Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Attractive female for model work

Work was never easy to find in the big apple and for twenty-two year old Maddy Binning the occassional part time work just wasn't enough. Moving back to her  parents house was out of the question but without a full time job to pay the  rent the attractive young red head was running out of options. The past six  months had seen Maddy jumping from one odd job to the next and the lastest  classifides page offered nothing different.

Sitting on the dark green  leather couch in her small one bedroom apartment on the lower east side the smooth skinned girl scrolled hoplessly through column after column of jobs for computer technitions and people with 'previous exprerince'. The search seemed endless and fruitless until one particular boldly outlined rectangle caught her eye. The ad was for a artists model of the relativley famous Harriet Bloom and  being something of a amature painter herself Maddy had to give it a shot.

WANTED: Attractive female for model work. Private session with Harriet Bloom. Upwards of $5000 per session. Please send contact details and photo to the following address...

Perfect thought Maddy as she sat up and  biffed the rustling news paper onto the small wooden coffe table. A photo would be no problem with her polaroid and as for being attractive the young girl,  originally from Vancouver, had that in spades. At 5'8ft her dark red hair hung wavey just below her slender shoulder blades. Complimenting her already fine  figure were a pair of melon sized breasts to be proud off ecspecially considering they were completley natural.

With a causal eargerness Maddy scooted into her bedroom and pulled the old polaroid from her dark wood chest of  drawers. Placing the camera on top of the drawers and setting the timer, Maddy  stood a few feet back and smiled pleasently. With a click and flash the photo  was taken and while waiting for it to develop Maddy went back to living room. Next to the phone on a small wooden waist high table was a pad and pen which she  could use to quickly jot her details. The next day Maddy would send the letter  and await reply, after all it wasn't like she had much else to do.

Although known to a be a little eccentric Harriet Bloom was  brilliant. Most famous were her near photo realistic portraits of people. Often the famous and much admired artist would spent months of several different  portraits at once around a single theme and then sell them at a gallery. The  paintings often dissapeared on the opening night and for very hefty prices in  need. Harriet Bloom work was in high demand and for a budding painter like Maddy  it would be an honour to model, even meet her.

After about a week Maddy had forgotten all about the ad and was on her last dime. The man who owned her  apartment building was a bit of an old hippy and he and Maddy got on well so a  small delay in payment was acceptable but the cute single Canadian was rapidly running out of time. Loosing hope everytime the phone rang Maddy always assumed  it would be another rejection but this time luck was on seemingly on her  side.

"Is that Maddy Binning?" Came a soft yet confident woman's voice from other end of the phone.

"Sure is,  how can I help?" Maddy answered politley despite the fact she was expecting more bad news on the job front.

"This is Harriet Bloom" The voice said obviously going to continue, Maddy was surprised and impressed but was not going to interupt by any means. "I've been going over these applications and yours stands out well above the rest."

"Oh-Well, well thank you Ms Bloom."  Maddy grinned and then grinned some more when she thought about the five thousand dollars advertised, praying it wasn't a typo.

"Please  dear call me Harriet, Anyway I'm flying to Italy next wenesday but I'd love to  paint you before then." Harriet said matter of factly which caused  Maddy to listen even more intently. "Now it said $5000 but I should only need you for one session and you'll be paid up front in full, cash or cheque which ever you prefer."

"Thats um..ahem, very  generous of you Harriet." Maddy tried to keep her excitment minimal and appear professional over the phone. "I'm free tommorow and...well  actually pretty much everyday."

"Fantastic." Harriet sounded very pleased. "Say tommorow morning at ten, hows that? Do you still have the address?"

"Uh...yes yes its right  here." Maddy said looking over to the pile of newspapers ready for the  recycling knowing she would now have to rummage through them for the address.  "Ten sounds fine...um any particular dress or...?"

"Ah yes, I'm doing whats called a 'Casual  Bondage' theme, you'll have be tied up but you'll be fully clothed."  Harriet seemed to have almost forgotten. "A short skirt, thy high stockings if you have them (the thinner the better), high heels again if you  have them and a blouse or halter top."

"I'm um...your going to tie me up?" Maddy asked curiously having never been tied  anywhere before.

"Its only a little light bondage and its all perfectly safe, theres a fully legal contract to sign that you won't come to any  harm and the rope is the softest white nylon." Harriet said reasuringly making Maddy slightly less comfortable but no less nervous. "Like I said its a casual bondage theme and your the last in this one so there have been  plenty before you."

"...Okay, ten tommorow?" Maddy asked after a short pause as clearly Ms Bloom had taken every precaution,  what with the soft rope and legal contract, to keep her subject safe.

"Yes, yes, I look foward to it. The door man should let  you up." Harriet was clearly pleased with Maddy who was now a shoe in  for the modeling job and was excited and nervous all at once. "See you  then."

After hanging up Maddy darted to her bedroom as she tried  through her excited nerves to remember what it was she was supposed to wear. A  halter top the young red head did not have and the only blouse was a little  tight white one. A short skirt was easy enough, Maddy had plenty of tiny  mini-skirts that showed off her long legs and thy high stockings were a must have for a woman with her leggy attributes. High heels were a bit more difficult but after some rummaging through the bottom of her closet she finally found a cute little and near forgotten red pair.

>From the small walk from her  building to the cab the next morning nearly every pair of eyes on the street looked at the sexily dressed girl. The aging cab driver looked particually pleased and kept his eyes on the rearview mirror for the better part of the heavily trafficed trip to a much fancier side of town. When pulling up to Harriet Bloom's apartment building Maddy first noticed the opposing contrast of her old run down home to this towering marble floored apartment building of  money.

Paying the driver Maddy climbed from the cab and would have  struggled to appear any sexier. The white blouse was indeed tight and under her  large clevage the top buttons earned their pay. Carrying her small hand bag no  one paid attention to that as it was her long seductive stockinged legs that  attracted all the stares. The short blue skirt made Maddy's legs seem even longer and the door man paused a moment before actually opening the  door.

"Thankyou." Maddy said politley eager to get up  to Harriet's apartment and avoid futher starring, although having entered the  foyer of this multi million dollar aparment tower it was Maddy who was now  starring.

This place was huge. The floors were marble, there was a giant water fall to the right and the elivator doors were lined with brass. Rich  indeed thought Maddy as she smiled thinking that this foyer alone probably cost  more than her whole apartment building. Clip clopping her heels across the near relflective marble floor Maddy made her way to the semi circled silver desk  sitting against the back wall.

