Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Bondage tattoo

On Sunday afternoon, Walt J, of Walt's Tattoo shop was telling his buddy Earl of
the latest customer.

   "I tell you, Earl, you know I got nothing personally against spooks, they're my
customers like everyone else, but this salt and pepper couple come in my shop today.
Ah seen lots of stuff, lots of good looking babes with bucks, an ah see everything, but
today was intense! After they left, just to tell you how intense it was,  I had to
take out my little weenie and jack off.  Yeah, I'm not kidding.  First this incredible
stacked blonde dish comes in with this little smock of a dress on. Naturally she's with
 her buck, great big niger, seems younger than her. Turns out she's his high school
teacher believe it or not, he calls her teach, but of course, he's in charge.  Even got
a dog collar and leash on her, which I seen before of course.  Lots of bucks bring
their sluts in to get ownership marks on them.

   But this broad is so gorgeous, seemed like such a loss for one like this to go
black. Anyway, not surprised when she says she's thinking of a tattoo on her blood.
Little surprised when she says she wants it on her right tit. 

   So I show her lots of pictures, and she says its got to match the others at the
school where she works.  This is down in Detroit, 150 miles away.  I guess that's why
they didn't go to the local tattoo par lour.  Naturally I say I have to have an example
to work from, and she said no problem, and opened her purse, and took out some polaroid's. 

Booboo, man, I could use those polaroid's. on a cold night.  Maybe a half dozen knockout
white women at some kind of beach camp, surrounded by big black bucks, and almost
everyone naked.  Some of the women just wore bikini bottoms, and anyway the women were
posing and preening on a sort of raised platform, and it looked like some kind of slave

  In fact, I had to stare because lots of the bucks held whips or paddles, and almost
every one of the babes had a few pink stripes across their beautiful bottoms or thighs.
  And they almost all had a tattoo on their right boob, and a close up photo showed it
real good, Black Power in longhand Gothic Italic script. Off to the side of one picture
 I see this babe
herself, and realize it was probably just taken.  She's totally naked, on her knees,
and had two shots of her on a leash and collar before several grinning black teenagers.
I was getting so hard I just wanted to sit down at that point, and I think she knew and
kind of gave me this mocking type smile. But I managed to get it out that I could work
fine from that photo if she was sure she wanted it.

   At that time, she sat down, looked at it, and sighed, biting her lip. This is what
guys in my trade call the Moment of Truth. The fact its so permanent! Her buck grins
and says she wants it ok, but I have to make sure the customer wants it, so I wait. 
She says its a big decision and looked up at her boyfriend, and calls him 'Master'.
"I don't know, Master, I haven't even told my husband yet." That shook me but I hoped
it didn't show.

   Get this Earl, she's married, AND the kid's teacher, and the poor sap husband doesn't
even KNOW yet she's a black kid's slut and she's gonad come home with a black power tattoo
  Anyway, the big niger grins even wider, and says "it don't make no difference, she gone
black for good and they both know it."

   He winks and says to me, 'don't worry, I heap her make up her mind.' I nod, sure I
can use the business, but tell the truth I really want to see this babe's boobs. Then
I notice he's hard, and even wearing jeans you can't help but notice when a black male

gets a hard on. I'm hard by then too, but you'd never notice.  His baton is jutting out

his pants,
and he puts her small white hand on it, and she cooed and sighs, squeezing it through the
material. She cupped his big balls, and moved the length of his huge lump. All the while
he telling her she got to show her commitment to the cause or something. And I can tell
that jutting hard on. is making up her mind all right. She nodded and kissed and nuzzled it
 through the thin fabric.  She tries to unzip him, right there in my shop like I'm not
there, and he pushes her hand away.  He tells her she got to earn it.  She's his slave,
and not only his, but all black males, and she got to show her devotion.

   That did it for her, and she nodded and turned and looked at me and smiled and
nodded.  And do it right away.

  I tell her its gonad hurt a lot, being where she wants it, but I can give her a
little relief with my spray-on local anesthetic. I Ota give the buck credit, he
didn't say no to that but she firmly shook her beautiful head and frowned.

