Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Below are just a few of the predicaments the girls get into at
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The tickling of Xena warrior princess

Xena walked through the woods, following a barely marked track in the woods. Occasionally, she would hack a low hanging branch out of her way with a swipe of her sword. There were still others, lower, that would scratch her legs. For once, Xena wished there was not that gap of bare skin between the top of her boots and where her leather skirt started at mid thigh.

It had been a while since Xena had walked through the woods alone, and the silence was deafening. She half expected at any moment to hear Gabrielle, her constant. ..traveling companion to launch in to some long rant on one topic or another. Gabrielle had left a few days ago, when they'd run into a man telling a story of a mysterious disease striking his village. Xena had wanted to follow, but had crucial business in the south.

Oh well, Xena thought as she hacked another branch out of the way. It wasn't the first time they'd spilt up. Gabrielle would meet her at a certain tavern in a week. Xena knew she'd be feeling better about the whole thing if they had not had a fight about a certain. ..delicate matters only hours before Gabrielle had to leave.

 The path Xena was on suddenly opened up into a clearing about 100 feet across. More startling was the sight of Cellist standing casually at the other side, wind blowing threw her long blond hair.

Xena felt the blood rushing to her head. Cellist had hurt her and Gabrielle too many times for there to be any conversation. Xena had sworn a thousand oaths to spill Cellist's blood. Without thinking, sword already in hand, Xena charged across the clearing.

Cellist waited until almost the last moment, then turned and ran with a laugh. Even through her rage, Xena could sense something was wrong. Cellist had always proved to be a dangerous enemy in the past, almost as good with a sword as Xena, and with a hatred that burned just as bright. Xena, however, was better at acting than planning. She chased Cellist out of the clearing and back into the woods.

There are a hundred ways to loose a pursuer in a thick woods, yet Cellist was always in sight, no matter how the trail bent. Xena didn't seem to be gaining, but neither was Cellist pulling away.

Xena finally stopped running when a scent powerful enough to push through Xena's bloodlust hit her. It was harsh and sharp, kind of ...medicinal. Like some potion Gabrielle would have made. Xena must have been at the source, because the smell was overpowering. She probably would have smelled it a mile off if she hadn't been so focused on Cellist

 Cellist! There she was, calmly leaning against a tree with a huge tree with a sly smile on her face. "Problem Xena?" she asked coyly.

"No problem ... ramming my sword through your body won't cure." Xena snarled. She was somewhat out of breathe after the long run, but not nearly as much as a normal person would be. Of course, being out of breathe meant more of that smell was getting into her lungs, and it was starting to make Xena's head swim a little.

Xena stepped forward and almost fell. Her legs felt like they were made of rubber! She felt far more tired that she should after a mere half hour run! What was happening?

"Poor Xena!" Cellist said, "Looks like she needs a nap!" "I'll...Ill give ... you a a nap." Xena's breathing was getting harder, not easier. The forest was starting to spin. Xena took another step forward, and this time needed to reach out and grab a tree to stop from falling.

Cellist was now walking forward. Xena tried to steady herself, but couldn't. She tried to raise her sword, but barely got it above her waist. Oddly enough, Xena didn't feel frightened. Just numb.

Cellist was now right in front of her. Xena still couldn't get her wooden arms to raise her sword. With one sharp blow, Cellist knocked the blade from Xena's hand.

Xena wanted to kick, punch or bite Cellist, but her body refused to move. All she could do was hold on to the tree for dear life and gasp for breathe.

Cellist reached over, and kissed Xena on the cheek. The she gave Xena a nudge. That was enough to send Xena to the Forest floor.

Xena was asleep moments after impact.


Xena woke up lying on a large wooden table. Her arms had been stretched over her head, almost as if she were on a rack. Xena's wrists had been securely tied. Xena's legs were free. However when she tried to move them, they only lifted a few inches before crashing back down. Clearly Xena still hadn't recovered from what had happened to her in the Forest.

"Xena! You're awake! Oh, I was so worried." It was Gabrielle. Xena looked to the right to see her red-haired companion standing by the wall. For just a second, Xena thought Gabrielle would come over to free her. Then she noticed Gabrielle was chained to the wall with her arms stretched way over her head. A fellow captive.

 "Gabrielle!" Xena exclaimed, "How did that bitch get you too? Somehow we have to get out of here!"

