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Femfeet Tickling

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Prison Tickling

"Jennifer Marino!!! the court finds you GUILTY of the crime of embezzlement, and i hereby sentence you to 25 years in the maximum security prison of Shady Pines!!!!" a judge said, his voice booming as his gavel pounded on the desk.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! PLEASE YOUR HONOR!!! I'M SORRY!!!!!!" Jennifer screamed. Jennifer was in a panic. she couldnt go to prison! she was too beautiful. she was too small! life would be miserable for her! Jennifer Marino was a young 25 year old woman, who worked in a bank. she was definitely a "go-getter" and managed to wrk her way up to bank vice-president. of course all of the other workers at the bank figured she slept her way to the top. Jennifer was a petite, 5'1", 105 pounds, blonde Italian beauty. her beautiful green eyes mesmerized many men, and women too. her small frame stood out as her chest was well developed. but what most co-workers hated about her was the fact that she was a bitch. a complete, arrogant, stuck up bitch. she didnt have too many friends, but she didnt care. they were peasants as far as she was concerned. she grew up in a upper middle class suburb and her mother died when she was 10. she was truly "daddy's little girl". her father, Jim, was a hard working car salesman who did everything he could to please his daughter. her worked long hours just so she can have expensive things. he sacrificed things for himself, like eating, just so Jennifer can have whatever she wanted. yes, Jennifer was quite the spoiled one.

but Jennifer wanted more. she was a bank vice-president, making a six figure salary, but that wasnt good enough. so, she decided to embezzle some funds. she figured, "what's a few million?" unfortunately for her, she could also be a ditz. she was caught after her first attempt of trying to wire money to her OWN bank account. now here she was, in court, her father crying, about to go to prison. she was escorted out of court and was put in the prison bus and sent away.....

Jennifer sat on the bus, next to a dirty, stringy, nasty looking prostitute, who kept cracking her gum. Jennifer was miserable. she was dressed in orange prison clothes, sitting next to a creature that crawled out of rock somewhere. Jennifer wanted to cry.

"so girlie, what you in fo'??" the prostitute asked her.

Jennifer was scared. she didnt want to be here. "stealing..." she murmured.

"stealing? ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! i figured you done kill someone. stealing? figures! you look like you couldnt kill a bug." the prostitute laughed.

Jennifer turned her head away and looked out the window. she saw the prison coming up. Shady Pines. the name sounds like some wonderful resort, but it was FAR from it. there were no trees. it was in the middle of the desert. it looked like a fortress. the cold, stell walls were high. gun towers were everywhere. miles and miles of electrical fencing and barbed wire surrounded the place. this horrible place was going to be Jennifer's home for the next 25 years. she shuddered. the bus stopped and the guards told everyone to get off. as the new prisoners filed off the bus, they were immediately getting catcalls and whistles from the other prisoners. Jennifer tried hiding her face by ducking her head and letting her hair surround her face. this was humiliating. she walked in a single file line and made her way into the prison.


the prisoners stripped of their clothing and stood there naked. Jennifer looked around and some of those bodies were hideous. but, she didnt want the animals looking at hers. the prisoners were treated to a shower, and searched. it was the most humiliating moment in Jennifer's life. she was never "cavity searched" before, and it is something she never wanted to go through again. after they were all cleaned up, the prisoners were given new clean orange prison outfits and led to their cells. Jennifer walked into a cell that was small. it had two sets of bunkbeds. Jennifer was alone. she sat on a bottom bunk and began to cry. how could she be here? a month ago, she was living the high life, dining out, romancing and enjoying the fruits of success. now, by her own greed, she was a prisoner. she stopped crying when she heard the cell door open. fear gripped her body. the guards brought in another woman. she was a japanese woman, small, but stocky. she had tatoos on her body and looked like somebody did something very wrong to her. Jennifer stopped breathing.

"Hi, my name is Jade. what's yours?" the japanese woman extended her hand.

Jennifer was shocked. was she being nice? or was she setting her up? "My name is J-Jennifer." she extended her hand and shook Jade's.

"what'cha in for?" Jade asked.

"embezzlement...you?" Jennifer replied.

"nothing much...just premeditated homicide...." Jade said nonchalantly.

"i see.......well, nice to meet you." Jennifer said with a half smile. she was mortified.

