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Femfeet Tickling

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My laughter

'There are faces... and a room, a white room... in the middle... softness...
prickly... tickly... laughter... my laughter... hee hee! Hee hee hee!' 
Karen slowly came awake to the strange sensation of feeling like she hadn't
been asleep. The room swum into focus, as did the five faces in it. The
mattress was playing its tricks again and that was what had caused Karen to
think laughter... had she thought it?
"Did I just think laughter or did I laugh?"  Dr. Tress' eyebrows rose.
"How strange," she said, "She is resistant to the mattress, even when
"She didn't seem like she was too upset earlier to me, mistress!"  Sandra's
voice, indignant.  "She was practically throwing herself at me!"
"Hah," replied Karen, "What's a girl to think when you're staring at me
like someone hit you in the back of the head!" It was a fairly crude line
and Karen wondered quite where it came from. She felt perfectly normal...
only not.  In front of her were Dr. Tress, Sandra, Lisa, Jen and Lila. All
were dressed in their bras and panties.  All looked damn hot to Karen, if
their little ploy simply involved stripping off for her then bring it on!
"Err... Karen?" that was Lisa. All five women were looking shocked.
"Yeah baby?" was Karen's reply.
"You just said what you thought."  Karen considered this.
"Ah."  She considered the situation a moment.  "Well bring it on then!" 
The doctor took the girls into a group and discussed the situation with
them.  Karen was hoping Lila didn't take too active a roll... she was the
only one who knew who Karen was. Finally the good doctor came to a
"Let's try it anyway!" she said, her eyes filled with fiendish glee. The
four other women were all thrilled with this conclusion whatever it meant.
The doctor continued.
"Who wants to start?"  Eight hands flew into the air with the enthusiasm of
little girls.  Even Lila, who could only have been under Tress' influence
for a day, was getting heavily involved and, Karen could see, very excited. 
Tress finally reached a conclusion.
"I tell you what," she said, "Everyone can start!  Take a limb each, be
ready to begin." The outer bodiless was starting to evaporate and now Karen
realised she was on the bed, in the nurse's station, surrounded by half
naked young women and they were about to initiate her into their
'sisterhood,' whatever that was. Karen could now only see Dr. Tress, who
was climbing onto the bed between the policewoman's spread-eagled legs.  The
doctor got close to Karen's body.  Karen felt the heat rise... psycho or not
the woman before her was not one to turf out of bed.
"What are you going to do to me?" she asked.
"Well," replied the doctor, "I've got to find out how you infiltrated our
little organisation. We're very much invitation only and you said that you
got yours through Mai Ling, but how did you know to go there?  Lisa says you
told her you know Jen, but Jen doesn't know you... What are we to do?"  The
doctor's eyebrows rose.  The policewoman looked away and focussed herself on
not giving anything away.  Her captor smiled seductively at this.
"So you won't help me?" she asked, "I understand... but tell me, Karen, if
that is your real name, you're not ticklish are you?"  With that she dug her
fingernails into Karen's side.
"HAAAAHAAAHAAAA!" yelled Karen, what the hell was going on?  The doctor's
fingers were the most ticklish sensation she'd ever felt!  Karen wasn't
usually that ticklish but something, namely the gas she'd inhaled, was
breaking through that barrier and leaving her well and truly defenceless. 
Smiling hungrily Dr. Tress slithered her fingers up and down Karen's sides
like she was playing a piano.
"NOHAHAHAAAAAA!" cried the police officer, "NUHAHAAAAAAAA!"  This was
torment! Dr. Tress pulled back slightly, allowing Karen to stop thrashing
on the bed and breathe for a moment. The policewoman missed the doctor's
little nod to her subordinates.  Finally looking up in surprise and
trepidation, Karen asked why Dr. Tress was doing this.
