Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Shady Pines women's prison

Jennifer laid on her bed, sad and deep in thought. she was still locked up here at Shady Pines women's prison, and it has only been a week. she cried every night, realizing that this was her new "home" for the next 25 years. "i dont belong here!!" she would say to herself every day, every hour, every minute, and every second since she arrived. to make matters worse, she was already bullied by a behemoth of a woman named Bertha and her sidekick Sheena. but she wasnt getting beat up, their abuse was much worse. they would tickle her senseless, torturing her, then forcing her to "service" them, after they were done tickling her. Jennifer wasnt a lesbian. unfortunately for her, she was forced to do things she really wouldnt do. she stared at the ceiling, and heard the snores of her cellmates, Bertha, Sheena, and Jade. there was one positive to her situation. whenever another prisoner would try to harm Jennifer, Bertha would defend her. particulary from a woman named Snake. Jennifer shuddered from the thought of that woman.

the next morning came and Jennifer awoke to a huge face looking directly into hers. Jennifer shrieked. it was Bertha!!

"Wakey wakey my little Jennifer!!! did you have a nice rest?" Bertha sang to her.

Jennifer rubbed her eyes. "i guess so....." she mumbled.

"aaaahhhhh, my little, sweet, TICKLISH Jennifer...i heard you crying last night. why so sad hmmmmm?" Bertha teased.

"i..i dont like being here..." Jennifer told her with fear in her voice.

"dont be sad....in fact, i think you need to smile. tickle tickle tickle!!!" Bertha then began to poke and prod Jennifer's ribs through the blanket that covered Jennifer.


Bertha continued to tickle Jennifer some more, and the others woke up from hearing Jennifer's maniacal laughter.

"Damn Bertha!!! must you do this so early?!!" Jade told her.

Bertha stopped tickling Jennifer. "i just had to make my little girl laugh. she looks depressed."

the others got up and looked at Jennifer. she was wiping away the tears of laughter and they all laughed. they all got dressed, and got ready to go to breakfast. Bertha planted a huge, wet kiss on Jennifer's lips. Jennifer almost tossed her cookies. Bertha's breath wasnt exactly sweet smelling. then they were off to breakfast.

after breakfast, Bertha had to go do her kitchen duty to get lunch prepared. Sheena went to the factory, and Jade went to the yard. Jennifer was lead to the laundry room, where she had to work. this was Jennifer's first day in laundry. she entered the huge room nervous. there were mountains of laundry bags, washing equipment, and the place was very humid. Jennifer tied her hair into a bun and the guards explained her duties to her. Jennifer looked around at the other prisoners. these women looked decent. Jennifer figured she just needs to concentrate on her work. an hour went by, and Jennifer was sorting clothes. she was hustling, trying to get done as soon as possible. while she was tossing clothes into laundry bins, she felt someone push her from behind. she turned around and her face turned white. it was Snake!!!

"hellooooooooooooo miss prissy!!!!!" Snake told her.

"uh-uh hello...." Jennifer mumbled out. she was scared out of her mind.

"long time no see........where have you been hiding?" Snake asked.

"i-i've been around..." Jennifer gulped. she looked around. there was no guard present.

"you know little miss bitch, i really really dont like you. and, i dont see your protector around either." Snake's eyes drew to slits.

Jennifer looked around. she noticed there were other women surrounding her. "S-snake? look, whatever i did, i'm sorry.."

"Too late runt!! now, you will suffer!!!" Snake then slapped Jennifer across the face. Jennifer spun 180 degrees from the force of the blow. Snake's "friends" then held Jennifer and faced her towards Snake. "you look real sweet!! i think it is time you did me a favor hmm? you have a choice. either you get your sweet little ass kicked, or you eat every one of us till we're dry. what will it be?"

Jennifer began to cry. she didnt want to do any more sexual favors. but she didnt want to get beat up again. Snake then stroked her finger from Jennifer's cleavage up to her chin, teasing her new victim.

"hehehehehehe" Jennifer giggled.

Snake was taken back. she stroked her finger again.

"hehehehehehehe..stop that...." Jennifer giggled again.