"yeah, i deserve this place. that stupid tiny blond bitch talked to me the wrong way, so i had to take her out. no one disrespects me. say, she kind of reminds me of you...." Jade told her. her eyes staring right into Jennifer's.

Jennifer gulped. this just wasnt her day. "oh..well...uh, okay."

Jade laughed. "dont be scared honey!!! as long as you dont bug me, you will live."

Jennifer wanted to cry. then the cell door opened again, this time two more women were escorted in. Jennifer looked at the two new "roommates". one was about 5'7" tall, with long black hair and very skinny. next to her was a behemoth of a woman. 6'5", probably close to 300 pounds. they both stared at their new cellmates.

the big one spoke first. "well, well, well. look Sheena, we got us some new roomies!!!"

"Yeah!! new roomies!!!" Sheena muttered.

"look bitches, my name is Bertha, as in BIG Bertha. i want no trouble in here. dont start none, wont be none!!! got it?" Bertha told them.

Jade laughed, and Jennifer was scared out of her mind. Jade shook hands with Bertha and Sheena. Jennifer figured criminals get along. Jennifer reached her hand out. Bertha reache dout hers and shook Jennifer's hand.

"what is your name little one? isnt she cute Sheena?" Bertha asked.

"J-Jennifer. please to meet you..." Jennifer mumbled. this was not her day. she tried freeing her hand, but Bertha didnt let go. Jennifer gulped. she was beginning to think that they wanted to beat her up.

"she is just soooooooo cute!!! makes you want to tickle her!" Bertha said aloud, then stroker her index finger underneath Jennifer's chin.

Jennifer giggled, then her eyes popped wide open. she was HORRBILY TICKLISH. she hated it when she was younger. just simply talking about tickling her sent chills down her spine. she tried getting free. "NOOOO....dont..."

"Whatsa matter? ticklish? hey Sheena, watch this!!" Bertha then grabbed Jennifer and bear hugged her. she then laid Jennifer down on the cold cell floor and with straddled the little one. she easily managed to grab both of Jennifer's wrists and held them up over her head. then she began to wiggle her other hand into each armpits. Jennifer lost it.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!" Jennifer wailed in laughter.

Bertha smiled big. she just kept tickling Jennifer. Jennifer's little body squirmed under hers and was enjoying this. her partner Sheena joined in by tickling Jennifer's sides. Jade just sat back and watched.


Bertha kept tickling Jennifer's armpits, then Sheena began to unbutton Jennifer's top. soon, the top was open and Jennifer's prison standard gray bra was exposed. her nice firm stomach now felt the tickling fingers of Sheena. new fits of laughter poured out. Sheena found each and every rib of Jennifer and tickled them.


Bertha looked up at Sheena. she winked and Sheena then began to unhook the bra!! Sheena pulled the bra off and Jennifer's soft, firm breasts jiggled free. Bertha began to fondle the breasts. they were so soft, so firm. she then began to tickle Jennifer's breasts. she stroked her fingers along the outsides of the breasts and then squeezed the jiggling mounds of flesh.

Jennifer was in hell. her breasts were infinitely ticklish. all she could do is laugh. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough cough* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
!" Jennifer just laughed and laughed and laughed. her body was so weak from the tickling, plus there was a 300 pounder over her. there was no escape.

"hey boss, we havent even tried her feet yet." Sheena told Bertha.

"Oh yea!!! her feet!!!" Bertha stopped tickling. "Hey little one. are your feet ticklish?" she asked Jennifer.

Jennifer moaned. she was mortified. she knew her feet were the most ticklish spot on her body. but, she was too weak to resist. "...no.. not my feet....please not my feet...."

Bertha got up and easily flipped over Jennifer's body. Jennifer now laid face down on the floor. Bertha sat by her calves and trapped Jennifer's ankles between her massive thighs. Sheena then straddled Jennifer's back, facing towards her feet. Bertha then began to pluck the shoes off of Jennifer. she pulled the white canvas shoes off, and stared at the the thin white socks. she was beginning to smile. she couldnt wait to see those ticklish prizes that laid beneath those socks. she tickled the socked feet.

HEHEHEHE NOT MY FEET!!!!!!" Jennifer wailed. even through the socks, her feet were horribly ticklish.