"In most cases it's to prove that all men are pigs Karen," she replied,
"But in your case I'm looking for information and I don't think we need
worry too much about persuading you..." with that she ran her fingers along
Karen's inner leg. The policewoman, feeling highly stimulated, closed her
eyes and could barely suppress a groan.  It'd been a while since she'd last
had sex and having the sexy, semi-naked doctor skilfully arousing her was
reminding her of that fact!  However, Dr. Tress needed her information
before she needed to initiate Karen so she gave a second nod to the two
"AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!"  Karen exploded! The wonderful feeling in her
pussy plus her own sudden weakness after being gassed and tickled had caused
her to close her eyes. That meant she hadn't seen the two nurses close in
on her armpits with their dusters. With Sandra to her right and Lisa to her
left Karen had no defence against the achingly soft, feathery material that
had been so suddenly inserted into her armpits.  The nurses continued
cleaning under there some more!
"HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" yelled Karen, almost in tears from the
extreme sensations, "NUHAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAGGGHHHH!"  But the nurses allowed
her no respite.  Both women felt their own desire and arousal skyrocket as
they tickled their sexy prisoner and they weren't about to stop. However,
after some five minutes during which Karen had almost screamed herself
horse, Dr. Tress gave her two employees a nod and they ended Karen's
torment. Hyperventilating and in agony from the great heaving laughing
she'd done, Karen was weak as a kitten.  The doctor leant close.
"Tell me who you are, Karen," she asked softly.  The policewoman's resolve
had all but crumbled after such a long attack but she endeavoured to keep
the information to herself, turning her head away and focussing on getting
as much air back into her lungs as possible. Dr. Tress had expected no
"Very well," she said, "Let's see you withstand this!" At that Jen and
Lila moved forwards and brought their manicured hands against Karen's feet.
Her feet were fairly tough after her time of walking a beat but she took
care of them anyway and they were especially sensitive after everything that
had already happened that day. Unleashed, both Jen and Lila scrapped their
fingers and fingernails up and down the arches of the policewoman's feet. 
The feeling was beyond ticklish and Karen felt rather than saw the blackness
creeping in at the edge of her vision. Her lungs were heaving, her throat
dry and croaking and her senses reeling from the tickling. Just as she felt
the feelings start to evacuate Dr. Tress made her latest sisters stop. She
leaned close to Karen.
"Tell me who you are, Karen."  Completely spent, Karen began weeping.  The
tickling had gone too far and left her pretty much broken. However, in the
depths of her soul came a last gasp of fighting spirit.
"Fuck you!" she croaked and tried to spit in the doctor's face.  Somewhat
taken aback, but not at all angry, Dr. Tress leaned back slightly and held a
finger out in front of Karen's face.
"Fuck me?" she asked, "No Karen. I don't think that will be happening for
a good little while. You've felt the pain of the first stage of the
therapy. Now it's time for the pleasure of the second!  By the third...
you'll tell me everything I want to know." With that the doctor got off the
bed. Karen, eyes shut from weakness and sadness couldn't see where her
tormentor had gone.  The tickling began again.
"HUHAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!" yelled Karen, what little defence she had
disappearing in the first seconds. But this was different.  Under both her
arms and on both her feet she could feel incredibly ticklish stimuli, but
whereas before she'd been tickled by dry, almost painful things, now she
felt a moist, arousing feeling at each of her most sensitive areas!  Jen,
Lila, Sandra and Lisa were each using their tongues on Karen's underarms and
feet.  The soft, slippery feeling quickly drove through any reserves Karen
had, the sensation quickly becoming far more arousing than ticklish.
"Huhuuuuuuuuh..." groaned the policewoman, "UH!  Uhuhhhhuhhhh..."  She knew
that four beautiful women were pawing over her.  She could feel the arousal
in her breasts and pussy, not to mention everywhere else!  She could sense
what was soon going to happen.
"HUH!  Uh... Uh... Uh..."  Her moans became louder and more regular.
Hearing this Sandra and Lisa together unclipped the policewoman's bra,
removing it to reveal Karen's throbbing nipples to the nurses' eager hands.
"Huh...  Huh...  Huh...  Huh..." Feeling her nipples being played with
took Karen to the next level.  Her pussy was already very moist and now the
evidence of extreme arousal was beginning to flow. Suddenly a rough, hard
thing pushed against each of the soles of Karen's foot.