   "Oh, no, that wouldn't be right," Looking up at his grinning face, she smiled,
"I want to suffer to please you Sir!"  He grinned wider!

   Like she knows its gonad get him going to see her hurt, and she wants to make it
a gift to him. I know its true but generally unspoken. Naturally he wants her to
suffer,and she smiles. Of course he wants to see his slut hurt, Cruz the more they hurt,
the more powerful he feels. The thing is, this one wants it. She WANTS to suffer for
him. Not kidding Earl, this is real.

   She takes her top down, and those braless beauties make my cock stand straight up.
 Great big firm white tits, big brown nipples. Then, just as I begin, and I know it
hurts her, she whispers 'please' to her buck,  And then he unzips his cock, no I'm not
making this up, right there in the store in the private area in back.  Yeah, its hard
all right, hard and drooling.  It's the biggest cock Iv 'e ever even seen or heard of. 
Thick vein down the underside, big flared black/purple knob, maybe a foot long and
thick!! And balls, balls like grapefruit balls.

   Iv 'e seen everything in my store, and they're customers, and besides this buck
got a mean look to him, and he could snap me like a twig, so I say nothing Lots of
times a white girl squeezes her buck's hard cock while they grin while I work on
them.  Gets them off to make a girl suffer for them like this. I mean Iv 'e seen that
lots of times. But this mammoth cock dangling by her face, and in between cries of
pain, she kisses and licks it. I keep telling myself, I'm a pro, I'm busy, doing
a good job, the script isn't an easy one,  don't say I don't see everything either.

   Every time I get to a sensitive spot, and she gets to hurting, I tell her to take
some deep breaths to get through it and hold still, but I do have to hold her firm
warm breast, and its getting slippery, and he gets even stiffer watching.

   Finally, she gasps with relief, its over and I hold up a small mirror and she
smiles.  Then after she looks at the huge erect and drooling black cock in
her face and she begins at the knob, and licks all his drool off.
  I mean this tattoo takes a
 while, and she worshipped him all the time. That's just what it was, worship. This
gorgeous blonde dish paid like a kind of oral homage to his big black cock.  Mewled
 and purred and kissed and licked it.

   When it was over, she admired herself in the mirror and then, I'm not making this
up, she gets on her knees and kisses each of his feet. Then he looks up at me, and
asks if the bitch can suck him off in the store. I nod, too thick throated to talk
by now, feeling like a jackhammer running through my veins, feeding my stretched out
 little cock with blood. He allows her to suck him off, and he don't take much time,
and you should have heard her suck and blow him, and I can tell he must have cum in
buckets, holding her head on him, but when she finished licking him, not a drop,
swallowed his whole load right in front of me like I wasn't there. I couldn't turn
away, I just had to watch like a total fool, and even stroked my own cock, and watched
 her gulp and swallow, but then did something odd.

   She took her mouth off, and gripping his now softening but still huge black baton,
squeezed off one last big dollop of thick white sperm, and arched her big breasts
under it, and let it dribble across her tits, sighing deeply.  She also brushed his
cream across her face and neck.  Then, she looked up at me, gaping, and smiled. Then,
smiling this weird grateful adoring smile at this huge black buck, she slipped her
top back on, and you could see the white sperm clumps on the top of each hefty boob
and on her cheek and SHE paid me.  I realized she intentionally wanted to show the
world she had her buck's sperm on her. I stood there open mouthed as she kissed
his hand as it pulled on her leash.  I watched them go out the door and sashay
down the street, and realized my cock was throbbing so hard. At first I thought
I had cum in my pants, I had drenched them.  But even if I did, I had to whip it
out and spray off. I was still getting a distant look at her fine body besides him
as I hit it again. Jesse, damn it. Makes me hard again to think of it" 
   As Patty walked along the street with her beloved Black Master, she looked
forward to only one thing at home, when she showed her tattoo proudly to her husband,
and announced she had gone Black.  And then the next day, she couldn't wait to display
it to the whole school.  And finally, when she would take Andrea's place one day in
acquainting the younger grade males to a truly worshipping white female.