"Are you here for Mr Deveno?" The handsome well dressed dark haired man behind the counter  must have assumed Maddy was a hooker.

"Who?...oh, no no. I'm here to model for Harriet Bloom. Maddy Binning." Maddy said with an  ammused smile at the thought of her selling her body for anothers sexual pleasure. "Um she said my name was-"

"Yes, yes  your right here. I see." The desk clerk intterupted as he picked up his jet black phone and pushed a unknown button. "Ms Bloom?...yes a Ms Binning? Okay. She says go right up, 52nd floor, apartment  102."

Clip clopping towards the elivators Maddy repeated the floor and apartment numbers finding it hard to believe there were so many. The  elivators were huge and upon entering them the nervous red head couldn't believe the amount of buttons. 52nd floor, the elivator shot off like a rocket and within thrity seconds a microwave like ding sounded and the doors opened to a  dark green carpetted well lit hall. Walking down the all the door were so far  apart, each apartment must have been huge she thought.

"Ahh you must be Maddy." Said yet to be seen woman's voice as door number 102 opened slowly after the young red head had straightened her self out, stood up straighter and knocked on the door. "Please, come right  in."

When the door was fully open Maddy realised she had never  seen a picture of Harriet Bloom and she was far from what the previous expectations. A slightly shorter 5'6ft the not yet forty year old woman was  incredibly attractive. Full red lips smiled sweetley as her straight dark brown hair sat bouncing at shoulders length. A pair of surprisingly clean blue denim  overals covered the most part of her slim figure accompanined by a white t-shirt underneath and small white cotton socks on her petit feet.

"Its an honour to meet you Ms Bloom." Maddy said shaking the older woman's  hand as she admired the large hallway although curious about the paintings on  either walls.

"Please, Harriet." Harriet said smiling. "If you'd just like to remove your shoes I'll show you to the  studio.

Having slipped off her heels Maddy followed Harriet down the surprisingly large entrance hall. Maddy grew curiouser and curiouser about the bizzare paintings hanging on the walls. All large canvases about the size of a  car roof, the splogy multi coloured messes seemed very out of place for a woman of Harriet's consdierable talent. These were nothing like the photo realistic  portraits Maddy had seen, they looked more like someone had splashed paint on  the canvas and then rubbed it with something to make nothing but a non-artisitc  mess. There wasn't even any background colouring and most of the corners  remained white, Maddy simply had to ask.

"These are interesting,  a new style?" Maddy asked looking back down the hall as they entered  the large studio.

"Oh no dear, those are for my  pleasure." Harriet smiled as she stepped out the way to allow Maddy space to admire the large room where the magic happened.

To be fair it  wasn't really a studio, it was a living room with no funiture but it was still  probably bigger than all of Maddy's apartment. To the left was a set of carpeted stairs going up to what was probably the bedrooms. The carpet sat in stark  constrast to the polished wooden flooring the two woman were standing on. On the  opposite wall which Maddy faced was a small yet fully stocked bar and on the  right hand wall was a huge clear glass window leading out to a massive balcony and a high rise view of the city.

The ceiling was very high and hanging  from a sturdy looking crystal shandilier was the previously mentioned and very long nylon rope. Below the rope which was meerly looped over the lighting  construct leaving its two ends dangling at about head height, was a sheet. The sheet was obvioulsy not a bed sheet as it was too large, it served to stop paint from hitting the fine wooden floor.

Atop the sheet was what prooved the  place was a studio. A small wooden table with similar markings to that of the bizzare hall paintings sitting on top was a paper and pen, a thin metallic trolley with various painting impliments on top, buckets worth of different coloured paints and sitting on a adjustable wooden easel was a blank canvas around the same size of those in the entrance hall.

"Where can I uh-" Maddy held her bag up as she followed Harriet toward the center of  the large room where the sheet and art tools lay.

"Oh, just pop  that anywhere on the floor we won't be needing it." Gabrielle said as she grabbed the bottoms of the ropes and pulled them tight which didn't even flinch the lighting it was looped over. "If you'd like to just sign the  contract on the table we can begin."

"Um, so your actually going to tie me up?" Maddy asked placing her hand bag gentley next to the edge of the sheet on the smooth wooden floor. "Because I  thought, you know, seeing as your painting you could sort of add in the rope  later?"

"Its realism dear, if your not comfortable..." Harriet said releasing the ropes as she spoke in a perfectly friendly manner.

"Oh no, no. I'm fine. Just a little  nervous." The contract was signed and in plain english Maddy had  legally agreed to let Harriet tie her up and paint her for the fee of  $5000.

Crossing her wrists as she held her arms above her head, Maddy stood still as if at the doctors while Harriet looped the ropes around and tied softly. Suddenly the young red head felt the ropes grow tight, yet comfortable  and was hoisted nearly completley off the ground. Only just being able to tip toe Maddy found it difficult to stand as the ropes took her weight. Giving a quick sharp tug the busy twenty two year old realised she was truly stuck  there.

"Nothing to be nervous about, are you okay?" Harriet asked wandering around to Maddy's front with another shorter and  previously unseen piece of rope in her hands. "I'm just going to bind your ankle now okay?"

"O-okay...won't uh...won't my  arms get sore?" Maddy asked as her ankles were bought togther and with expert skill Harriet had the two stockinged feet tightly next to one another.

"None of the other models have complained about sore arms so I don't think it will be an issue." Harriet said smiling as she  stood up and back to admire her handy work. "Hows the rope?"

"Oh the rope? Its soft like you sa-What are you  doing?!" Maddy quickly swung herself backward when Harriet briefly  lifted the front of the already nervous red heads mini skirt with the handle end  of a thin paint brush.

"Just getting a sense of you, so I know  my subject." Harriet said walking slowly around the back of her hanging  and now slightly scared model.

"Stop that!" Maddy yelled a little louder when Harriet lifted the skirt again but from behind, the  woman was known for being a little eccentric but this didn't seem right. "I'm not sure I want to do this  anymore."

"Nonsense, besides you legally obliged." Harriet said in a slightly unnerving friendly manner as she  walked back around the front of Maddy conitnuing her exploritory circle. "I need to be able to feel your soul to get a more realistic view of who I'm painting...its all quite standard."