Instead of Gabrielle's normally enthusiastic response, a tear ran down her cheek. "I'm sorry, Xena. I'm so sorry. It's all my fault!"

"Don't be ridiculous Gabrielle! It's Cellist! It's not you!"

"Oh, I wouldn't be to sure of that Xena.." It was Cellist, walking arrogantly into the room. "Why don't you tell our warrior friend here just how you betrayed her."

 Gabrielle didn't answer. She just lowered her head so she wouldn't have to meet Xena's gaze.

"Hmm, seems like little Gabbie has suddenly gone shy! I think I know away to get her tongue wagging again!" With that, Cellist stopped right before Gabrielle and kissed her on the cheek. "Ready Hon?"

 Gabrielle looked Cellist right in the eyes. "Please, not that! You said you wouldn't anymore."

"I lied! Sue me, I'm evil!" With that, Cellist started to tickle Gabrielle's ribs.

 Gabrielle, as usual, was wearing her green top which only covered her breasts, leaving her entire mid-rift, arms and shoulders completely bare. As soon as Cellist's fingers hit Gabrielle's exposed ribs, she started shirking and bouncing up and down as far as her chains would let her.

"He he no."

Gabrielle had a pleasant, childlike laugh, almost bubbly, and it poured out of her as Cellist ran her fingers up and down Gabrielle's sides.

"Tickle tickle little Gabbie," Cellist started chanting, "You are such a ticklish little girl! Laugh for me tickled little girl!"

 And Gabrielle complied, laughing louder and louder as Cellist kept tickling harder and harder. Keeping one hand tickling Gabrielle's ribs, Cellist moved the other down to her belly, raking her fingers over the soft, tender flesh.<> Gabrielle's belly seemed even more ticklish than her ribs. Her belly, even though it was exposed to the sun all day, was white and soft. Cellist rolled the skin under her fingertips, scratched the nails in circle patterns, and poked and prodded. At every touch, Gabrielle laughed louder and louder. It was obvious to Xena that Cellist was an expert tickler.

Tears were flowing down Gabrielle's face (Which had turned almost as red as her hair), as she laughed and bounced. Finally, Cellist slipped a finger into Gabrielle's belly button, forcing the girl into hysterics.

"HE HE."

Cellist finally stopped, giving Gabrielle a chance to catch her breathe. "That's a good ticklish little girl. Now confess your sins to the warrior princess."

"Xena, I." Gabrielle was still struggling to breathe, but Xena felt shame was holding the words in more than lack of air.

 "Tell her," Cellist whispered, "Or I repeat last night."

Fear shown through Gabrielle's eyes. "Xena, she tickled me until I told her a way to capture you. I'm sorry! I didn't have a choice!" Gabrielle paused, "One time, when you were injured pretty bad, I had to come up with a way to put you to sleep. You were thrashing so hard, I couldn't bandage you. I experimented with some herb combinations until I found one you were particularly susceptible to."

"And Cellist tickled the recipe out of you." Xena finished, finally remembering where she'd smelled that odor before.

"More than that," Gabrielle's voice was almost breaking, the guilt tearing her apart, "She made me mix the stuff up, a barrel full!"

"Enough,: Xena said, "To spread over a clearing in the woods, so when I ran into the middle of it."

"I'm so sorry, Xena," Gabrielle was crying now, "I betrayed you!...I didn't want to!"

 "But she did," Cellist grinned evilly. "Now she's going to do it again. Gabrielle, I want to know Xena's great weakness, one I can use to turn her into a sniveling pet, like you!"

"No! I won't...that is, she has no weakness like that! I mean, Xena is so strong! What weakness could she possibly have!" A new look of panic had popped into Gabrielle's eye's.

"Your lying to me again, ticklish little girl. And you know what happens to ticklish little girls who lie to Cellist!" Cellist grinned, evilly.

 "Not again, Cellist! You won't break me again!" Gabrielle forced her eyes shut, as if preparing all her will-power to fight the attack about to come.

Cellist caressed Gabrielle's cheek. "Good. Your surrender is so much sweeter when you fight." Cellist turned to Xena, "Where should I tickle her this time? Ribs and belly again? Maybe her underarms? The nice thing about Gabbie's outfit is that they're all so vulnerable!"