Snake's eyes popped open. "is miss little bitch ticklish?"

Jennifer's eyes popped open and her heart sank. not again. "NO!!! i'm not ticklish!! you just surprised me that's all."

Snake then reach and grabbed Jennifer's ribs. Jennifer immediately started laughing. a smile grew on Snake's face. "i think i will have a little fun with you before i hurt you!!!! tickle tickle tickle!!"


Snake kept kneading Jennifer's sides and Jennifer kept screaming. her body was hopping in one place, and the woman holding her arms had difficulty. "Let's tie her down!!!" Snake ordered. the others each grabbed a limb and cleared off a table. using clothes, the managed to strap down Jennifer's wrists and ankles to the legs of the table, focing her spread eagle. Jennifer was in a panic. she was tied down, and nowhere to run or hide. Snake then grabbed her sides again.


Snake then ripped open Jennifer's orange shirt and tore it off of her. Jennifer's chest was heaving up and down, her breasts still trapped in the gray prison issued bra. Snake then punched Jennifer in the stomach forcing her to lose her breath. Jennifer tried sucking in air, then Snake tickled her again. this time, tickling her belly button. Jennifer laughed silent laughter. she had trouble breathing and tried sucking in air, but it was only forced back out when she laughed. Snake then grabbed the front of the bra and ripped it clean off of Jennifer, exposing her soft, but firm breasts. the breasts jiggled freely and Jennifer again tried to suck in precious oxygen.

"i wonder if these nipples are ticklish too?" Snake asked, then began to lightly tickle the pink nipples.


Snake played with the breasts, tickling them, kneading them, occassionaly pinching them. Jennifer was suffering. Snake was fondling her breasts, and hurting them. she actually prayed for Bertha to rescue her. there would be no such luck. then she heard something that made her freeze with fear.

"hey Snake? do you think her feet are ticklish??"


the woman who said that began to pull off Jennifer's white canvas shoes. Jennifer saw her shoes being thrown across the room, and felt her socks being pulled off. soon, the humid laundry room air carressed her small soft feet. she looked up and saw one of Snake's friends come to her head, holding her socks. soon, the socks were stuffed in her mouth, gagging her. Jennifer almost gagged from the moisture in her socks. the room was hot and her feet were a little sweaty. now her socks were in her own mouth. then she shrieked a muffled scream when she felt fingers dancing all along her pink, tender soles. Snake continued to tickle her breasts and her friend tickled her feet. Jennifer was in pure agony. she felt strong fingers going in between her toes. she felt another pair of hands tickling her ribs, while Snake's hands tickled her breasts.

"hey boss, these feet are sooo soft!!! little miss perfect must take good care of these feet!!!" a voice mentioned.

Snake only laughed. "haha!!! make sure you get her arches too!!!"

Jennifer screamed again in silence. she felt fingers scraping along her delicate arches causing her back to arch off the table, only to be brought back down to the table from the stomach tickling. then the tickling stopped. Jennifer tried opening her tear soaked eyes. she saw Snake by her waist. Snake grabbed her waist and Jennifer shrieked again, her back arching again. then she felt her pants being ripped off. her eyes froze with fear. they were stripping her naked!! Snake tossed the orange pants across the room, staring at the gray panties.

"i wonder what's under here?????" Snake teased as she began ripping away the panties.

Jennifer began to cry. they were going to completely humiliate her. not even Bertha has stripped her completely naked. she heard the tearing of her panties, then felt the air carress her loins. her face turned red. she was now completely naked, tied spread eagle, and had a bunch of women looking at her helpess naked form. she flinched when she felt Snake's fingers carress her curly blond pubic hairs. Jennifer was completely embarrassed.

"i wonder if she is ticklish here....." Snake then began to lightly run her fingers through the curly hairs. Jennifer immediately began to squirm. Snake then ordered someone to get something soft. "we are going to make this bitch cum like a fountain!!!"