"Well if thats your technique, but do you have to keep lifting my skirt?" Maddy asked as she watched Harriet place the paint brush back on the small trolley  with the other painting impliments.

"Oh no, no. I'm quite done with that." Harriet replied walking back towards the hanging younger beauty. "But its going to take a few minutes before I can really know  who I'm painting."

"Can't I just tell you about myEEE!  Don't!" Maddy yelped with a surprised squeal when through her tight thin blouse Harriet quickly scrunched her hand into the bound girls tummy. "I'm ticklish!"

"Ticklish? That tells me a lot." Harriet wandered around the back of Maddy again, the red head  streching her neck to try and see what the famed artist was doing. "Do you like being tickled?"

"What? No of course  not." Maddy replied a little worried now as she could only see the  older brunette out the corner of her eyes no matter which way she turned her  head. "Who would like being tahah! NO! Don't do that! EEEE!"

Squeling and bucking herself back and forth in a fast  cattipilla like motion did no good as Harriet was free to squeeze rapidly at Maddy's taught sides. If it weren't for the ropes hanging her from the surprisingly strong light fixture the trapped and tickled busty red head would have been on the floor in a giggling ball by now. $5000 or not if Maddy had  known there would be tickling involved she never would have signed, for Maddy was and always had been intensley ticklish.

"Oh yes, thats perfect! Look at the motion and raw energy!" Harriet said excitedly as she dug her well manicured nails into Maddy's soft helpless sides.

"Ahaha! No stAAH! eeehahah!" Maddy squealed and  squeeked loudly as she tried futilly to break her binds. "Stop this! AHAH! Don't! Don't! EEEHeeheehee!"

If this truly was Harriet's  way of getting to know her model's then it was well past eccentric, it was down right cruel. The poor young woman couldn't stop laughing as either side of her tummy was squeezed in rapid unpredictable motion. The last time anyone had tickled her this much was an ex-boyfriend who actually did stop when Maddy told him too, Harriet of course was not stopping at all.

"You are ticklish, probably the most ticklish I've ever had. Your going to make a great work of art." Harriet said finally ceasing after what seemed like hours  which had infact been only a few minutes.

"Don't do that any more! Thats enough!" Maddy said annoyed as she couldn't believe the  woman had tickled her so much. "You don't need to tickle me  anymore!"

"On the contrary" Harriet said wandering casually back around the front of the hanging and red cheeked Maddy. "I'm going to ask you a number of questions. Should you answer three in  a row, correctly, I will let you go. With each wrong answer I  will-"

"No! No, no. No games. I want out, right now." Maddy interrupted sternly once again uselessly struggling at her  ropes. "No tickling, no ropes, no-"

"No  money." Harriet smiled interrupting back. "You signed the contract. You legally agreed to be tied up and painted. Do really think, even  with your $5000 you could possibly find a lawyer good enough to win in court against the ones I could afford?"

"Look-no, I signed so  you could paint my portrait not so you could tickle me!" Maddy said now getting worried at just how much tickling she would be put through.

"You portrait? No, no, the contract was clearly worded.  I will paint YOU." Harriet said matter of factly. "Thats why you have to tied up, all that giggling and wiggling, can't have you getting  away."

"Paint ME? I thought- No! Absolutley not! Untie  me rigEEHAHA! NO! AHAH!" Maddy screamed and thrashed from side to side when suddenly Harriet began squeezing the soft spots right inbetween her sensitive ribs. "Ohno! God stop! stop! AHAHA!"

"Play the question game or I'll keep going." Harriet said eagerly and expertly digging into Maddy's heaving  ribs.

"NOoh! AHAH! Eeheehee!" Maddy's hair was flicking  wilding along with her head and if playing some insane game meant the tickling would stop then so be it. "I'll PlaYYY! Stop! I'llahaha I'll play!"

"Good." Harriet said blunting stopping.  "Now, with each wrong answer I'll remove a piece of your clothing and-"

"What?! No waYAAHAH!" Maddy interrupted  herself with her own laughter when Harriet dug hard into her kidneys. "Stop! HAHAH NO MOREHAHAH!"

"I'll stop when  you agree to play" Harriet said remaining friendly while she tormentd the twenty two year old beauty. "and playing means getting your clothes off."

"OkayEEE! OkaY! HAHAHA! Stop!" Maddy screamed desparate to do anything that would stop the tickling. "Stop! Stop! AHAHAH!"

"Good. Now with each piece of clothing I remove I will tickle you-"

"Oh god no!" Maddy began to cry wondering what she had gotten herself into. "No, no please, Ms Bloom please don't do this?!"

"Oh don't cry  dear. I won't hurt you. Now, first question" Harriet said as if to be some sort of comfort. "Which German artist was commonly known as 'Leonardo of the North'?"

"I..hhh..please Ms Bloom-Harriet" Maddy pleaded between tearful sobs. "I-I can't  play this-"

"So you want me to tickle you again? You know passing on a question is counted as a wrong answer." Harriet said with a wicked gleam in her eye as she claw wiggled her fingers in a threatning manner towards Maddy's tummy.

"No! No!...umm...of the north? Please I don't know! Its too hard!" Maddy tried reason instead of  pleading.

"It was Albrecht Durer" Harriet said begging to undo the buttons from the bottom up of Maddy's blouse despite the sobbing  girl trying to swing away. "who, like Leonardo da Vinci, believed that  art should be based on careful scientific  observation."

"Oh no, please please I'm begging you! The question eee! No! The question was too hahahard!" Maddy giggled her  words when her blouse slid open and Harriet lightly spidered her long nails on  the young red heads smooth ticklish tummy. "Aha! Stop it! AHA! HELP! HEEELP! ahahaha!"

With her big cushy boobs almost spilling out of her small white bra they jiggled with every ticklish touch as Harriet's proding and stroking gained speed. Maddy knew calling for help would do no good  in this huge apartment but she had to try, although her ability to form words  amongst the laughter was quickly dwindling. Being tickled through her blouse had  been one thing but on her bare skin it was over ten times worse. Five thousand dollars or not no amount of money was worth such torutre.

"My  goodness such gorgeus laughter!" Harriet delighted as she squeezed  Maddy's bare sides relentlessly making them a light shade of pink while the girl  thrashed madly in the air. "I can honestly say you are the most ticklish model yet, and we've barley begun!"