"Go to hell!" Xena barked, and tried again to move her legs. They barely got off the ground before exhaustion forced them back onto the table.

"Don't go anywhere, Xena," Cellist smiled. "You're next!"

"Maybe," Cellist said playfully, "I should tickle the very parts Gabbie is trying so hard to protect!" With a quick flick of her wrist, Cellist opened the front of Gabrielle's green top, letting her breasts fall free.

Even with her eyes closed, Gabrielle could feel the new freedom her breasts had, the fresh air on her nipples, and she knew. "No Cellist, please, not that ...anything."

From nowhere, Cellist came up with a long, white feather. "I think I'm going to enjoy this, little Gabbie, but not nearly as much as you."

Gabrielle's breasts were about medium sized, but they were round and very firm. All that fighting with the staff had kept her chest taut but not muscular. Like the rest of her skin, they were milky white, almost the color of new snow. Her nipples, now fully erect, were bright pink, and seemed to be throbbing.

Cellist started the feather caressing the undersides of Gabrielle's breasts, slowly and teasingly. Gabrielle's eyes flew open with a wild look in them. Her lips were quivering, but she did not laugh.

 Xena knew how sensitive Gabrielle's breasts were, and knew the torment she must be going through. She silently applauded her friends efforts to stay in control, but knew it was a battle she couldn't win.

 Cellist kept moving the feather, slowly, first under the left breast, then the right. She refused to go any faster, dragging out the sensations. " I know this tickles you, tickle little Gabbie. I know how hard you're trying to keep all that inside, but you are going to break. Gnocchi gnocchi goo ticklish little Gabbie!"

 Gabbie's lips were quivering more than ever. her body was starting to bounce again, just as much as her chains would let her. Then, with no warning, Cellist flicked the tip of the feather over one nipple. Gabrielle shrieked, then the floodgates opened, and laughed erupted from her mouth.

"Ha aha ha."

Cellist started swirling the feather now, circling each breast, just a little faster than she had been caressing them before The feather's kiss was driving Gabrielle insane, the softness of the feather gliding over her soft breasts. her laughter sounded more like cackling now, not the childlike bubbling of before. It was higher pitched and sharper. Sweat had broken out all over her body.

"Come now, tickle tickle little girl, you can't resist the feather. Kootchie kootichie koo, my ticklish little girl. Kootchie koo. Cellist stopped the swirling motion and started going straight up and down, like she was painting a fence. She let the feather get close to Gabrielle's nipples, but never quite touching them.


 "Tell me, little Gabbie, who do you love," Callsito asked playfully, twirling the feather as she kept running it over Gabrielle's breasts. Gabrielle's laughter was fully hysterical now. She had been whipping her head from side to side violently, and her red-hair was a mess. Xena new she couldn't last long.


"Call me mistress! Call me your mistress little tickle Gabbie!" Cellist's voice was now a commanding one.


Cellist now started using the feather on Gabrielle's nipples, flicking the tip over the engorged flesh again and again. A tone of lust entered Gabrielle's laughter, as her nipples started sending mixed signals of laughter and pleasure.

"Do you want your reward, little Gabbie, my slave?" Cellist asked.


"Then answer my question my slave. What is Xena's great weakness?" Xena could see there was no fight left in Gabrielle. She had tried, but Cellist had pushed all of the right buttons. All she wanted to do was surrender to her mistress.

"HA HA HA !."

"Excellent, little Gabrielle," Cellist stopped tickling her nipples. "Now, here is your reward." Cellist put one of her shapely hands down Gabrielle's shorts. Although Xena couldn't see, she had no doubt what button Cellist was pushing.

Gabrielle started moaning, louder and louder. A look of pure ecstasy broke loose on her face. Xena could see the outline of Cellist's finger pumping in and out under Gabrielle's shorts. Soon, Gabrielle's hips were thrusting as well, in time to that finger.

 It only took a few minutes. Finally, after much moaning, Gabrielle screamed "I love you Cellist!!!!" Her eyes rolled back in her head, then she just lied there, slumped over. The chains were the only thing keeping Gabrielle from collapsing on the ground. her face was fully flushed, and she was covered with sweat. Gabrielle's hair was everywhere. As she slumped into unconsciousness, Xena saw a peaceful smile on her face.

"Now," Cellist said, wiping her hand off, "It's your turn. Let's see how ticklish those feet really torment are!"