"HAH!" she yelped, opening her eyes to see both Jen and Lila rubbing
against her feet with their breasts! Such a display was so arousing to
Karen that she couldn't keep her eyes open much longer.
"HUHHHhhhh...! HUHHHhhhh...!" The moans were longer now, the drawn out
pants that, when they hit the yelping stage, would signal the imminent
arrival of a massive orgasm! Suddenly the speed, noise and regularity
increased. A hand, so soft and caressing that its mere touch seemed likely
to push Karen over the edge, started along the inside of her left leg.
"HUH!  HUH!  HUH!  HUH!" The five fingers crawled inside Karen's thigh and
started to work their way up, drawing little circles on the policewoman's
hypersensitive skin.
"HAH!  HUH!  HUH!  HUH!" Now they came to the most sensitive areas of
Karen's body, just resting on the periphery of her pussy and occasionally
flicking against the oh so soft skin and sodden panties that covered Karen's
"HUHHHHhhhhh...! HUH! HUH! HUH!"  The orgasm was coming.  It was only a
question of time.  Yet if those deliciously soft, dextrous fingers weren't
inside Karen when it happened it wouldn't be nearly as satisfying! Dr.
Tress knew this. She leant close to the policewoman.
"Who are you Karen?" she asked... softly... seductively... Beginning to
buck as the feelings in her armpits, feet, thighs, breasts, nipples and,
ultimately, her pussy got the better of her Karen opened her eyes and looked
beseechingly into Dr. Tress'.
"I'm a policewoman investigating the disappearance of Jen Taylor-Smith and
Lila Jones.  Lila told me about Mai Ling and I persuaded her to give me your
card.  That's how I found you."  The words rushed out in a torrent,
interspersed with gasps and moans as the doctor's fingers teased the edge of
Karen's pussy. The policewoman, her last shreds of resolve utterly
shattered, leant back and felt the orgasm start to take hold.
"Good girl," was all Dr. Tress said as she rubbed her fingers along the
outside of Karen's panties before pushing them in underneath and rubbing the
policewoman's sodden pussy hard. It was extraordinary how one woman, so
exhausted and tired after such a tickle assault, could cum quite so
explosively. Karen screamed like a wounded lioness, the multiple orgasms
racking through her body like repeated tidal waves of pleasure as Dr. Tress
pumped her clit and the four other women licked, kissed and rubbed Karen's
most intimate, sensitive areas.
Suddenly it all stopped. There was a loud noise from somewhere on the
periphery of Karen's rapidly retreating consciousness. A yell...
'Police...'  The hand in her pussy withdrew rapidly as did the ticklish,
arousing sensations all over her body. With nothing external to sustain her
and her body so exhausted from the tickling, Karen passed out.

When she awoke it was to find herself in a hospital bed in a white area
surrounded by a curtain. She was still at the surgery!  Looking around
desperately Karen tried to scream, but her throat was incapable of making a
sound beyond a mild croak. However, her hands and legs were free. Leaping
up and out of the bed she detected ill fitting pyjamas on her skin as well
as a catastrophic lack of energy in her body.  Karen fell to the ground
"Whoa, whoa, whoa...!" cried Matt Dickinson, pulling back the curtain that
had surrounded Karen's bed.  Seeing her on the ground his eyes bulged and he
raced forwards, helping her up and into the bed. Karen felt a flutter of
unconsciousness pass through her but fought it off.  She needed to know what
happened.  Finally regaining a foothold in reality she turned to Matt. He
didn't even need to be asked.
"Your call to Lord Taylor-Smith resulted in the biggest mobilization of
police resources since September the eleventh. Since you were the cause of
all this and because you weren't answering any of your phones," he added
reproachfully, "I went down to your room to try and find out where you'd
gone.  I found the message from Lila Jones and, using the notes you'd made,
found the connection to Du Pont's and the madam in charge there: Mai Ling.
