Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Tickling the Princess

The young princess would have refered to herself as being ticklish before this experience. Her strong reactions to the very small amount of tickling she had endured in her nineteen years had told her that. But, now...she realized she was just biginning to understand the meaning of the word and to understand just how well it described her. She had feathers tracing pedictable zig-zag trails uuupp and dowwwwn....uuup and dowwwwn the ticklish soles of her small feet, never neglecting to slip around and tickle the backs of her heels and her ankles at the bottoms, and never ever forgetting to attend light ticklish strokes inbetween and under her wiggling and clenching little toes at the tops. By this time, Alcia knew their patterns well and she dreaded the parts when the stiff points of the feathers would swoop back and forth across the smooth ticklish surface of her white insteps and high arches.


Then there were the stiff feathers that were dabbing incessantly under both of her snow white knees. This had turned out to be quite a ticklish spot on Princess Alicia. Indeed, the feathers there were tickling her so much, that she was resisting the urge to bounce around and shake her legs, so that she would not expose any more of the ticklish underside of her legs, than was neccessary. However, she could not protect these ticklish spots entirely and this frustration sent her into more hysterical laughing, as wide fluffly feathers were glided continuously over both her legs and the tops of her delicate little white feet.


The sand-glass timer was far from her mind. In fact, now that several of the peasants were using their feathesr to tickle around the ultra soft white skin of her inner thighs, then just above her panty line as her blouse was lifted, she knew deep inside that stopping was the last thing she wanted them to do. Even though she flinched and squirmmed in laughter under the feather touches up and down her sensitive body, the sensations triggered by the feathers tickling around her small purple silk panties had added a whole new side to this experience for her.

Every once in a while, one of the stiff feathers would be dragged from one of her ticklish inner thighs, over the soft material covering her vagina, and up to her newly exposed white belly. The slight preasure that resulted from the feathers' quick trails over her silk covered punany would cause a short-lived expression of desire to wash briefly across Princess Alicia's beautiful face as she gaped down at the feathers tickling her there. But she quickly relapsed into hystercal laughter as these new feelings mounted then receded...mounted then receded. They were the same intense feelings of desire that drove her to mindlessly grind her clitoris into the soft fur of her rug every night, to let the the ticklish feelings consume her genitals until she reached the small euphoric release she had come to love so much.

She felt that she was quite close to one now, and she ached to have more attention paid to this special area. But, her blouse was being slowly lifted and a new sense of panic washed over the young princess. Contrary to what one might expect, it was not the panic of having the tall erect nipples on her full round breasts exposed for everyone to see. The moment Stephen had told her that any of her clothing could be removed, she had instantly envisioned herself naked and tickled in front of everyone. She had been quite excited by the prospect, and still was on a certain level, but this was turning out to tickle A LOT more than she had imagined it would.

That is why what she was experiencing was the panic of having even more of her overly tickish flesh exposed to all of these feathers. When the barmaid had tickled her bare armpits under her blouse, with her arms stuck high above her head, the sensations had quickly made their way up near the top of her list of those that are most "tickly". She knew now that it would not be long before she would be tested there by the feathers and she was not ready for that.

But, it was her entire belly that was now exposed and the long soft instruments of torment claimed every inch of her thin white waist, from one ticklish side to the other and then back. As she wiggled her middle around in response, feathers would trail around to her sensitive lower back when it came away from the wall.


Althea and Stephen were purposefully prolonging the removal of the princess' blouse, as they kept pausing to let the peasants tickle each new area for a moment before moving on. But, suddenly, the young princess' mature and aroused breasts were bared to them all. They were definitely larger than one would expect on a woman who had only nineteen years and the highth of her generous brown nipples betrayed her arousal.

However, what happened next was not what Princess Alicia had expected. Instead of rushing up to stroke the expanse of her round white orbs, the peasants mearly continued with their previous tickling of her poor feet, legs, tummy, and arms as the air in the room bathed over them. Long stiff feathers trailed maddeningly between her breasts and around to her sides right next to them, but neglected to ever touch them at all.


Besides her silk purple panties, the only piece of her clothing that remained was her blouse and it was now just covering her underarms and neck. As the feathers were trailed up beside the princess' bare breasts, they were coming unbearably close to the bottom edges of her armpits. The feathers that had been tickling her bare up-streteched arms behind her elbows and up and down...up and down...up and fucking down the sensitive skin on the underside of her arms, were also going teasingly close to her oh so ticklish hollows.

They were so close, and she could vividly remember the feeling of Althea's tickling fingers slowly torturing her there without her being able to do anything to stop her. But, they were protected for now from the feathers by her bunched up blouse and the anticipation was driving her crazy as were the feather strokes up and down her entire ticklish body.

".... HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA AAAAHHAHAH...", she laughed, twisted, wiggled, shook, and pulled at her restrained wrists and ankles with abandon trying desperately to guard against one ticklish stroke or pull away from another. Brief images of herself from above, being tickled on her bare feet, arms, legs, and tummy as her large breasts jiggled untouched, flashed through her mind and the "inpropperness" of it all filled her with excitement.

As her breasts were teased repeatly without actually being tickled, she began to long for a feather to touch her there. She longed to lay naked, front side down, on her bear-skin rug and wiggle herself to nervana. With these thoughts in her mind, her nipples grew even harder still as the sensitive skin around them stiffened and bunched together, pushing them even higher into the cool air. Then, slowly, one feather after another started to tickle around the base of each gorgeous breast and the unbearable tickling senations all over her body were joined by a swarm of butterflies in her stomach that seemed to be driven into more and more of a fenzy as the ticklish points of the feathers neared her aroused nipples.