, you mean your boyfriend. It won't matter; he'll be affected by the gas just like you are. It'll be pretty difficult for him to fly or pick up a car or whatever you people do if he's high out of his mind like you are! What level are we at Johnson." The gas is about 143 parts per million. That should give us a pretty good disabling effect. You can shut the gas off now, he responds. "No, I think we should empty the entire take", she replies. "That'll kill her", Johnson says. "Yeah, I know", she answers. "HAHAHAHAHA shut it HAHAHAHAHA off, I'm HAHAHAHAHAHAH gonna HAHAHAHAHAH die HAHAHAHHAH!" Val begs as she falls to the floor laughing uncontrollably. I I can't HAHAHAHAHAHA stop HAHAHAHAHAHAHA laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Johnson repeats, "turn it off! She could be useful to us later." Imani rolls h eyes, "okay, okay, I'll let her go for now. Maybe I can still have more fun torturing her"; she says reluctantly as she turns the valve off. Johnson opens the airtight door and quickly backs away so the gas can vent. Val slowly crawls out of the chamber on her hands and knees still laughing hysterically. "Johnson, take her into your lab and tie her to that relining chair and give her that sleeping gas and mix it with oxygen so that we can keep her subdued for a while until I figure out something to do with her." What do I do when the gas runs out", Johnson inquires. "I dunno. You're smart! Think of something! Tickle her tits again with a feather to weaken her or something!" "Yes ma'am," Johnson enthusiastically replied as he felt a slight bulge in his pants. Imani continued, "I'll get the others to start mixing up the improved nitrous in mass quantities. We should be ready to fly in about two hours." She walked out of the door Johnson first entered. Now he had Valentina all to himself. She was coming down fm the high but was not quite sober. He lifted the giggly superheroine into his arms. "Hehehehehheeh where are hehehehehehe you taking me hehehehe," she asked. "To my lab so you can take a little nap", he answered. "Hehehe maybe I don't wa wa hehehehehe wanna take one", she said drunkenly, not exactly taking her situation seriously. "Well, you don't have a choice", Johnson said as he entered his lab and gently laid his prisoner into the recliner. She had stopped giggling but was still too disoriented to escape. Moments later, Val was bound to the chair with nylon rope and Johnson had the sleeping gas and oxygen ready for her to inhale. He placed a gas mask over her face that was connected to both of the tanks. By the time the mask was strapped to her face, Valentina realized she was about to be gassed again. She helplessly pleaded with him again, "please, no more laughing gas." "Its not nitrous", Johnson replied. It was too late however; Johnson had already turned the mixture on. She could feel her lungs fillg-up with the gas. The only thing Val could do was look at him with her beautiful begging eyes that were now becoming heavy with drowsiness. She fluttered her eyes and struggled to free herself and remain conscious but before she realized it, she was already entering into a deep sleep.