Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Sabrina sat on the floor

Sabrina sat on the floor at Cindy's house. Through chit-chat, she dis-
covered that Cindy was indeed the nail tech that worked on Kris.   Becky
was there, as was another girl, Sue. Becky came in from the kitchen with
what was about the third cooler for everyone, Sabrina included.  Sabrina,
slightly buzzed, slyly brought the conversation around.
"So, Cindy.  What kind of clients do you have? Older retirees, mostly?",
Sabrina inquired earnestly.
Cindy was a petite girl, so she looked at Sabrina unsteadily, "Mostly. I
did have this younger woman come in yesterday for a pedicure.  I think she
was a lesbian. She kept hinting that her feet were ticklish."
Sabrina rolled her eyes, "What's up with this hotel and tickling?"
Betsy sat down on the floor next to Sabrina. "Oh, I'd forgotten.  You guys,
Sabrina insists that her feet aren't ticklish. Any bets on how long it
takes to make her beg for mercy?"
Cindy and Sue smiled.  Cindy said, "If all three of us tickle her? About
ten seconds."
Betsy looked at Sabrina. "Well, Sabrina?  Do you want to change your tune?
Last chance. Once I get started, I don't like to stop." She threw Sue and
Cindy a wink.
Sabrina was in a quandry.  I'm probably looking at the killer, she thought.
If she's as experienced at tickling as she says, I'm in trouble. But,
I gotta find out.  "I said I'm not ticklish", she said bravely.  "I can
last more than ten seconds, for sure."
Betsy smiled with anticipation.  "Okay, if you say so. Then you won't mind
if we have you lay on the couch here.  Come on."
Sue and Cindy giggled, and stood.  Sabrina allowed herself to be led to the
couch. "Lay on your tummy, Sabrina. Cindy, go get some pillows off of your
bed, okay?"
Sabrina allowed herself to be setup on the couch.  She lay face down, with
her sneakered feet hanging over the arm. Couches, she thought.  I'll never
look at another the same way.  Betsy put a pillow on the couch arm, under
the tops of Sabrina's feet, and another over her calves. Only Sabrina's
sneakers were showing.
"Sue, you sit on the backs of her thighs, and hold her feet down.  Cindy,
you help with one foot, okay?  Let's get these shoes and socks off." Betsy
unlaced Sabrina's Reeboks as Sue sat on Sabrina's legs.
Sabrina was very concerned as she comprehended her predicament.  "I'm.. not
ticklish." she said bravely.
"Uh huh..", Betsy said as she pulled Sabrina's white athletic socks off,
exposing her bare feet.  "You said that. Cindy, you get that one, I'll take
this one.  Cooochy coochy coo....."
Sabrina twitched as if she had been shocked. After being cooped up in
sneakers all day, her feet were extremely sensitive. She closed her eyes
Suprisingly, Cindy was the more ruthless of the two. She drew her nails
firmly up and down Sabrina's snowy sole, causing a shock to rip up Sabrina's
pinned left leg. Betsy held Sabrina's long toes against the pillow, and
was very gently tickling under her toes and the ball of her foot.  Having
both feet tickled at the same time, and so differently, quickly brought
down any resistance Sabrina could offer. Sabrina bucked wildly.
Sue giggled, "Whoa, bucking bronco!  Keep going, she can't last much more!"
Sabrina screamed, "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh... Stop!! Please!!!!!"
"Sorry, Sabrina, you had your chance", Becky taunted, "now just relax and
enjoy. Tickly toes.. tickly toes...."
Sabrina's mind was racing, and after a few seconds of unsuccessful thrashing,
she began to laugh. "Ohhhh...ohhhhh...NOOOO, Ahhh heeee heeeee..."
"Who's tickling better, Sabrina?", Cindy asked, laughing.  "you'd better say
me.. Zzzzzzip, zzzzzzip, zzzzzzzzzzzzzip!"  With each zip, Cindy grated
her nails on Sabrina's helpless soles.
"SHIT!!! Help! Heeeeee heeeeeeee he..."  Sabrina's laughter became more
hysterical.  She gathered her strength, and made one final buck. She
couldn't even move her feet an inch. The girls laughed as they scrubbed
away on her feet.  Sabrina's tensed body relaxed, resigned to the torment.