"HAHAHOHNOOO" Maddy could have done  without that last remark as it put the stamp on the fact this woman meant to continue the insane game and it was not just some sort of joke.  "PLEEEEAASSE! NOMOREHAHAH!"

"Alright, fair enough." Harriet said turning away and wandering towards the flimsy  silver trolley. "I'll just get rid of that blouse completley and we can  have another question."

"Oh..oh god please..." Maddy looked up through teary eyes as she tried to catch her much needed breath while watching her tormentress return with a very sharp looking pair of siccors. "I can't take it!"

"Don't be silly, of course you can." Harriet said as she began to cut carefully through the fabric  of Maddy's cotton blouse. "Now which 15th-century artist is credited  with inventing oil painting?"

"Wait...hhh...I-I know this." Maddy said as her blouse now hung half off, the near half naked girl being careful not to get cut. "Jan...Jan van Eyck!"

"Good." Harriet said throwing the once was blouse to the floor leaving Maddy hanging in her skirt, stocking and straining bra. "Get two more correct and your free...half naked, but free."

"What...what happens if I don't? What happens if I loose all my clothes?!" Maddy said only just now wondering the  horrors of what would happen if she were stark naked and bound with the tickled craized woman and all her brushes.

"Well then I can paint you." Harriet said placing the siccors back on the trolley.  "Which 19th-century artist inspired the American Congress to create the  National Park System?"

"...Well...well thats highly debateable, I mean inspiration can come from many sources." Maddy  replied hopping Harriet would agree and disrigard the difficult question for an  easier one.

"Is that a pass?" Harriet asked  smiling.

"No...no,no. Okay look, just, just take my clothes but don't tickle!" Maddy tried reason for the second time but even she knew her attempts at not being tickled were useless.

"Thats a pass  then, you loose the skirt." Harriet said in her factual tone and began  to undo Maddy's belt buckle.

"It wasn't a pass! Stop  this!" Maddy pleaded and knew the end result would be the same as she didn't know the answer anyway.

"It was a pass, and it was Albert  Bierstadt incidentally." Harriet tossed the skirt down to the floor atop the blouse and stood back to see the lucious red head hanging in her too small bra, sweet pink panties, garter belt and thy high stockings.  "Tickle tickle!"

"OHHO! HAHA Stop!  AHA!" Maddy tried to defy gravity and fly away from the entirley new  sensation of five long nails on either of her inner thys that tickled dredfully close to her womanhood. "Not there! AHAHHA STOP IIIIIT!  EEEEHAHHA!"

Although not actually touching her mound, Harriet  was scribbing her long nails achingly close to the panty line. Maddy had never  been tickled anywhere near there before, she hadn't even thought about being  tickled anywhere near there before. As it was, just like the rest of her, her inner thys were terribly sensitive. Such torment this was as the famed artist  continued unrelenting, never had Maddy been tickled so much in her  life.

"Alright, bonuses for the next question." Harriet  said finally ceasing her spider tickle inner thy onslaught after several hellish  minutes. "Get this one correct and it will count as two right answers.  Get it wrong..."

"...please..." Maddy took a  deep breath as Harriet had her back to the sweating near nude girl while she  fiddled with something on the silver trolley.

"And I'll dig this into your belly button!" Harriet spun around brandishing a rather  torturous looking q-tip. "Who was the sculpter behind the Mount  Rushmore Memorial?"

"...oh god...look please, you can't  do this to me!" Maddy cried, her sweaty breasts quivering with each sob. "I-I hate this! I hate being  TIAHANOO!"

"It was Gutzon Borglum." Harriet said poking the q-tip with expert aim square into Maddy's hyper ticklish belly button. "...oh and silly me! I almost forgot! Better get another piece of this annoying clothing..."

"NOOHHOOO  EEEHAHA!" Maddy tried thrashing every which way but the q-tip stayed  lodged in her sentive button while wiggling manically in the tiny ticklish hole. "AHHA! AHHA! AAAAHAHAHAHNOMORE! HAHAHA!"

"Well  git rid of that silly bra is what we'll do!" Harriet said using her free hand to reach around and push the small of Maddy's back causing the struggling girl to come closer towards the older sadistic brunette. "It  looks like it could use a break anyway!"

Deep inside the hot  sweaty belly button the thousands of soft white q-tip brushed stroked into every  nook and cranny. Combined with the pressure of the tip as whole the poor teary eyed girl could only scream with tormentd laughter. When would it all end? Why  was Harriet doing this to her? What would happen once she was completley nude? Maddy prayed some idiot would jump out at any second and tell her it was some bizzare reality show, here's a million dollars. She prayed a neighbour would hear her helpless screams. No hope. Just  tickles.

"HAHAHAahaha..heehee..no..oh god please don't...don't  do that..." Maddy hung, her arms weak as Harriet relented after an  eternity and swiftly unclipped the front clasp of Maddy's shoulder strapless bra  sending it falling to the floor and letting the red head's huge milky white  breasts jiggle from the restraint. "Oh god...Harriet...Harriet please  no more...you...you've had your fun."

"Fun? This is all  in the name of art my dear." Harriet said her words sounding true from  those sweet red lips as she slowly began circling Maddy's right nipple with the  soft white q-tip. "But that doesn't mean you can't have  fun."

"DON'T! I'm not havooh...I'm not having  fun!" Maddy's eyes rolled back into her head for a brief moment as she  was too exhausted to bother moving away from anything that didn't tickle.

The circiling q-tip stroking rotations around her bare nipple may  not have tickled but it was torment none the less. Harriet had presumed that if Maddy was sensitive enough to be tickled so bad then surley she would be sensitive to other kinds of touch aswell. Harriet was right, Maddy was struggling with great embaressment to hold back the small moans of pleasure that wanted to escape, and all from a simple light stroking of a  q-tip.

"Tell me Maddy, why is it you keep rolling your  eyes?" Harriet asked knowing full well what the answer was as she herself was the cause.

"Mmmm...I'm n-ooh...I'm  nHAHAHAAAH!" Maddy suddenly screamed as her eyes shot open to ten fingers digging hard into her smooth exposed underarms. "HAHA  NONOHAHAH!"