Bertha scraped her nails along the socked sole. the little feet were wiggling, but there was no escape. Bertha decided it was time to pull the socks off. she grabbed the toe of the sock and pull the socks free. she gasped. trapped between her thighs were two soft, delicate feet. they were a size 5, even a 4 1/2!! they were pink, and the high arches were creamy white, along with the bottoms of her short toes. Jennifer had constant pedicures, even though it tickled her so much. she would howl in the nail salon as her feet were tended to. now, they were going to be tormentd on purpose. Bertha immediately began to tickle the feet. her nails raked along the smooth, tender soles and invaded the arches.


Bertha kept tickling. she then began to play with the little toes by wiggling them. "tickle tickle my little tickle toy!!! look at these ticklish toes!!!!" Berthan tickled the base of the toes, then the soft undersides. Bertha loved hearing Jennifer scream. she was having fun. she liked how Jennifer went into silent laughter by digging into the crevices of Jennifer's delicate toes. minutes went by and Bertha just kept repeating the same tickling motion. her nails would tickle the toes, then draw circle "8's" on the balls of the feet. her fingers would then scrabble wildly in the arches before theymade their journey and tickled the smooth tender heels. Jennifer was in silent laughter. she was sweating profusely now and her feet tickled so bad right now. soon her body was limp and she suffered the tickling torment that Bertha did to her feet. finally, the torment stopped. Jennifer felt her feet being freed from Bertha's thighs. she felt her body flip over to her back again. she opened her tear soaked eyes and saw Bertha's fat face in hers.

"you're such a cute little girl. i think i will make you my bitch..." Bertha told her.

Jennifer closed her eyes. this was only day 1..........

Jennifer Marino laid on her bed staring at the ceiling. here she was, a beautiful 25 year old woman, locked up in prison for embezzlement and had 3 other cellmates in there with her for serious crimes. what made it all worse was that one of them, a behemoth of a woman that went by then name "Bertha" tickled the living crap out of her. Jennifer closed her eyes and thought back to Bertha's massive fingers tickling her armpits, then her feet. she gasped. her feet was horrifically ticklish and the thought of Bertha tickling her feet again scared her. she also remembered what Bertha told her when she stopped tickling her. Jennifer was going to be Bertha's bitch from now on. Jennifer closed her eyes. she wanted to cry. this was a horrible nightmare. she hoped that when she woke up, this was just that. a horrible nightmare.

the next day came and Jennifer woke up. she was excited and she lifted her head. she was hoping she would see the cozy confines of her bedroom. she was hoping she would wake up, take a long hot shower and eat a delicious breakfast. she began to smile. then reality hit her. she saw the cold, gray walls of her cell. she saw the cell bars and her body laid on top of a firm mattress with flimsy blankets. Jennifer moaned. she noticed she was on the top bunk, and was about to get down, when she saw the other set of bunk beds. to her relief they were empty. Jennifer looked around in the cell and noticed she was alone. she then began to climb off the top bunk. her foot planted on the mattress below, then she shrieked when she felt a hand wrap around her ankle. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

"quiet down already!!!! it's only me!" a voice told her.

Jennifer made it to the floor and looked at the bottom bunk. it was Jade, her other cellmate. "i thought i was here by myself. sorry."

Jade got up out of the covers and stood up. Jennifer took a step back. she didnt know what Jade was about to do.

"hello Jennifer. did you get a good night's sleep last night?" Jade asked.

"well, not really. i mean, it's not everyday that you wake up in a prison cell." Jennifer replied.

"dont worry, you will get used to it." Jade told her.

"where's...um...Bertha and Sheena?" Jennifer asked with nervousness in her voice.

"they had kitchen duty this morning. why? are you afraid they were going to tickle you again??" Jade said laughing.

"y-yes...i mean, that was horrible what she did. how come you let them do that to me?"

"i have no beef with Bertha. why should i? besides, i thought it was pretty funny. you are REALLY ticklish arent you?"

"Yes i am. horribly ticklish. i cant stand being tickled. you dont think she will do that to me again do you?" Jennifer asked.

"who knows? all i know is that you are her bitch now. she will do whatever she wants." Jade said matter of factly.

"i dont want to be her bitch!!!! why cant i just be left alone?!!" Jennifer whined.

"Too bad. hey, this isnt a country club. bad things happen in this place. just be lucky that you are hers. she will protect you now. you just have to do favors to her, if you know what i mean......" Jade warned.

