Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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The tickling magician

"For my next illusion, I will need a volunteer from the audience!" The great Magisto boomed over the applause of the captivated audience.

The young magician took a second bow while scanning the audience for his next assistant. Magisto was a tall handsome mediterranean man with an accent just thick enough to make every woman in the audience swoon. He wore all black: black leather pants with a black silk shirt with extra wide lapels; trailing behind him was a shimmering black cape that people in the audience could only guess at the material. Upon his head was the stereotypical magician's top hat, but on him it looked absolutely perfect. He also wore a bright red cummerbund around his washboard flat stomach.

"Please." the angelic magician motioned to the stage. "I need a new volunteer". His eyes contacted with a woman in the fifth row.

Corey's heart almost leapt out of her throat when she realized the handsome conjurer was calling for her to join him on stage. Corey was a beautiful young twentyfive year old college student with long curly brown hair and buxom C-cup breast. Her soft brown eyes matched perfectly with her new glittering blue evening dress.

Corey stood up, smiled shy'ly and proceeded to walk up onto the magician's stage. The audience clapped and cheered her on, and Magisto himself bowed and kissed Corey's hand; the gesture sent goose bumps up and down the young woman's back. Corey was now on stage and sharing the audience with the handsome young magician.

"What is your name, young lady?" Magisto asked Corey with eyes that revealed more than casual interest.

"Corey." The young lady smiled.

"Well, Corey." The magician smiled angelically. "...This is a lovely evening dress..." The men in the audience cheered in agreement. "...but I'm afraid it is not suitable for an assistant to wear. You see, a good assistant can distract the eyes of the nonbelievers while the magician performs his illusions. Magisto winked. Corey seemed puzzled; What did he mean by that?

With a sweeping theatrical gesture, Magisto waved his hand and a thick cloud of pastel green smoke enveloped Corey. When the smoke finally cleared, everyone in the audience (and especially Corey) was shocked and amazed.

Corey's glittering blue evening dress was gone, along with everything else she wore that night. In exchange, while standing infront of an audience of atleast 2,000 complete strangers, Corey was now wearing the tiniest bikini she ever thought possible! It was a black crochet string bikini that, combined with her silky white skin, created a most revealing contrast; the audience knew exactly where the bikini ended and her bare flesh began. Corey stood on stage shocked and helpless, as the audience laughed and whistled at her predicament.

"Now That's a distraction!" Magisto laughed fiendishly as he wiggled a finger playfully into Corey's bare bellybutton. Corey shrieked and jumped back; she was very ticklish, and wearing a skimpy bathing suit made her feel a hundred times more ticklish. Corey looked for a way to escape; she wanted to run off stage.

Meanwhile, Several of the theater's assistants wheeled out a large

woven basket. It was made of straw and had Eastern symbols and designs all over it.

Magisto came up to the startled and nearly naked Corey with a diamond tipped magic wand and gestured toward the basket. "Please, Corey, enter the basket for the trick." He said while playfully tapping the wand on her rear end; it was then that she realized that the bottom half of her costume was a G-string, and her ass cheeks were totaly bare.

"Are you out of your mind?" Corey cried; her face was red with embarrassment. "I'm getting the hell out of here!" Corey took a step toward the back stage area, but the evil laugh she heard in Magisto's voice froze her in place.

"Oh, my." He grinned while pointing to her top. Corey's bikini top, like the rest of the suit, was very skimpy and made her huge breast bulge out almost cartoon-like; she looked down and noticed a loose strand from the flimsy crochet fabric. It was a loose piece of string.

"We can't have that ruining the cut of your costume, now can we?" With a tap of his diamond-tipped wand, the loose strand leapt from Corey's suit and flew through the air in a long stream onto the magician's wand. But the gesture didn't stop, as foot after foot of that loose strand tore away from Corey's already skimpy outfit and spun itself around the fiendish magician's wand like noodles twirled on a fork.

Corey shreiked, and the audience howled, as the helpless young woman's bikini top was unravelling. "Stop that, Please!" Corey pleaded while trying to hold onto what was left of her quickly disappearing bikini top. the stage exits were too far away, and there was no way she would be able to run off stage and protect her modesty at the same time; the only thing she could do was quickly dive into Magisto's magic basket. meanwhile, her top was nearly gone, leaving her with a scrap of fabric the width of a shoe lace.

The red-faced Corey quickly jumped into the woven basket just as the last few inches of her top were unraveled. She was now topless and quite vunrable, she wouldn't dare get out of the straw basket now; Magisto realized this and didn't bother to padlock the basket as usual. Corey was now inside the basket, the only part of her that could be seen was her head. Magisto confidently strode over to his captive volunteer; he had now put aside his wand and was now slipping on a pair of silk gloves; they were black and sparkled like the rest of his outfit. He also held a bag of gold metal rings that were shaped like doughnuts.

He grazed a gloved hand over the concealing straw weaving of the basket. "This basket was given to me by an old magician.....a mentor."

Magisto then leaned back and whispered behind Corey's ear. "Do you feel your safe inside this basket? Can you ever feel safe after I know your secret? Corey let out a tiny cry; she didn't know what to do.

Magisto waved his hands in a dizzying pattern above the helpless Corey's head. He then placed one hand over an area of the basket; instantly a bare foot, Corey's bare foot, exploded effortlessly out of the protective basket. Before she could pull the foot back inside, Magisto took one of his gold rings and cuffed it around her ankle; the ring was big enough to prevent her foot from escaping back into the basket.

Magisto triumphantly laughed at the vulnerable bare foot. "My, my, my what a predicament."

Corey tried frantically to squirm her shackled foot back to safety but it was no use. Her sensitive bare foot was trapped outside the protection of the basket.

"I know your belly was ticklish, but what about your feet?" The magician grinned as he took one velvet gloved finger and playfully flicked it back and forth across her unprotected sole. Corey couldn't hold back a stream of giggles. Then, as if by magic, magisto slipped his hand out of the black glove and emerged wearing another glove underneath; meanwhile the black glove was floating in mid-air and mysteriously still tormenting Corey's helpless foot!

"let's try that again!" Magisto cheered as he knelt down and performed the same procedure again on the other side of Corey's basket. The result was another naked foot, cuffed, and tickled by another magically floating glove. Then Magisto did it again,,,,,and again,,,,,,and again!

Soon Corey was a basket with several pairs of feet sticking out and being tickled by gloves with no hands inside of them; and she felt every single foot as if it were her own. My God, how was this possible? Corey thought as she erupted with laughter; she only had two feet, but there must be atleast five pairs being tickled, and she could feel each one as if they were all a part of her. Minutes later, there would be twenty feet sticking out of the basket, and all of them being tickled a different way. Some feet were tickled with one glove finger while others were teased with the all five digits; several gloves slowly traced up and down the bottoms of Corey's feet while others dug in between and at the bases of her toes.


Corey couldn't take it anymore; she was wishing she had simply risked the wolf-whistles from running topless off stage, instead of being tickle tormentd in this magic basket. She was laughing loudly, but the audience was laughing even louder; this was Magisto's best trick to date.

Magisto took a bow and pointed to the very topless, very helpless, and very ticklish Corey. Even as he addressed the audience, the magic gloves continued their ticklish teasing.

 "Let's give a hand to Corey, she was a good sport." Corey was too buisy laughing herself horse to hear the approval of the audience. "Now then..", Magisto grinned. "Instead of choosing another volunteer for my next trick, why don't we keep Corey on stage?" The crowd cheered. Magisto smiled evilly, "Very good..... Corey is going to love my personal variation on the old SAW THE LADY IN HALF TRICK!"