Jennifer tried to wriggle free but she couldnt. she didnt want these women to force her to orgasm. a woman came back with a down feather, that must have been ripped out of a pillow. Snake twirled it between her fingers and Jennifer closed her eyes. soon, the feather made contact with the curly pubic hairs and Jennifer's body squirmed wildly. the others then held her waist down as Snake went to her "work". she would then trace the feather along the outer "lips" of Jennifer's womanhood, causing Jennifer to laugh and moan. Snake smiled. this was getting to be fun!! she never did this to a woman before, so she was going to enjoy this. the feather then found it's way to Jennifer's love button, and Jennifer's body grew rigid!! she stiffened out and her muffled scream was loud. tears flowed from her eyes as the feather danced all over her clit. she felt herself becoming very wet and the evil feather danced all over her mound. Snake then gently blew over her mound and goosebumps formed on Jennifer's skin. she tried fighting the feelings, but her hormones turned on her. her pelvic area tried to buck it way towards the feather. Snake would run the feather's quills all along the vagina, then would touch the clit. Jennifer was about to blow. then she felt fingers dancing on her soles again. the mixture of moaning and tickling drove her insane. she laughed hard through her sock gag, but she would also moan to the feather's touch. she felt the feeling building up inside of her. her womanhood was very wet, dripping like mad. when Snake ran the feather one more time over her clit, Jennifer exploded. wave after wave of orgasmic delight washed over her body and Snake and her gang just watched. Jennifer came like she never came before. after the orgasmic feeling finally finished, Jennifer broke down and cried. she had never been so humiliated in her life. she was forced to orgasm to the delight of other women.

"STOP CRYING BITCH!!!!" Snake then slapped her.

Jennifer cried again. Snake grew impatient and began to slap her again. Snake then pulled down her pants and tried to sit on top of Jennifer's face. then a booming voice came into the room.


Snake quickly got off of Jennifer. everyone turned around. Jennifer opened her eyes. it was Warden Fiola!!!!

"GUARDS!!!! TAKE THE WOMEN BACK TO THEIR CELLS IMMEDIATELY!!!!" Warden Fiola then appeared in Jennifer's face. she bent down towards Jennifer's ear. "as for you my little troublemaker, i will see you in my office. you will be punished for this!!!!" Warden Fiola told her.

Jennifer closed her eyes. this was going to be a long, long day.....

Jennifer was handcuffed and walking down a long, narrow corridor, escorted by prison guards. she was nervous, scared and highly emotional. she had just been "rescued" by Warden Fiola, but she had nothing to be relieved about. Snake and her gang had just tickle tormentd her, and the warden blamed her for it!! now, she was going to be punished. the group made it to their destination, the warden's office. Jennifer was escorted into the office and pushed down into a chair. her arms were now cuffed behind her in back of the chair. the guards then shackled her ankles together. Jennifer was completely bound. she dropped her head and started to cry. the whole time she has been at at Shady Pines Prison has been a non-stop horrific experience. she still had 25 years to go. the phrase "crime does not pay" was ringing very true for Jennifer. she let the tears flow as she sat there in the chair. she wanted out. she wanted to go home to her Daddy and to her life.

"SILENCE!!!!!!!!" a voice boomed in the room.

Jennifer looked up and saw a figure walking towards her. with strands of hair sticking to her face she gasped. it was Warden Fiola. Warden Teresa Fiola was a stunning, 5'10" 35 year old woman with long brown hair, which was now up in a bun, a slim, but very voluptous body that was covered in her blue police style uniform. she wore a blue skirt that came up to her knees. her nyloned covered legs were very long, but very toned and very firm. she wore black high heels on her size 10 feet and she walked with a purpose towards her prisoner. she loved her stature as Warden. she especially loved these small, delicate little prisoners. Warden Fiola loved control. she loved power. she enjoyed breaking the bigger women of the prison, but the smaller ones always gave her satisfaction. she peered down at Jennifer with a wicked smile. she was going to really enjoy this.....

"W-Warden!!! i didnt do anything!!! Snake attacked me..and..and.." Jennifer started to plead her case.

"I said SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!" Warden Fiola boomed.

Jennifer went silent. her tear soaked eyes pleaded for mercy. she had a feeling, she would get none.

Warden Fiola put her face into Jennifer's. "i said to be quiet little one....dont you realize how much trouble you are in?"