The unwanted but unvoidable pleasure had quickly dissapeared out the window when Harriet dropped the q-tip and cruely set back to tickle torturing poor howling Maddy. Wildly rocking in every direction the soft young beauty was trapped from both sides as her pits were invaded by a ten strong bomber squad of tickles.

"Oh yes! You will be a definite  master piece!" Harriet giggled to herself excitedly as she continued  spider tickling Maddy's smooth right underarm with one hand while using the free hand to pull a previously unseen long white goose feather from the large front  pocket of her overalls.

"Oh..oh no! No!" Maddy cried helplessly as Harriet stopped the terrible spider tickling and started slowly  stroking the tip of the feather ever so lightly up and down the red head's soft  pale tummy. "Eeehee! NOOO! Stop this!!  heeheeheee!"

"I'm not even going to bother stopping for this question." Harriet said as she slid the feather tip all over  Maddy's breasts and tummy creating a constant stream of helpless girlish giggling. "What did Henri Matisse like to do for two hours each day to limber up his fingers?"

"heeheehee! eeeheI dooon't knoohooow!" Maddy cry laughed out her words as she struggled to think  of a logical answer but only one was truly obvious. "Eeeehee! Tickle!  He ticeeheee! He tickled! Eheeeestop! Stop!"

"Ha! Well, as neat as that would have been he actually played the violin." Harriet  said tucking the feather back into her pocket. "Time to loose these little stockings!"

"No! NO! GET OFF!" Maddy thrashed again, although this time not being tickled, as Harriet unclipped the garter belt and quickly stripped the attached thy highs down as far as the rope  around the young woman's ankles would allow. "No don't! Oh fuck don't do it! Ahha! Ahha! HAEEEEEEEHAHAHA!"

Once again Maddy screamed  as for the first time in her life another woman touched her milky white baloon like breasts. With rapid squeezing motion Harriet reached up to about her own  head height where the massive melons were and delighted in the softness and  overwhelming ticklishness of the titties. A horrible though crossed Maddy's tickle fractured mind, it was only her pretty pink panties left to go then, dear god then what would happen? Each new session seemed to get aggrivatingly longer  as the minutes passed her boobs became a light shade of pink while she thrashed, cried and sweated but most of all just laughed for mercy.

"How many paintings did Vincent van Gogh sell in his lifetime?" Harriet let the poor red head go limp as she reached back to the floor for the previously dropped q-tip. "Ten seconds."

"Y...your making up rules..." Maddy half whispered while trying to catch her breath.  "please...please you have to stop this! I can't take  it!"

"You said that before, and you can." Harriet said placing the q-tip back on the trolley and picking up the scissors once more. "You passed, it was twenty, say good bye to your  knickers."

"No! It wasn't a pass! I knew it was twenty!" Maddy cried not really knowing the answer at all as Harriet put a finger down the side of the pink panites and stretched them out enough to  safely cut them. "Please stop this! I hate being  tickled!"

"It was actually one painting. He sold one." Harriet smiled as she repeated the cut on the other side and watched the ruined panties drop to the floor.

"You tricked me! Thats not fair! I'm begging you let me go!" Maddy feared what was to come when her furry orange mound was revealed and she hung stark naked from the  soft white nylon rope.

"Oh a natural red head? That won't do at all." Harriet said in a conspirative tone as she put the siccors back on the tray and began walking towards the stair case. "Wait here, I'll get some things and we can fix that right up."

What was this mad  artist talking about? A natural red head? Thoughts rambled through Maddy's  desparate mind as she realised none of those questions mattered, all that  mattered was getting free. Struggling uselessly at her well tied binds the  sweating nude girl couldn't even bring enough strength to her tied hands to even attempt untying the rope. The wiggling and shifting had gotten her no where and  within less than a minute Harriet, with a spring in her step, came scooting back  down the stairs.

"What...what, what are you gonna do? I didn't  agree to this!" Maddy screamed angrily as she the electric shaver and  box of wax strips that Harriet had retrieved from upstairs, her intent now  painfully clear. "Your just insane! You can't keep me and torment me as  your toy! This was supposed to be a-"

"This is art" Harriet interuppted the nude hanging girl as she placed the shaver  and wax strips on the trolley. "and I can do whatever I want. Now, don't panick about being hairless 'down there' I'm not even going to do it yet.  We still have to tickle you senseless for that last question you got  wrong."

"No, no Oh god please no more!" Poor Maddy's tears began to resurface as Harriet once again revealed the long white feather and wandered all too casually around the back of the nude girl.  "What are you doing?! WhAH! NO! Oh fuck no!  AHHA!"

Another new and another unwanted terrible sensation as Maddy felt the soft quils slide down her cute and apparantly super ticklish butt crack. Such torment was simply unbearable and the craized artist just would not  let up, methodically sliding the feather up and down. Little did Maddy know that  Harriet was hiding more than one feather in that big denim pocket and before long, with a feather in each hand the brunette duel feather the poor nude  squealing red head's butt.

"Oh yes, I think we'll stay here for a while." Harriet said pushing both of the fluffy tormenting feathers  into the sweet peach like crack at the same time. "After all, theres no  more clothes so theres no more questions! The boring stuff is gone, its just  tickles from here on in!"

"NOOHOOAHAH!" Maddy  screamed through tear blurred eyes the last remark from Harriet gave absolute proof she was never here to be a portrait, she had signed on to be tickle  tormentd. "HAHAHA NOOHAHAH STAAHAHAP!"

"But" Harriet said finally ceasing the soft feathery torment of Maddy's squeezable butt. "as much fun as  it is to feather your bum, and believe me there will be much more, its time for  some actual painting."

While Maddy gasped for much needed air and tried to blind tears from her eyes Harriet tucked the long feathers back  into her blouse and began preparing the paints. Dragging the paint covered table  a little closer to the handy trolley Harriet was able to fill several white plastic shallow rectangle containers with all the colours of the rainbow.  Clearing her eyes Maddy finally had a chance to properly examine the painting tools on the trolley. With each new item the scared red head lay her eyes on her stomch sank as fear of them touching her body made her cry.

There were all sorts of wonderful impliments on the trolley, some clearly not for painting. Along with the previous placed wax strips and electric shaver were q-tips,  different size brushes, feathers of vairous colours shapes and sizes, sponges, an electric toothbrush, sellotape, duct tape, scrubbing brushes, a cleaning  squirter filled with water, liquid and bar soap, seven cell phone sized curious looking black rectangle boxes with one side covered in pink fluffy fur and the other side with a small green button and even a small shaker of itching powder.  Maddy could not believe what she had gotten herself into and never in her  wildest nightmares could she have imagined such a horrorfic torment.