"Cindy!", Betsy squealed, "the balls of her feet.. Get the balls of her
feet!" Cindy smiled and began lateral strokes across the ball of Sabrina's
foot.  Sabrina's foot, which had been wiggling and flexing mightily, was
suddenly flaccid.  "Whoa!", Cindy yelled over the din of Sabrina's laughter,
"her foot stopped struggling!" "I know!", Betsy yelled back.
When the two girls discovered the balls of her feet, Sabrina went to sur-
vival mode.  Her laughter became silent, just gasps. She felt a warm
sensation on her thighs, she had wet her pants.  She felt her heels being
tickled by another pair of hands; Sue figured out that she wasn't struggling
any more and joined the others.  Sabrina's world went grey...
Chapter Ten
Kelly and Leslie sat at the coffee shop in a corner booth.
"Well, Nurse Leslie. How long have you liked toes?", Kelly asked, grinning.
I'm not going to like this, she thought.
Leslie brightened, "All my life. That's why I became a nurse. Unlimited
access to toes, male and female. Are you bi, Shelly?"
Kelly pondered how to play this card.  "Well, I guess I am.. My real love is
tickling though. I love the feeling of power."
Leslie put her hand on top of Kelly's. "I know what you mean.  Often, I
can't help it when a patient is in a leg cast, with their toes sticking
Kelly winced inwardly. This is sick, she thought. "I'd like to meet
others who are into tickling.", she said.  "I'm new to Boston, and don't
know where to turn."
Leslie looked at her.  "Oh, you'd be in heavy demand, I'm sure.  A pretty
girl like you, bisexual.. I could set you up tonight.  You like to be the
tickler, huh?  Here, meet me at this address tonight, if you can.  It'll
be fun, don't worry."  She scribbled on a napkin.  "I gotta go to work."
Leslie said, preparing to leave, "Hope I see you there."
Kellie said goodbye and watched her go.  She decided it would be much better
being the tickler, and not the ticklee.
Chaper Eleven
Kris lay on Gaby's bed, moaning. Gaby was stretched out sideways on the foot
of her bed, Kris's pretty toes in her mouth.
Kris had wanted to talk to Gaby at first, but when they had reached Gaby's
room, she had immediately picked up one of Kris' feet, and gently but
firmly pushed her on the bed.  Kris initially was horrified, having another
woman licking and sucking her toes.  But that had changed.
Kris's moaning was real. Each lick and suck sent a wave of pleasure crashing
into Kris' tummy.  It tickled, but not in a tortuous way.  Kris heard
herself say, "Mmmm, the other foot, Gaby."
Gaby kept at it for at least ten minutes.  Kris was very hot, and was ready
for anything when Gaby suddenly stopped.
"My sweet", she started, "You need to come to my house tonight.  I will
pleasure you like nothing you have ever felt.  But now, I must go. Here
is how to get to my house...."
Kris got the directions, and got up to go. Gaby grabbed her hair, and
pulled her close, kissing her fully on the mouth.  "See you tonight, my
sweet. Don't disappoint me."
Kris was left outside her door pondering what had happened to her. She
went to her room and locked the door......
Chapter Twelve
Later that night, Kelly parked in front of the address Leslie had given her.
In fact, Leslie opened the door herself when she rang the bell. "Shelly,
I'm so glad you came.  Have I got a surprise for you.  Come on in!"
Kelly walked into the house, which was tastefully decorated. A woman's
touch, Kelly thought.  On the kitchen table was a mirror with a pile
of white substance on it.  Leslie sat before it, and snorted some of
the coke.  She looked up at Kelly, and wordlessly offered the tiny spoon.
Kelly shook her head.  Leslie looked at her sternly, "Come on, Shelly.
House rules. You shouldn't refuse people's hospitality. It's rude."
It was against her better judgement, but Kelly felt close to cracking this
case.  For the first time in her life, Kelly snorted some cocaine. Leslie
looked at her, beaming.
"Now, time for your surprise, Shelly.  Follow me." Shelly led her outside
to a basement door.  The two women went downstairs into the dark basement.
Kelly's eyes slowly became accustomed to the darkness. She saw a figure
standing next to some sort of contraption that looked like medievel
stocks.  Kelly blinked her eyes. There was someone strapped to the stocks.
"She's all yours, Shelly!", Leslie announced happily.  "All tied up and
ready for you to tickle ANY WAY YOU WANT!  I told you I'd take care of you!"
Kelly was horrified, but stepped forward to look at the person tied up.
The person was a woman.  The woman was Kris.
The Latino woman standing next to her grinned, and handed Kelly a feather.