"Using an open ended search warrant, which allowed us to do pretty much
anything we wanted if it might find Jennifer Taylor-Smith, we searched her
premises and found Dr. Tress' business card. Remembering what you'd written
about Lila's suspicions we raided the surgery finding Ms Taylor-Smith, Ms
Jones and yourself.  We brought the three of you here, to the Chelsea and
Westminster hospital, for observation. Dr. Tress and her two assistants are
under arrest at the station."  He paused for breath. Croaking out her
question Karen asked what motive had been determined for Dr. Tress'
extraordinary surgery and bizarre actions. Dickinson looked ruefully back
at the sergeant.
"Well from what we've managed to piece together it seems that the good
doctor was an eminent psychologist at Cambridge when she lost her husband to
another woman. It completely destroyed her and made her want revenge very
badly... only it wasn't revenge purely against him: it was revenge against
the whole male edifice... or something.  Dr. Tress captured the husband's
mistress and through a long process of trial and error turned the woman into
a lesbian slave.
"Her husband, something of a callous bastard, responded to being jilted by
text message by the woman he'd left his wife for simply hooked up with
another woman. Dr. Tress captured her as well and practiced a more refined
method of reducing her to a lesbian slave. When he was jilted by text
message again Mr. Greenwald probably cottoned on to the fact that something
was going on.  However, soon after his second girlfriend left him he left a
note to his acquaintances saying he was leaving the country and disappeared
with all his valuable possessions, leaving the house and contents to his
"No one thought this particularly suspicious and Dr. Tress, using her
maiden name, sold the property and moved to London.  She set up as a GP
specialising in women's problems and used her position to scout for young,
attractive, vulnerable girls and women who she could 'convert' to her cause:
a lesbian group, or sisterhood, who would meet other women and bring them to
the surgery. Our indications suggest that Dr. Tress has as many as twenty
young women under her control. Eighteen of them have been contacted and are
currently in therapy and Dr. Tress herself is being held indefinitely under
the mental health act."
Matt stopped and looked concernedly at his friend, who he'd found tied to a
bed, unconscious and naked.  Karen smiled back to reassure him but inside
felt a terrible loss.  The feelings Dr. Tress' 'therapy' had elicited the
most wondrous, exciting lesbian encounters of Karen's life.  The thought of
never again encountering them was awful. She lay down and turned away from
Matt who took the hint, assuming that Karen needed some more rest. He left
Karen to her sleep.  She lay down on one side and felt the warm tears of
paradise lost.

That was the strange case of Dr. Tress.  A media blackout by the police on
the resolution of the case meant that no one really knew what had happened. 
Lord Taylor-Smith explained that his daughter had been kidnapped by
terrorists for unknown reasons.  Prompt action by the police had saved her. 
Matt Dickinson took credit for the success and failed to mention Karen's
part.  This was because she'd begged him not to, her life in tatters because
she would never be able to experience the wonderful highs that she'd
encountered with Dr. Tress.  Karen left the police force.
Jen and Lila were rescued from the surgery and underwent many mental and
physical evaluations.  Both girls were 'cured' of their enforced lesbianism,
returning back to work to try and explain where they'd been and what had
happened.  They stuck to the government explanation of terrorists, rather
than the truth of bizarre lesbian conspiracies.  The other women who'd been
effectively brainwashed by the doctor were also 'cured' of their affliction.
  None ever really lost the effects, however.  But most went on to live
fairly happy lives beyond the shadow of the doctor's actions.
Dr. Tress was remanded in custody indefinitely under the mental health act.
  She was taken to a remote, though not unpleasant institution where, after
many months, she finally managed to work through her problems and was
declared sane to stand trial.  Unfortunately she hadn't actually done
anything that could be proved wrong: each 'victim' had signed a disclaimer
exempting the doctor and her assistants from responsibility. Similarly,
none of the girls wanted to testify against their mistress.  All of them
wanted to see her again.
Instead of prosecution, which would have been very embarrassing to many
people, Dr. Tress cut a deal with the government.  She remained outside of
London and did not practice medicine in return for never speaking about the
events she'd instigated and a healthy pension. Nurses Sandra and Lisa, the
two ex-girlfriends of her husband, stayed with their mistress as part of the
deal.  Neither woman complained.