"First things first dear Maddy, we need a perfectly  smooth canvas." Harriet smiled wickedly as with a rising hum the cordless shaver was switched on and Maddy squirmed at the thought of its vibrating head molesting her innoccent mound. "None of these naughty hairs!"

"AAHHHAEEEHAHAH!" Maddy screamed when  the vibrating motion of the clippers shimmied downward over her vagina clipping the hairs to stubble as it went with ticklish motion. "AHNOOAHHA OHGODHAHAH!"

Nothing had ever tickled this much. From her brothers as a kid to her parents to boyfriends to the q-tip and feathers on her  butt several minutes previous, nothing came close the vibrating sensation of the  electronic hair trimmers. Whirring down and down again Harriet made a point to get every last straggling hair as she held Maddy from thrashing backwards with  her free hand clenched over one of the cackling red heads sweet butt cheeks.

"Don't you worry now, Aunty Harriet will make you nice and smooth." Harriet cooed knowing full well the clippers had done there  job, there was no hair left but the tickling was worth the farce.

Little did Maddy know, although much to Harriets pre planned intent, the pussy tickling that drove her so insane with ticklishness was also turning her on to a never before experienced level. The poor girl couldn't notice through her own  ticklishness but her nipples had swelled hard as concrete and her knewly shaven  woman hood was glistening with dew drops of pleasure. The buzzing went on and on  until her poor stubbly mound was a light shade of pink and the clippers were about to malfuction from the  moisture.

"HAHAHAhahah..hhaha..heenoohooooo..." Maddy  cried as her laughter died slowly after god knows how many torturous minutes of  pure pussy vibrating. "...nonono...ohaha..."

"Now to wax!"  Harriet said excitedly as she turned and placed the clippers back on the  trolley.

While the sweat and moisture of pleasure glistened off the sun coming through the large window the tormentd red head caught her breath and  could only mutter short pleads for mercy. Harriet knew from past experience that even a few more seconds would have given her new toy and involuntary, all be it  fantastically explosive, orgasm. Opening the box and removing a strip of wax paper the lusty brunette peeled off the adhesive covering and with the wax strip  in one hand and a sponge in the other she turned back toward Maddy.

"I promise we'll start painting soon Maddikins"  Harriet looked up pressing her chin inbetween Maddy's huge soft boobs as she dabbed the red head's mound with the sponge. "but all master pieces  take preperation."

"ahaheeheestopit!" Maddy giggled as even the dabbing of the sponge tickled and Harriet pushing her chin into her chest didn't help much either. "whyhyhy?  eeeheee"

"Aww because all art demands sacrifice." Harriet said throwing the sponge off to one side and then  carefully placing the wax strip inbetween Maddy's thys. "Now I won't lie, this is going to hurt."

"Ahhno...I...I don't want  to...please don't!" Maddy cried as she began to put her thoughts back together and had caught her breath. "pleasepleasepleaseplease"

"Please what?  Please please? Please please you? We can please you later." Harriet said cryptically as she wandered around to Maddy's back once again, leaving the  wax strip stuck in place. "Koothie  koo!"

"WAHAHAH!" Maddy burst back into deep  guttural laughter when Harriet's ten long nails danced lightly over peachy butt cheeks. "NOOOO! AHAHA EEEEFUUUUHAHK HAHA!"

"Oh  giggle giggle!" Harriet smiled approvingly as she now lightly pinched and danced her nails over one cheek while reaching for one of her goose feathers with the other. "We have to allow time for the wax to set, and what better way to pass the time?"

"HAHAHANONO! HAHAHFUCKYOUUUHAHAH!" Maddy's  thrashing and profanity didn't help her  situation but such language was unavoidable when a feather touched down and  slipped inbetween her cheeks to assit Harriets dancing hand in the butt torment. "HAHAHEEEE! FUHAHAH!

Such areas such as Maddy's anus, breasts and mound she never thought ticklish, then again they had never been tickled. It was a fact the poor howling nude girl would rather have left undiscovered but as it were this cruel painter was set on showing her the hidden truths. To be honest with herself Maddy had never even thought about tickling that much at all, she knew her body was incredibly sensitive but the tearful beauty hadn't  been tickled anymore than any other kid growing up and never thought much of it. Now Maddy could think of little else as her right cheek was recieving random pokes, strokes and the occasional painful pinch while the fluffy quil evilly  caressed her previously untouched anus.

"There, should be about  done." Harriet tucked the feather back into her front pocket and  wandered back into the panting Maddy's line of sight. "Ready?"

"nnn...no...don't..." Maddy  gasped for air and sobbed fearful tears as Harriet pinched the top of the wax strip. "...doOOOOWWWAAA!"

"Smooth as a perfect canvas." Harriet said dropping the wax strip and giving Maddy's now  smooth stinging red mound a quick light slap before turning back to the trolley.  "We can paint!"

"Ahuh...stopstop..hhh" Maddy cried at  the pain throbbing from inbetween her legs and wishing she could collapse.  "noo don't...noo"

"What's the  matter?" Harriet asked unsympathetically as she shook the small plastic tube of itching powder. "I have to or else you'll be all tickled if I  accidently paint you there and we don't want you cumming  everywhere."

"You...you don't have to! I won't! I won't cum!" Maddy pleaded and squirmed as Harriet twisted the top of the shaker to open, the thought of her having an orgasm in this sitution seemed  completly ridiculous. "Ohnoooo STOP!"

"If I  don't" Harriet explained her use for the itching powder as she cruely sprinkled far too much on Maddy's already tender mound. "I might paint you there by accident and then you will cum. With the powder it will block out any tickling you might experience there, or atleast dampen it to a lesser  degree."

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!" Maddy tried crossing  her legs as best she could but the ankle restraints and her much weakened state prevented her from doing so as her womanhood burned with a itch that couldn't be scratched. "Get it off! HELP! HEEELLP!"

"You tried that already." Harriet said as she once again returned to her  trolley, this time exchaging the tube of powder for a medium size soft tip  brush. "You know I actually had one model who enjoyed this, a little Korean girl. I tickled her belly for five minutes and she came like there was no tommorow. Jolly good fun."

