Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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The tickling of Maria

Maria had picked the perfect day for the beach. The weatherman had declared that this would be the hottest day of the week and there wouldn't be a single cloud in the clear blue sky. Better still, it was a week day, so all the pain-in-the-ass children were either in summer school or

at day camps, and most adults were at work; the only people at the beach with her were high school seniors and college men, who were looking for a wild time.

What a perfect opportunity for Maria to wear her new bikini. It was very revealing black thong bikini with spaghetti-thin straps and sliding triangles for showing as much skin as she wanted; and Maria was in the mood to show as much skin as possible. If her parents knew she was wearing such a suite, she would be grounded until she graduated medical school! Her breast were very large, and the skimpiness of her bikini made them appear even larger; twice, so far, she had to stop her boardwalk stroll to push them back into her top! The boardwalk was flanked by a tall wooden fence that marked the border of the parking lot on the other side. The fence was old, and many of the thin planks were marked with knot holes and gashes from vandals. One hole in particular caught Maria's eye. There was something "shiny" inside it! The hole was nearly at eye level, so Maria didn't have to bend when she took a closer look. Her heart nearly skipped a beat when she saw the beautiful gold bracelet laying inside the hole! What amang luck. Someone must have placed it inside, to keep it from getting wet, and they must have forgotten about it.

"Sucker!" Maria beamed in satisfaction. One person's loss would be her gain. She always wanted a bracelet like that, and now she would have it. Who cares if it didn't belong to her? She found it, so she should have it.

Maria reached inside the tiny hole to capture her prize. As she lifted her arm, Maria was vaguely aware that by extending her arm, she was leaving her sensitive underarm exposed. Maria was very ticklish. Her whole body was tickle-sensitive, and standing out in public wearing a skimpy bathing suite with her arm extended made her feel a hundred times more ticklish.

 This thought worried her, so she hastily reached inside the hole, she wanted to snatch the bracelet and go. She had the tiny gold prize in her hand, but much to her horror, Maria couldn't remove her hand! The knot hole was too narrow for her closed hand to pull itself out.

Then, as if by some terrible cue, two young men approached her from their hiding place behind the water fountain. One of them stood in front of Maria and lustily admired her bikini, while the other crept behind their captive. The young men were Mike and Dave, two guys from her local high school, who sat beside her in chemistry class. Since the beginning of the semester, Maria had correctly labeled the two brothers as losers and geeks. But today was different, for today Maria was literally tethered to a wall wearing nothing but a few tiny scraps of black cloth tied together with dental floss!

"Well hello, Maria." Mike said with his eyes glued to Maria's bulging breast.

"What are you up to, Maria?" Dave whispered from behind while giving Maria a quick poke in the under arm with his finger.

Dave's unexpected gesture sent a shock up her spine and a squeal from her lips. Her worst tickling nightmare was slowly becoming true.

"Nothing, GEEKS!" Maria growled angrily. "I'm just standing here."

"With your hand inside a hole in the fence?" Mike asked.

 With an very casual gesture, he reached out and lightly danced his finger tips across Maria's belly. This time, Maria let out a very loud yelp and tried to jump away, only to find that she was still anchored to the wood fence. All the while, she was still clutching the bracelet.

From behind, Dave began whispering in Maria's ear. "Do you remember last weeks sociology lecture? Those people in that South American tribe use to trap monkeys by placing something they like inside a tiny hole in an old log. The animal could reach inside, but once they close their fist to take the bait, their hand becomes too big to pull out; their own curiosity and

greed traps them".

"But your smarter than a dumb animal, aren't you, Maria?" Mike added.

All the while. Dave was playfully squeezing Maria's thong bare ass-cheeks (not enough to hurt, but it definitely tickled). Mike was using his index finger to gently probe and stroke the bare flesh between Maria's bikini top and bottom. He loved tracing the outline of her ribs, and circling

her belly-button.

Maria, having no place to go, could only stand there and squirm helplessly. The quivering

grimace on her face told that she was losing the battle for self control. She would erupt into a fit of laughter at any second.

Then, without warning, the two brothers became aggressive. Mike ruthlessly tickled Maria's sides while Dave dug his fingers into her vulnerable underarms.

