Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Tickled Princess

Two tickling hands up her blouse in her ticklish bare underarms and her small white feet and toes licked and sucked in a most unbearably ticklish way as they were held in place! The fair princess' white face blushed fully red and her broad smile seemed to be everpreasent as she laughed uncontrollably.


The sides of her ample breasts kept grazing the barmaid's arms as her chest rose and fell in laughter. She felt her nipples harden stiffly the way they did when she laid naked on her fur rug. Her mind drifted to the excitement of this situation for a moment, despite her inability to stop laughing. She was being touched and attended to in a way that she had never imagined, but it was having the same effect on her young body as any fantasy she'd ever constructed. Everyone was watching her now as she started to have these feelings that she'd never shared with anyone and all she could do was laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh...

Suddenly, Stephen lifted his mouth from the instep of one of her soft little white feet and spoke up. "I believe it is time for the feathers, no?", he said, wondering how far the princess would allow this to go.

"Yes," Althea responded. "I can tell that the 'fair maid' is ready," and she looked into the princess' eyes with a lustful expression that Alicia was unfamiliar with, but, nonetheless appreciated. As the barmaid retracted her hands from the hollows of her underarms, she quickly gave both of her large erect nipples a soft "roll" between her fingers before removing her hands from underneath her blouse. The sensation of having her fully aroused nipples touched...like this...in front of so many watchful eyes...was absolutely wonderful. The princess let out an unconscious moan, revealing her sexual arousal...to everyone. Right then, she felt more alive than she ever had before.

The peasant boy and barmaid then both took hold of the hem of her dress down by her ankles and began pulling it up the length of her long shapely white legs, which were still being pinned to the table. They pulled it from underneath her bottom and then up over her head where they wrapped it around the ties at her wrists.

More and more of her sensitive snow white skin was revealed as she sat there barefoot and barelegged with her now bare arms stretched high above her head. Only her short sleaved blouse and her tiny purple colored panties remained.

While her dress was being removed, bundles of assorted feathers had been passed around to all the tables. The princess looked anxiously around the room at the variety of feathers that each and every one of the peasents now held in their hands. Many of them had two. Some were long, stiff, narrow feathers that were pointed at the ends. Others were more fluffy and broader. Some of them had been tied to the ends of sticks to increase the ticklers' range.

Stephen gave the word and suddenly the poor princess was completely surrounded by peasents holding intimidating feathers. She wondered for a moment what the feathers would feel like against the soft skin of her now exposed legs. She thought maybe like the fur of her beloved rug. But, the tortuous sensations that shot like an arrow through her young body were more intense and unbearable than she could have ever fathomed. Every inch of her exposed arms, legs, and feet was deliberately stroked and tickled by the barrage of feathers.

"...hehehe...oh..that's too much..that's tahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA..."

Fluffy feathers drifted ticklishly across her stretched out legs and arms as stiff feathers tickled intollerably between her toes..."EEEHEHEHE"...all over her high soft arches and insteps..."NNNAHAHAHA"...in the sensitive spots behind her knees..."hahahahahahah"...and in the hollows of her elbows.....all at the same time!! "...HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHEHEHE......heheheheh ehehehehHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHA..." she wiggled and twisted her body pointlessly and completely out of her conscious control.

Then she saw both Althea, the barmaid, and Stephen, the peasent boy, reach through the throng of ticklers with two very long stiff feathers and they began tickling her inner thighs along her panty line. Suddenly, it was like a valve had been released within her as sexual desire washed through her loins. Being tickled there reminded her of the many small orgasms she had enjoyed and her mind did acrobatics trying to intigrate the tickling and pleasuring sensations.


But the boy and girl next grasped the bottom of her blouse and began pulling it slowly up, exposing the soft ticklish flesh of her flat white belly and her sides to the swarm of feathers. They followed closely behind the bottom of her blouse as it was raised higher and higher and they thouroughly tickled each new inch as it was slowly exposed.

"...EEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE..................... ....."