Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Tickling Niki

Nicki arrived at Dr. Scott's office at 1:30 P.M., she was going to do a work study internship with him over the summer. As she walked towards the entrance, two people exited, a man and a woman. The woman was a little unsteady, and the man was helping her to their car. As Nicki passed by, the woman said, giggle "best dentist, giggle, there is, always uses gas ha ha". Nicki entered the waiting room, it was empty, on friday office hours were 8-12. She rang the bell on the counter, and as she waited she checked how she looked in the full length mirror on the door. Nicki smiled, lets face it I look great, thick shoulder length auburn hair, 5'9'' tall, and a body that's a symphony of curves. She then rang the bell again, and her sister Mindy came out and let her into the office. They both sat down, Mindy said "Nicki you are going to love working here, Dr. Scott is great!'' Just then, Dr. Scott entered the office, '' you must be Nicki, Mindy's told me all about you, excuse me, but it's incredible you two look just like twins.'' They shook hands, then Dr. Scott said. '' I think you'll like working here, and I'm sure you'll be a great help.'' ''Well, I've got an appointment I have to get to, so it was nice meeting you Nicki; Mindy can show you around the office; I'll see you both monday.'' '' I really look forward to working with you Nicki.'' Nicki had sat there speechless throughout the conversation. ''He's incredible, how do you concentrate on your work Mindy?'' ''It's not easy, but there are perks with the job, come on I'll give you the grand tour.'' Mindy explained what she would be doing, and showed her where equipment was stored. '' And this is the best room of all, the prep room.'' ''What goes on in here?'' Nicki asked. ''Lie down in this chair, and I'll show you.'' Mindy then went over to some tanks marked NO2, she turned a valve and picked up a face mask. Mindy then turned a small valve on the hose, and placed the mask up to her face. She took three deep breaths, turned the small valve again then smiled at Nicki. ''This stuff is great!!'' Nicki looked from the mask to her sister, what is it? It's laughing gas, just take a few deep breaths, and with that Mindy placed the mask over her face, and opened the valve. Nicki took a breath, then another, and another, the gas had sweet smell and taste. Mindy removed the mask, and then took a couple breaths herself. Nicki said, I don't feel anything. Just give it a couple of minutes, then Mindy giggled. She placed the mask back on Nicki, and let her have a few more breaths. Nicki began to feel light headed, and filled with a sense of extreme happiness, she began to giggle. Mindy removed the mask, and laughing said, '' see, I told you this stuff is great!'' Nicki felt incredible, floating on a cloud, a pleasant ringing in her ears. The sisters passed the afternoon talking, giggling like school girls, with the occasional hit of gas to keep everything pleasantly mellow. As the afternoon wore on, both sisters shed clothing, so that by 5:30 P.M. they were both sitting on the floor in only their bras, panties, and stockings. They passed the mask back and forth, both women giggling, and very stoned, they didn't hear a door open and close. She stood in the door way,and surveyed the scene. This is just too perfect, I'll be rid of them both. Sarah Carter was an attractive woman, blond 5'10'' tall, killer legs, and round full breasts, but she couldn't stand the fact men would notice Mindy; then her. She could get them fired, and have the office, and Dr. Scott back all to herself. Sarah finally spoke, ''well what do we have here.'' Mindy looked up and burst out laughing, ''look Nicki it's nurse Rachet!'' Nicki raised her head, giggled, and said, ''hi nurse Rachet, want try a little gas, giggle it's great!'' ''You both are so fired, when Dr. Scott finds out about this.'' She then stormed across the room to shut off the gas, tripped over the gas line, and hit her head on the tanks. Mindi and Nicki took this all in, and then dissolved into laughter. After several minutes of uncontrollable laughter, Nicki had a evil idea. ''Lets put her in the chair, and give her some gas.'' ''We could stay here all weekend with our happy gas, and show miss party popper how to loosen up.'' Mindy took a hit of gas, and smiled a wicked smile. ''Nicki'', giggle, ''that's brilliant!'' They placed Sarah in the chair, and bound her hands and feet. She began to come around, and Nicki gave her a little taste of gas. After about 45 minutes, Sarah was a very happy camper. She lay in the chair with a goofy grin, giggling and laughing. Mindy left and went home to get some toys, she planned on giving Sarah a weekend to remember.