 The combined effort, coupled with the intensity of their tickling, drove their victim over the edge. Maria was thrashing about and laughing hysterically. But, despite the tickle torment, Maria still wouldn't let go of the bracelet!

 "STOP! HAHAHAHA. Please stop!" Maria laughed with tears in her eyes. "It's not fare. I'm stuck to the damn fence, and I can't get away! HAHAHA".

"Your doing it to yourself!" Dave mocked while gently kneading the flesh bellow her breast.

 "Let go of the bracelet, and you can go free. Otherwise, we are just going to tickle you some more". Mike laughed fiendishly as he randomly reached for bare flesh to tickle.

"NOOOOOO. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I want that bracelet HAHAHA." Maria cried

loudly. By now, her whole body was shaking with uncontrollable laughter; her flesh was shiny from sweat and her huge breast were bouncing around like Jell-O; She was vaguely aware that her breast were threatening to explode from her top. Maria suddenly wished that she hadn't insisted

on wearing such a skimpy bikini.

Mike and Dave were very aware of Maria's bouncing breast, and they were ready to increase their captive's humiliation.

"God, Maria, Your all sweaty; aren't you hot with that bikini top on?" Mike joked while his mischievous fingers circled up and down Maria's sides.

"Lets help her out!" Dave teased. While one hand was tormenting her outstretched under-arm, Dave proceeded to untie the long flimsy bow strings of Maria's bikini top! With two quick jerks, Maria was suddenly topless; Dave snatched the top and threw it over the wooden fence, eliminating any hope Maria had of retrieving it.

Maria was now in a terrible situation. With one hand stuck inside a hole, she had to decide whether to use her one free hand to either cover her bare breast or to try and defend herself from the brother's diabolic tickling. Being unable to concentrate, Maria tried to do both, and she failed

at both attempts. Her defenses were totally uncoordinated.

All the while, Mike and Dave never stopped tickling Maria. They divided their ticklish captive into territories; each brother took a breast, then a side, then a rib.

 Dave, being behind Maria, was gleefully tickling her ass and the small of her back. When he knelt down to dig his fingers into the back of her knee, Maria nearly jumped in the air.

Mike made a game of poking his finger into Maria's belly-button and wiggling it around once it was inside. But, by far, his favorite spots were her sensitive ribs and the sides of her breast.

Despite the torturous tickling and the loss of her modesty, Maria still wouldn't let go of the bracelet. Even Dave and Mike were becoming astonished at her stubbornness.

So here was Maria. Bound to an old wooden fence by her own free will, while jumping around and laughing loudly and wearing only her bikini bottom. With her breast free, Maria's heavenly globes swayed back and forth with each burst of laughter. She was putting on quite a show, and the display was starting to attract a small crowd of horny men (some of them with cameras)! By now, Maria had lost all self control, and she was reduced to a laughing pile of ticklish flesh, who was begging for release.




MY RIBS -NO- NOT THEIR! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". Maria was thrashing about

madly, but there was no escape for her. Until........

"Hey Maria!" Dave leered with a big toothy grin. "You're still sweating; aren't you HOT with that bikini bottom on?" He then lightly traced the path of Maria's bottom from bellow her

navel all the way around to the tied knot at the side of her hip; just like her top, the bottom was tied with a flimsy string no thicker than a child's shoelace.

 Maria's eyes widened madly; she couldn't even cover her breast properly, so how was she going to conceal her loins as well? She looked down at her huge breast; the tickling had caused her nipples to become perky and hard, and she already knew her pussy was wet with excitement.

With a sudden "snap", Maria finally came to her senses. She hastily dropped the gold bracelet, like it was red hot, and freed herself from the fence. Clutching her breast with both hands, Maria ran screaming down the peer and for the parking lot beyond. All the while, she left a chorus OF Wolf whistles and applause in her wake.

 Mike and Dave both had a good laugh. A quick inspection showed that the bracelet was still secure inside the fence; little did Maria know that the bracelet that she was clutching so stubbornly to was a fake piece of costume jewelry!

Dave looked over Mike's shoulder and began to jump with glee. Walking toward their location was a gorgeous red head in a tiny Zebra print bikini. Mike recognized the look in her.

She looked greedy.