The damage wrought by the corrupt doctor was difficult to quantify.  On the
one hand she'd enforced her ideas on a group of injured, vulnerable women
which was quite unethical and improper.  On the other she'd taken a group of
injured, vulnerable women and given them a thirst for life that they might
never have gained after being so cruelly, not to mention perfectly legally,
treated by immoral men.  In the end, everyone who knew about what had really
happened said that, on the whole, the arguments for and against prosecution
and massive publicity could be regarded as balancing out and it was all
hushed up.

Lila woke up and rolled out of bed.  The clock read 08.30, 26/07/03. It had
been over a month since the whole, bizarre incident. How much had changed
since then...? Who knew?  Looking over at her companion in the bed,
however, Lila felt a pang for Dr. Tress. Sure the woman had kidnapped,
brainwashed and exploited them, but now Lila had Jen in every way she'd ever
dreamed and Jen's own desire for her buxom, Northern friend was just as
They'd had a fun night in together, that was for sure. The 'therapy'
during the previous weeks had all been a bit ridiculous for Lila.  She'd
already been a lesbian before she'd met Dr. Tress, that wasn't going to
change afterwards. However, for her friend it was slightly different. Lila
had only spent a day in the doctor's company.  Jen had spent a whole week
and was 'turned' during that time. However, in the time they had together
since then the Southerner convinced her northern friend, at some length,
that her lesbianism had always been a part of her she just hadn't ever had
the courage to face it.
Looking down at Jen, Lila felt the familiar stirrings. The previous
evening had started with a proposed meal but, long before anything had been
cooked, the two of them had found themselves tearing off each other's
clothes. It had been the first time alone they'd had together and Lila was
worried that it would be very weird. Jen's previous actions had been so
good for Lila but, after therapy and the turmoil of being interviewed by the
police, could Jen possibly feel the same?  She did.  It had been Jen who'd
placed her hands on Lila's breasts.  It had been Jen who'd kissed Lila.  And
it had been both of them who'd spent the whole night sharing orgasms.
Lila had a wicked thought. Perhaps this early in the morning they could
continue sharing orgasms...? That put another thought into her head: why
was she awake so early on a Saturday, especially after such a long, late
night? The answer came as the doorbell rang again.  Who could it possibly
be?  Lila pulled on a robe over her naked body and went to the front door
and looked out.  She was paranoid about reporters even though they hadn't
known she was involved.  However, it wasn't anyone like that: Sergeant
Seymour was standing outside.
"I just, err... wanted to ask you a few questions and see if you were all
right," said Karen in explanation for why she was there. Surprised but
flattered to have a beautiful woman worried about her, Lila opened the door
to admit Karen.  The former policewoman walked in and looked around
absently.  She shouldn't have come.  It was completely unprofessional, not
to mention immoral!  But she wasn't a professional anymore and she couldn't
hold in the feelings engulfing her.
Karen was wearing a short, torn denim skirt and white, sleeveless vest top.
  Both showed off her body to the utmost.  On her feet were simple slip on
sandals and her hair was pulled back to accentuate her Nordic beauty.  Lila
was impressed and made sure her dressing gown was pulled tight.  She offered
Karen a cup of tea.
"Oh yes, thank you!" gushed the former policewoman, "That would be
perfect."  Somewhat taken aback by Karen's enthusiasm, Lila walked into the
kitchen and filled the kettle with water.
"So what can I do for you, Sergeant Seymour?" she called out.
"Oh I'm not a sergeant anymore," Karen replied, "I, err... quit the force."
  Lila came back in.
"Why did you do that?" she asked, concerned. Karen's face fell slightly
but inside she was thrilled: Lila hadn't questioned why she was around at
hers, instead she was sympathetic. However, when she spoke it was in a
slightly angry tone.
"Within a day everyone knew what had happened to me. I got dirty looks and
little smirks everywhere I went, it just wasn't possible to continue." Lila
sympathised. She felt the same at her work although there, at least, they
hadn't seen her naked and in the throes of passion, nor did they know what
had happened.  Walking closer and sitting down besides Karen she reached
across and placed a hand on the former policewoman's arm.