Jennifer gulped. "B-But Warden...I..I..."

"You obviously dont get it do you? Look Jennifer Marino, i have been watching you ever since you arrived here. i see how you walk with such arrogance. you are such a lovely woman Jennifer..." Warden Fiola then began to stroke Jennifer's hair with her fingers. lust began to fill her eyes. she was going to enjoy this....

Jennifer tried turning her head away from the Warden. but the Warden grabbed her chin and turned her face back into hers. "please... what are you going to do to me?" Jennifer asked with fear in her voice.

"Well, let's remember what you did to deserve to be punished. like i said, i have been watching you since you got here. i've seen the way you tease the other women here. with your long blond hair. your pretty face, your sexy, delicate body....." the Warden's voice was sounding very caring.

Jennifer began to panic. she recognized the tone in the Warden's voice. she heard that tone with Big Bertha, Snake, and now the Warden. she didnt want to be in this position, but she was trapped. she now looked into the Warden's eyes. a chill went down her spine. "please....dont do this......" Jennifer cringed.

"sweet..sexy..Jennifer. you know, i like young sweet women like you. in fact, i love to dominate them.." the Warden's eyes grew big and filled with lust. "....now you are mine. let's get a better look at you though...." Warden Fiola then began to tear at Jennifer's prison shirt. she ripped the shirt open, with buttons popping off. the Warden began to tear away at the garment, revealing Jennifer's upperbody. Jennifer tried to struggle, but then the Warden placed her nightstick under her chin. "...relax Jennifer. dont make it worse." she warned her. the Warden then began to touch Jennifer's chest with her fingers. she grazed her fingertips on the tops of Jennifer's breasts, then along the belly. she loved how soft and smooth Jennifer's skin was. her fingers continued their light touch, but the Warden noticed Jennifer's body jerking and twitching. her fingers then stroked Jennifer's sides.

"EEP!!!" Jennifer let out a squeal.

the Warden's eyes grew big. she just remembered what she saw with Snake. "Jennifer is ticklish!!!! hmmmmm....." she thought to herself. she continued to knead her fingers into Jennifer's soft stomach and ribs.

"stop!!!! please..hehehehehehe...DONT!!!!!" Jennifer was squirming her in her seat. her body was still very sensitive from her earlier ordeal.

"you know Jennifer, i love to torment young women. i love making them squeal with delight as i tease their bodies. i am escpecially going to love teasing yours as you are so..so TICKLISH!!!!" the Warden told her as she then poked her fingers deep into Jennifer's belly. the skin was so soft, but firm and it sent Jennifer into hysteria.


Warden Fiola continued to tickle Jennifer's belly, then she went for the ribs. she kneaded and poked each and every rib, and she enjoyed watching Jennifer scream with torturous laughter. the Warden then decided she wanted to get Jennifer in more vulnerable position. she stood up and saw Jennifer slump in her chair, exhausted already from the tickling. she uncuffed Jennifer's wrists and stood the young woman up. she led Jennifer's weak body over towards the desk and laid her on the carpeted floor on her back. she pulled Jennifer's arms above her head and recuffed her wrists. then she picked up the corner of the desk and let a corner leg sit between her wrists, thereby trapping Jennifer's arms above her head. she pulled Jennifer's legs straight, then straddled her victim.

"...please...please stop...i cant stand being tickled....no more..." Jennifer pleaded.

"Oh no my sweet little Jennifer, i am going to play with you. now, let's see these wonderful breasts of yours...." the Warden then ripped open Jennifer's bra. Jennifer's breasts were now exposed and they jiggled as Jennifer tried to get them out of the Warden's probing fingers. Warden Fiola then placed her index finger and thumb on a pink nipple and squeezed. HARD.

"OOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" Jennifer yelped.

the Warden continued to pinch the nipples. she enjoyed doing this type of torment to prisoners, but she had more in mind with Jennifer. after pinching both nipples then then began to tease them by flicking them with her fingertips. Jennifer's nipples responded by growing hard. her body began to enjoy this much to her dismay. then the Warden began to tickle underneath her breasts, again sending Jennifer into screams. her breasts were so ticklish and so sensitive. her head shook back and forth in delirious laughter. then her eyes popped open when she felt the Warden's fingers make their way to her smooth hairless armpits.

