Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Tickled Peasant

The peasant boy was in awe at the sight of her beautiful feet....so perfectly formed with her pronounced arches and lovely toes...so soft and smooth to his gentle touch...and so radiantly white! Even the balls and heels, where her well cared for soles made contact with the insides of her shoes and sandals, had only a slight hint of pinkish color.

"These feet...," he thought to himself, "They are not the feet of any servant girl, whether or not she works for the King and Queen." Even her little toenails were perfectly groomed. He began to make more sense of the situation as he reached down and started to gently graze the soft instep of her right foot with just the very tips of his fingernails. After all, what serving class girl would drink an ale without having a token to pay for it?

Princess Alicia didn't know which was worse, having her little feet tickled through the fabric of her stockings, or now that they were completely naked. All she knew for sure was that the barmaid's wiggling fingers in her underarms were driving her mad and the way Stephen was tickling her poor little bare foot was absolutely intolerable.

"...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...oh my, oh myyyhahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...", she laughed, as the remainder of her composure began to dissolve. She felt all the eyes in the room focused upon her.

Althea, then began to vary her techniques. She started to randomly switch back and forth between tormenting Alicia's up-stretched underarms, her sensitive little waist, and her ticklish ribs. Her large breasts jiggled constantly beneath her dress as she bounced and laughed hysterically.

Then, Stephen added to her torment by stroking the sensitive instep of her right foot with his other hand. She flexed her ankles frantically and clenched and released her toes repeatedly, trying to do anything that might bring her ticklish bare soles some relief. It was useless, however, and she resigned herself again to her helplessness and just bounced and laughed out loud. He then pulled back the toes of her right foot and carefully tickled underneath and between each and every ticklish one. She tried desperately to squeeze down on his fingers with her toes, but he was far to strong and she lost herself again in the through's of laughter.


Suddenly, the barmaid stopped her assault on the princess' upper body and began to squeeze her thighs through her dress, just above her knees. It was a feeling that the princess had never experienced before and she found it to be completely unbearable. She bounced madly on her seat and shook her knees as fast as she could in a completely ineffective attempt to buck off Althea's squeezing little hands.

"...HAHAHAHAHAHA...oh my goodnesssehehehehehahahahaHAHAHAHAHAH...", she laughed and then Stephen started to ruthlessly rake his tickling fingers up and down her bare feet.

The "lady-like" twittering and cute laughter the previous tickling had elicited from the princess, began to transform as more "unladylike" belly laughs poured out against her will. She lost her strength to struggle against this intense tickling and, shutting her eyes tightly, she lowered her head and laughed deeply and mindlessly. For that moment, all sense of composure for her was gone. It was no longer possible for her to put on any airs for those watching. She just laughed and laughed as the soles of her bare feet and her knees were tickled relentlessly. Stephen again focused entirely on just the smooth naked arches and insteps of both of her little feet and, after a few short seconds, the princess started to shake with uncontrollable silent laughter. She shook her head back and forth in disbelief of her predicament.

"...HAHAHAHAHAHhahahahehe................ ..hehe..........haha............"

Her breasts heaved under her blouse and more and more of her hair became dislodged from her long braid.

"You should really try not to laugh, my lady. You only prolong this ordeal, you know."

But how could she even hope to bring her maniacal laughter under control now? The the extraordinary manner in which he was tickling her bare arches was ten times worse than the attention of her maidservants, which always left her fighting back giggles. In addition, the way this servant girl was grabbing her shapely thighs, sent shocks of ticklish panic up through her legs with every squeeze. She longed to reach down and grab her little tickling hands which made her restraint all the more frustrating. No, at that moment, laughter was all she knew and she was overcome with it.

".....NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA............hehe....... NAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.........................haha...", she laughed and she used her wrist restraints as an anchor, while she tried against hope to pull her legs away.

Suddenly,there was some relief, as the barmaid stopped goosing her above her knees. But, as the handsome peasant boy began to softly stroke both the tops and bottoms of her ticklish vulnerable bare feet, she realized that Althea had started to untie the front of her dress. A moment latter, the string that had bound the front together was gone and the barmaid had pulled the sides apart to reveal the princess' loose fitting white blouse.

That's when Althea reached one of her small tanned hands just underneath the bottom of princess Alicia's blouse and turned her world upside-down by tickling her tummy. The princess just stared down at the arm that disappeared under her top as the sensations shot through her and her tummy flexed involuntarily in response. Althea tickled her lightly with her fingertips from one side above her hip..."AHAHAHAHA"...across her twitching abdomen..."NOOO!HAHAHHAHA".....to her other sensitive side...."hehehehehe".....and then above and around her ticklish little belly button. And then she would just repeat the maddening progression again and again ...sometimes quickly...and sometimes very, very, veerrrryyy slowly.

And while all of this was occurring, a man and a woman had taken places on either side of the table by her feet and they were now pinning her small naked feet to the table with their hands. As the princess looked up from her ticklish tummy, she saw that Stephen had laid face down on the table and his head was very close to her bare white feet. He stopped his gentle, feather light, tickling and just held one of her feet in each hand. Then, as he stroked both of her super smooth and supple arches with his thumbs, she saw that he seemed to be aiming the small ticklish toes of her right foot towards his MOUTH! He was going to put her toes IN his mouth! In front of everyone! She flexed all the muscles in her legs and feet, trying to redirect her toes, but it was useless.

The barmaid wasn't giving her ticklish white tummy any rest either as she started using two hands under her blouse. Alicia giggled out of control as she twisted her upper body in ways she had not previously thought possible. But then the wetness of his mouth aggressively claimed the length of each and every one of her poor little toes as his tongue darted in between them here and there, sending her to new heights of hysteria.

"...HAHHAHAHA.....whatareyoudoing.....HAHAHAHAHAHA. ......don'tdothahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA....stop..STAHAHAHAHAHA HAH A...", the twisting princess wailed down at him as he started to alternate back and forth between her two sets of ticklish toes.

She desperately wiggled them in his mouth, trying to get them free, but it served only to make them easier targets for his searching tongue. The young princess thought that this was too much to for a girl to endure as she winced against the scampering fingers under her shirt. However, at about the same moment, two things happened that quickly proved her wrong. First, Stephen removed his mouth from her ticklish little toes and began to devour her perfect white arches and insteps with his wet mouth and tongue.


Secondly, Althea started trailing her light tickling fingers up the princess' ticklish tummy under her shirt.."EEEHEHEHEHE"...and around the sides of her heaving full breasts..."AHAHAHAHA"...and finally the princess realized that the barmaid was tickling her way up towards the smooth shaven hollows of her up-stretched and vulnerable underarms. She suddenly pulled with all her meager strength at her bound wrists in anticipation and she started twisting her body with increased vigor. Suddenly, Althea's scrabbling fingers found their targets and she slowly, softly, and maddeningly started to tickle the sensitive soft skin of the princess' extremely ticklish armpits beneath her blouse.