"Hhhh" Maddy sighed  knowing that Harriet was right and calling for help would indeed do no good.  "...Why me? Why are you doing this? Its cruel...its torment for me don't you understand that?"

"If I didn't understand  that I wouldn't be doing it would I?" Harriet said dipping the brush in a bright green. "I do this because its marvelous fun and because I can  get away with it. Its the golden rule dear, those with the gold make the rules."

"Ohno...look I'm serious you don't know what its like..." Maddy sucked her tummy in as the tip of the paint drenched brush came closer and closer towards her. "noho..heeheeSTOP! eeeheehee!"

"Acutally I do, but then again I love being  tickled." Harriet said swirling green lines all over Maddy's heaving  smooth tummy. "Tie be down and lick my toes, I'll scream like a banshee and love every minute!"

"EEeeeheeheeAHaha!"  Maddy shrieked and squealed with every light brush all over her two toned tummy. "stahahap hahaha nooo"

Her tummy turning green, Maddy was helpless to stop the tickling brush strokes and cold paint from colouring  her pale white tummy. Around her belly button, up her ribs, over her boobs the  nasty brush glided everywhere and all the poor girl could do was laugh and squirm in a ticklish fit. Not having any time to stop giggling Harriet quickly  spun around, switched brushes to a slightly smaller tipped tool, dabbed it in some yellow and began painting her nude subject once again.

"Oh  yes I can see you hanging in a gallery!" Harriet said as she swirlled the brush holding it like a sword painting bright sunny yellow over Maddy's  breasts causing her nipples to stand on end. "All the tourists coming  to tickle you silly! You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"Nooohooaahaha" Maddy cried not noticing her arousal from the nipple painting. "Ahahaha stop! hahah"

The intense itching of Maddy's inner thys and red hot  mound was a stark constrast in torments compared to the light but infuriating  tickling. Now holding another smaller brush covered in red in her other hand Harriet could paint two colours at once on her hopelessly ticklish toy. Circling both errect nipples at once was a most excrutiating torment all the while  getting ignorantly hornier and hornier.

"Well looks like your  almost ready" Harriet said smiling as she put the brushed back on the trolley and unexpectedly dipped both her hands into a large tin of barbie pink paint. "Just need to do a bit of hand  painting!"

"No! OhDOAHA!" Maddy screamed when Harriet lobster clawed the nude multi coloured girls soft ribs. "AHAHAH  NOMORENOHAHAH!"

Bright pink fingers assaulted inbetween her rib  cage and dug furiously at the sides of her red and yellow jiggling boobs. Lobster claws were one of the worst ecspecially on both sides at once as there was absolutley no wiggle room. Back, forth, left or right it didn't matter the rapid squeezing was everywhere. Bad enough was the tickling but her groin still  itched as if a thousand hungry fire ants chewed at her throbbing  pussy.

"Hmm." Harriet smiled as she stepped back and  wiped her painty index finger quickly on the tip of Maddy's cute button nose.  "I think your ready for canvas."

Slowly swelling Maddy  tried squirming every which way to stop her reddening mound not noticing what Harriet was doing. Having wiped most of the pink paint from her hands on the towel Harriet took her time wandering over to the large car roof sized canvas on  the flexible wooden aisle, all the while Maddy itched like crazy in the back  ground. Easily picking up the blank white board and aisle Harriet carried it  over and only now did she break the red head's concerntration from her burning pussy.

"Wha...stop that...arrggh...what are you doing?" Maddy couldn't help but groan in pain as she tried to ask why Harriet was  pushing the blank canvas right up against painted body.

Suddenly Maddy finally put it all together. The paintings in the hall, the 'those are for my  pleasure' remark from Harriet earlier. The crazy artist had been torturing people for years. Each canvas represented another tricked and tickled soul just  like Maddy. Harriet would push the canvas up against the painted side of her  victims and tickled them, causing the paint to make timeless reminders of her sadistic torment sessions. The chance to be a model for a world renowned artist, told she was doing a 'casual light bondage' theme. The young woman couldn't believe she'd fallen for it.

"This will be my Mona  Lisa." Harriet proudly stated as she wandered around the back of her  nude model. "Now paint!"

"NAHAH! HAHA ST-ST-HAHAHA!" Maddy thrashed inadvertedly paiting the canvas with her nakedness as Harriet lobster clawed her tummy sides from behind. "HAHA AAAHHHAHA!"

Amongst the tickling Maddy desparatley tried to  scratch her mound on the canvas but the painful itching only seemed to get worse. With her boobs squishing against the rough white board her entire front torso rolled back and forth painting random blobs and streaks. The squeezing continued, Harriets clawing was relentless and inescapable causing the nude  bound girl to squeal and shriek with unwanted myrth.

"Its called  Cowhage." Harriet said ceasing the onslaught and walking back around to the canvas side of her nude tickle toy. "Its a plant that grows in  tropical areas, Mexico, Florida, the  Carribean."

"...Ahhh...it stings..." Maddy said crying from the pain as her once fresh sweet mound had now become a tomato red tender pain center of pure itch.

"It should do."  Harriet said pulling the canvas back away from Maddy and letting the nude girl  swing foward a little while she examined the messy sploges of paint. "Cowhage has plant pods with tiny hairs, the hairs can easily be  harvested from dry pods and made into the stuff I put on you...unfortunatley  once the hairs are broken, which you did by rubbing into the canvas, breaking  all the hairs, the chemical that causes the itching itself is released in the most pure form possible...that added with the rather vigouros shaving I gave you...well you can feel it for yourself."

"Arrgghh make  it stop!" Maddy cried, her swollen woman hood throbbing with a million  itches at once. "I can't take it anymore!"

"Well I'm just not happy with this yet." Harriet said ignoring Maddy's pleas as she picked up two of the  larger brushes that looked like they should be used for painting a house.  "We're going to have to add another  coat."

"NOOO! I CAN'T TAKE THE ITCHING!! NO MORE  TICKLING! LET ME GO!" Maddy's neck streched as she screamed herself red in the face with tormentd anger and fear while Harriet casually dipped the two brushes into the barbie pink paint. "OHNO! Don't! PLEASE! AHA! NOMOREEEEEHAHA! HAHAHA!"