Jennifer shuddered. she didnt know what she was getting into, but it wasnt going to be good. Later that afternoon, Jennifer walked through the lunchline. she looked around and saw the other prisoners. Jennifer thought these were scary looking women. she tried looking around to see if there was anyone else that resembled her. no luck. almost everyone looked like they could kick a man's ass if they had to. there were gangmembers, killers, prostitutes, thieves and all kinds of criminals in this prison. Jennifer tried keeping her head down hoping to avoid eye contact. she figured if she kept a low profile, the better. as she was about to get a scoop of mash potatoes, or what looked like mash potatoes, she felt fingers tweaking her ribcage. she shrieked. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" this drew the attention of everyone. Jennifer held her head down. as she looked forward, she saw a pair of black boots in front of her. she looked up and saw a tough looking biker chick staring dead at her. this woman had dirty black hair, tatoos all over her arms, and a disposition that would have made Satan look like an angel.

"hey Blondie!! what's with all the noise??!!!!" she yelled.

"s-sorry...." Jennifer said meekly.

"i dont like you......" the biker woman told her.

"i'm sorry!!!!" Jennifer told her, her eyes wide with fear.

"i dont like your face. i dont like your body, and i dont like your voice. i think i need to take your tongue out and used it to wipe my ass."

Jennifer gulped. this was only her second day here, and already she was about to be hurt. the biker chick walked up on her, then she felt something behind her. she turned around, and saw Bertha!!

"Snake? what are you doing??" Bertha asked.

"this little blondie pissed me off with her voice." Snake replied.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!! this is MY bitch!!!!!" Bertha yelled.

the crowd fell into a hush. the guards came to the scene and a fight was averted. Warden Fiola was in attendance and she scowled at Jennifer.

"GUARDS!!! TAKE THEM BACK TO THEIR CELLS!!!! if they dont want to play nicely, then they will have no lunch!!!!" Warden Fiola commanded.

the guards escorted Jennifer, Bertha, and Sheena back to the cell. Jade was the only one who didnt have to go back. Bertha was pissed. her body size let everyone know she doesnt miss too many meals. Sheena was forced to go back because she was with Bertha. of course Jennifer had to go back because she "started" it. the cell door closed and Jennifer tried getting back on her bunk. Sheena then stood in her way.

"excuse me...." Jennifer told Sheena.

"No!!! you forgot to do something." Sheena told her.

"do what?" Jennifer asked. she knew it wasnt going to be good.

"Thank Bertha for saving you!!! that's what!!!!" Sheena barked.

Jennifer turned around and saw Bertha staring at her like a piece of meat. Sheena was right, Bertha did save her. "T-thank you Bertha."

"you're welcome......." Bertha said, licking her lips. "...now you have to re-pay me."

"repay you?....." Jennifer was scared now. she wasnt lesbian, and the thought of servicing Bertha disgusted her. but there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

"Oh yes little one....i want you to please me...but first, i need to get into the proper mood......i know just the thing!!" Bertha then stroked her fingers under Jennifer's chin.

Jennifer giggled. then, it hit her. "Oh no!!! they are going to tickle me again!!!" she thought to herself. she tried backing away from Bertha, but then she backed into Sheena. Sheena grabbed her arms and held her. Jennifer tried freeing herself. "NO!!! PLEASE DONT TICKLE ME!!!"

her pleas fell on deaf ears. Bertha began to unbutton Jennifer's orange prison blouse. she got the shirt open and stared at Jennifer's breasts, still hiding behind the gray prison issued bra. Bertha then took her huge fat fingers and began to knead and tickle each and everyone of Jennifer's ribs.


Bertha kept tickling Jennifer's helpless torso. she poked and prodded the belly button, then tickled the ribcage. Jennifer was wiggling wildly, but Sheena had a firm grip. Bertha kept tickling. she loved watching Jennifer squirm. she was starting to get turned on by tickling her new toy. she then reached back and unhooked Jennifer's bra strap and yanked the bra off. Jennifer's breasts jiggled free. Bertha's eyes grew wide open. she loved the pink areolas and pink nipples of Jennifer's breasts. she began to tickle the soft, but firm breasts.