"I understand. I'm sorry that you got involved like that."  Karen felt the
trembling almost engulf her. God she wanted this woman! Sure she could go
out and find any number of women interested in a tall, attractive blond but
none of them knew what had happened... none of them could make it happen
again... Suddenly Lila stood up and turned away.  Karen looked at her
strangely. Where was she going?
"I'll just go and make the tea," said Lila.  She turned and walked into the
kitchen, pulling down three cups and a pot, filling up the latter with tea
and hot water and bringing out the collection on a tray, placing it on the
table. Karen noted the third cup but didn't comment.  She gratefully
received her tea and sat drinking it while Lila took a seat opposite her. 
The Northern girl's dressing gown opened ever so slightly. It was all Karen
could do not to stare at Lila's long, dark legs poking through... all the
way up to her upper thighs.
"So what can I do for you, Ms Seymour?" asked Lila.  Karen smiled.
"Please, it's Karen, Ms Jones."  Lila smiled back.
"And it's Lila, Ms Karen." Both women laughed.  Looking away after Karen
desperately tried to think of an excuse for coming round.  Her desire and
nervousness had put all thoughts of strategy out of her mind.
"I, err... came round to check if you were ok, Lila," she said, aware that
Lila would be perfectly within her rights to simply say she was fine and
then Karen would have to leave.  Lila did not.
"Oh I'm fine, Karen," she replied reassuringly before continuing, in an
almost... playful voice: "I do have one or two problems though."
"Really?" responded Karen, "Such as?"  Lila smiled bashfully.
"Well, I, err... It's best if I show you, rather than tell you," replied
Lila.  She stood.  "It's in the bedroom really." Slowly standing, her heart
beating like a drum, Karen followed Lila into the darkness of the bedroom.
The smell of the girl was strong in their and seemed like ambrosia to Karen.
  She breathed it in and stood in front of the bed.  Behind her Lila closed
the door.  Karen looked at her hostess strangely.
"What's going on, Lila?" she asked, yearning for a positive answer.  In
response, Lila slowly, delicately... sexily undid her dressing gown, letting
the garment slip to the floor. Karen gasped, her ultimate fantasies
becoming reality.  Lila walked forwards, her hips swinging, nipples
hardening and pussy dripping.  Karen felt her own body respond accordingly. 
Lila came to her and kissed her full on the mouth, pushing the former
policewoman onto her back. Taking Karen's hands in her own, Lila slowly
pushed the other woman's arms over her head. Somewhat confused, Karen
allowed this to happen.
Suddenly a pair of strong hands grabbed Karen's wrists and pulled tight.
Squirming round the former policewoman could see Jen behind her, also naked
and holding onto her.  What was going on?  Lila took advantage of this
momentary confusion to sit across Karen's chest, pinning the former
policewoman. Karen desperately spun her head around to look at the
Northerner, simultaneously trying to buck her off, but Lila was sat tight.
"What are you doing?" asked Karen. In response, Lila leant down and kissed
her on the mouth.  At that the former policewoman felt all her fears,
concerns, desires and sadness melt into arousal.
"We know why you're here, Karen," said Lila slowly and seductively, after
pulling away.  "We will help you." Beneath her Karen didn't know what Lila
was talking about. She did soon enough. Giving a slight nod at Jen, Lila
prepared to do what all three women desperately wanted.  She'd realised what
Karen wanted as soon as she'd seen her at the door.  Jen, looking in at the
pair of them from the bedroom had also realised. Now they were going to
have their cake and eat it or, more precisely, lick it off the body of a
gorgeous, blond former policewoman.    With Karen's arms stretched over her
head her sleeveless top exposed her delicate armpits to Lila.  Realising
what was about to happen the former policewoman tried to protest, but
instead the words came out as:
"OOOHHhhh... Huh... HUH!" and that was just in anticipation. Enjoying
the wonderful feeling of dominance, not to mention arousal she felt, Lila
delicately inserted her fingers into Karen's armpits.

Some time, about two days, later, the three women emerged from the flat and
went out for some food.  They spent the rest of the decade enjoying each
others' company and lived happily ever after, at one stage meeting some
other girls whose experience of tickling and lesbianism proved an
interesting addition to their ménage a trois!