"tickle..tickle..tickle..." the Warden cooed as her fingers scratched along lightly into the smooth hollows. she loved how Jennifer's face would contort into cackling laughter. she enjoyed hearing the laughter that poured out from her lips. the Warden stared at Jennifer's lips. they looked so soft, so delicate.... she then planted her lips on Jennifer's and kissed her deeply.

Jennifer went into shock. she has never been kissed by a woman and when the Warden planted her mouth on hers, she was in complete shock. she felt the Warden's tongue probe her mouth. her body froze. she didnt know what to make of it. the Warden's lips were very soft, and this was the best kiss she ever received. but, she was always kissed by men. Jennifer laid there in shock.

the Warden finished kissing Jennifer then looked into her eyes, licking her own lips. "mmmmmmmm......nice....." she murmered. she saw the look of surprise in Jennifer's eyes, but she didnt care. she was going to have her way with Jennifer. she then went back to tickling Jennifer's armpits and again Jennifer roared in laughter and her body shook in ticklish sensations. she felt the Warden's nails scrape all along her hollows, then feel them dig into the flesh. the Warden then dragged her nails back to Jennifer's breasts, then stomach. she plunged her nails deep into the belly button and Jennifer tried to buck the Warden off of her, but the woman was much bigger, and stronger than her. the Wardens' finger poked, prodded and dug into the belly button of Jennifer, sending her into silent laughter. Jennifer's back tried to arch up, but the Warden bucked it back down. then Warden Fiola leaned down and began to nibble and suck on Jennifer's breasts.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...OH!!!! noooooooooo...MMMMMMMMMMMM" Jennifer began to moan as she felt the Warden's tongue lick the sensitive tips of her nipples.

the Warden heard her moan, then smiled. soon, this little vixen would be all hers. "now my sweet Jennifer, i want to see your feet...." the Warden then got up off Jennifer and crawled her way towards Jennifer's still shackled feet. she flipped Jennifer onto her stomach and then sat on the back of her thighs. she pulled the still shackled ankles up to her chest and stared at the bottom of Jennifer's canvas shoes. she was getting excited. she couldnt wait to see what was underneath these shoes and socks. the Warden loved women's feet. whenever she got her chance to "play" with a prisoner, she would love teasing their feet. she pulled a shoe off and flipped it across the room. the Warden heard the shoe hit the floor with a thud as she pulled off the other shoe and tossed it as well. now before her very eyes were Jennifer's sock covered feet. the socks fit snugly on Jennifer's feet, so the Warden could see the outline of Jennifer's feet. ".....tell me Jennifer, are your feet ticklish?" the Warden asked.

"..please Warden Fiola....dont do this!! dont tickle my feet..." Jennifer pleaded.

"Let's see what we have under these socks!!!!" the Warden then began to peel the left sock off. Jennifer's heel was exposed, then the arch, the ball, then finally her delicate toes were revealed. the Warden gasped. she loved these cute little feet!! they were pink, and her toes were so cute!!! she kissed the tip of Jennifer's big toe and Jennifer squealed. then she stroked her finger down the length of the sole.


the Warden loved it. she felt how soft this foot was. she loved how the toes wiggled wildly and how the foot flexed, trying to avoid her tickling fingers. the Warden then tickled the toe pads of Jennifer's toes. Jennifer cackled with reckless abandon. she felt the Warden's fingers probe the soft undersides of her toes, then back to her arch. Jennifer went into silent laughter again. the fingers probe her arch, then her heel, back to her arch, then the ball of her foot, then teasingly along the base of her toes. after two minutes of nonstop tickling, she felt the Warden stop tickling her. Warden Fiola got up off of Jennifer and went down to her ear.

"you know Jennifer, i am going to tickle you until you are completely mine. i think i'm going to get some toys to play with. i'll be right back......"

Jennifer shuddered. her wrists were still bound, her ankles still shackled and she had nowhere to go. now the Warden was going to get more things to torment her body with. her torment has just begun.....