Bertha's hands massaged and tickled every inch of Jennifer's breasts. she loved how they jiggled freely, trying to evade her tickling touch. she then would change up her tickling. she would tickle the belly, and watch the breasts jiggle. then she would attack the ribcage and back to the breasts. Jennifer was getting weaker. her body was becoming a wet noodle and she could barely stand up. Sheena held her up, so there was no escape. Bertha then began to lightly flick at the nipples and she watched them grow stiff. Bertha then kissed each one, which only sent Jennifer into more hysterical laughter.

"Hey Sheena, let's get her backside!!" Bertha commanded her partner in crime. they laid Jennifer on the floor, face first, and pulled her shirt over her head, but not off. Sheena then straddled Jennifer's upraised arms and head and stared at the smooth back of Jennifer. Bertha straddled the backs of her thighs. Bertha then dragged her finger lightly down Jennifer's spine.

EHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!" Jennifer convulsed in laughter. her back was really sensitive.

Bertha continued to lightly tickle the back of Jennifer. her fingers drew lazy figure 8's across the shoulder blades and down the spine. Bertha noticed a particulary ticklish spot at the base of the spine on the lower back. Bertha would stroke her fingers along the lower back and watched Jennifer's body tense up and squirm. Sheena then began to tickle the upperback, while Bertha tickled the lower back. Bertha would every once in while tickle Jennifer's sides and Jennifer squealed some more. Jennifer's body began to bounce. Bertha noticed Jennifer's ass bouncing up and down off the floor. Sheena then lightly stroked the spine again and goosebumps formed on Jennifer's skin. Bertha was still staring at Jennifer's behind. she winked at Sheena.

"Let's see your little ass shall we....." Bertha taunted. she pulled down the pants and panties off of Jennifer's rear end. Bertha giggled herself when she saw Jennifer's pale firm rear end. "oooooohhhhh!!!" Bertha oohed and aahed. "Hey little one, is your ass ticklish?"

".....nooooooooo....please Bertha...no more......" Jennifer moaned. Jennifer didnt even know if her butt was ticklish. but she didnt want to find out. too late........

Bertha scratched the tips of her fingers along each butt cheek of Jennifer. the question of Jennifer's rear end being ticklish was answered.


Bertha continued tickling the "cheeks". her fingers scrabbled all over the tender flesh and she felt Jennifer's body squirm underneath hers. she then used the very tip of her finger and lightly drag it along the crack of the rear end. Bertha laughed when she saw Jennifer's cheeks clench shut. she kept stroking there and Jennifer just laughed and laughed and laughed. her cheeks would clench, then unclench. SMACK!!!!!!!! Bertha then smacked Jennifer's ass, leaving a red palm print on the pale white skin of Jennifer. then she tickled the spot she smacked. Jennifer was in tickle hell. SMACK!!!!


Bertha would spank, the tickle Jennifer's rear end. soon, the butt cheeks were red and stinging. then Bertha would tickle again. Jennifer laughed and cried. soon, the tickling stopped. Jennifer then felt Bertha get up off of her. Jennifer began to relax. then her breathing stopped. she felt her ankles getting trapped between Bertha's powerful, massive legs. she felt her canvas shoes being pulled off.

"BERTHA NOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOT MY FEET!!! NOT MY FEET!!!!" Jennifer begged.

Bertha tossed the shoes across the cell and then peeled the thin white socks off again. Bertha was happy again. before her eyes were Jennifer's tiny, pink, soft, tender ticklish feet. she immediately began to stroke her fingers all over the ticklish flesh.


Bertha continued her tickling. she grabbed Jennifer's toes on her right foot and bent then back, making the sole taut. she ran her fingers from the base of the toes, up the sole, to her heel. Bertha felt the tiny foot flexing, trying to get free. Bertha chuckled and continued to tickle the foot, making Jennifer squeal like a pig. Bertha made sure she got each foot. she then went after the toes. she poked and tickled between each and every little toe. Bertha was still amazed at how soft these little feet were. she could do this for hours!!! as she tickled the feet, she looked up and saw Sheena tickling Jennifer's back again. Jennifer's body was squirming from all the hellacious tickling. Bertha then stopped tickling. she was so turned on. she freed Jennifer's legs and Sheena also stood up. Bertha then sat right in front of Jennifer.

"Now my little sweet feet, time for you to service me!!!" Bertha commanded.

Sheena picked up Jennifer's exhausted head and drew it closer to Bertha. Jennifer was too weak to resist. she was so tired from the tickling and knew she was trapped. she closed her eyes and her head drew closer to Bertha.....