A brush in either hand Harriet happily brushed them up and down in opposite directions over the screaming nude Maddy's tummy and breasts. Such tormentd screams of hysterical laughter bellowed from within the young girls helpless naked body as it was painted bright pink.  Squealing with each tiny bristle caressing Maddy's smooth skin it still wasn't  enough that she could completley ignore the overwhelming itching inbetween her legs, not that it tickled any less either.

"There." Harriet said standing back with a smile as Maddy gritted her teeth and shut her  eyes in an attempt to block the painful itching. "Oh stop being such a  baby."

"Arrhhh please! It hurts! Let me scratmmm STOP IT!" Maddy yelled angrily when the canvas was pushed back up against her and Harriet began to wander around to her back once again. "I can't  do this anymore! AHA! NO! NO! HAHAHA!"

It was the feathers  again, the twin duel long white tickling goose feather wiggling inbetween her butt cheeks. The barbie pink was rubbing off onto the canvas again and this time  Maddy did all she could to keep her swollen red mound away from the canvas. The poor girl was going insane with the contrast of tickling and itching. All Maddy  wanted to do was be free and scratch but no such freedom was allowed as with her  bum being ruthlessly tickled the instinctive reaction was to move fowards which meant pushing her groin back into the canvas.

Thousands of tiny white  tendrils stroked their ticklish stroke in the hollows of Maddy's sweet anus, on the opposite side more tiny plant hairs were breaking and leaking their  chemical. Itching, tickling, itching, tickling, Maddy was literally being driven  insane. Howling tormentd shrieks if the poor girl would ever get released she  would surley be traumatised for life.

"There now, lets see." Harriet said as Maddy's squirming body slumped back against the  canvass while the sadistic brunette holstered her feathers and walked back around the front. "Maybe we can put some back into it the front is eye catching..."

"...ohAaaahhh it itches!" Maddy  cried with her tear blurred eyes as the canvass was pulled away from her painted  body.

"Yes...oh yes the pink was a stroke of genius!"  Harriet said excitedly as she admired the messy canvas. "Good work my  dear, now lets see if your back is capable of the same  mastery!"

Harriet left the canvas about five feet from the suffering nude girl and picked up a small tipped brush. Maddy continued to squirm and focus entirley on the intense itching while Harriet dipped the tiny brush into a tray of light blue and walked back behind her model. Crouching to her knees Harriet went unnoticed as she held the brush up toward Maddy's  struggling cheeks.

"Eeehee! Ohno! Ohno fuck!" Maddy screamed when she felt the small brush paint a little circle on her soft left  cheek and then slowly glide toward the center. "NODON'T! FUCK NO! AHA!  NOOOAHAH!"

The hundreds of tiny bristles painted light blue on  the inside of both cheeks as the brush swooped down the line until reaching the  much ticklish anus. Whirling cold paint rushed around with expert strokes on her  pink tickled bits causing Maddy to not only cackle like a wild thing but also once more become unknowlingly turned on. A minute, two, several, Maddy lost track of time, her nipples aching to burst from the stiffness and her mound sweating prepared to explode.

Finally after countless minutes the brush  exited and the naked red heads laughter slowed to a steady streak of laughter rather than the previous hysterical tormentd screams. The backs of Maddy's well  toned thys were swirled with the light blue as were her peachy cheeks. It wasn't enough to cause the screaming thrashing, only a stream of squeaks and light  laughing but it was still a terrible ticklish torment.

"Tell me Maddy" Harriet said standing back up and giving the girls half blue  butt a quick dance with her nails. "Have you ever painted anything with  your bottom?"

"Y-hhh...your driving me mad!" Maddy screeched as she thrashed breifly at her binds. "Your tormenting me! This isn't art!"

"Oh Maddy, Maddy why would you say such a thing?" Harriet asked with mock dissapointment as she returned the brush to the trolley and began shifting the large canvas behind her model. "This is the purest form of art, all your raw emotion spralled onto a canvass for the world to enjoy!"

"Letmego...please god  just...just don't do it anymore!" Maddy cried harder while Harriet  position the canvass about half a foot back from the colourful girls  back.

"I just had a marvelous idea." Harriet smiled  sounding delighted with herself quickly jogging back toward the stair case. "Won't be a moment!"

Left hanging with nothing but her  burning itch and exhausted body all Maddy could do was weep. Weep for the  unstopable itching, weep for the torment she had undergone and weep for the torment to come. Just like the last time it was less than minute before Harriet returned, this time with a light wooden chair.

"Wha..." Maddy could no longer be bother speaking as Harriet skipped happily towards her  and placed the chair down with its back to the sobbing red  head.

"Now this is a little thing I just came up with."  Harriet said proudly pushing the back of the chair into Maddy forcing the nude girl to hunch foward and poking her butt out so it touched the canvass.  "Quite clever no? Now your bum can swish and swash and paint my most  exquisite master piece."

"Please...please I can...I can do it." Maddy begun to lewdly move her butt around the canvass making  light blue smudges. "I, I don't need to be tickled!"

"Oh no, no!" Harriet insisted as she wiggled her hands in a clawing motion towards Maddy's large jiggling boobs which now hung with the nipples facing the ground in her hunched posistion.  "It has to be natural! Instinctive!"

"It is!  NO wait! AHA! STOP! AHAH!" Maddy's mouth opened wide to release the unstopable laughter when Harriet squished five fingers into either mammory.  "AHAHA AHAH! HAHAHAH! NOOHAHA!"

Blue smudges streaked  over the canvas as Maddy's butt now shifted on ticklish instinct. The poor girl had tried everything and now her boobs were being mercilessly tickled, her smooth butt was scraping around a rough board, her lower tummy was being pushed by the angled back of a wooden chair and her mound still itched to infinity. The  boob tickling wasn't soft either, it was rough, digging tickling. Harsh as the long nails caused poor Maddy to laugh in tormentd pained laughter.

"Oop thats it! Not a spot more!" Harriet said  pulling the chair out sharply which caused poor Maddy in her painted nude state to swing drop hard tugging on the ropes and swing foward without breaks. "Its fantastic, oh Maddy you really must see  it."

"Oooow..." Maddy groaned as she swang  back and forth, her arms indeed sore but no attention was being paid to that as  her tormentress carried the canvass back around nearly ten feet away from the hanging red head.

"What do you think? Its brilliant! The best  ever, your a regular Hogarth." Harriet said looking mighty pleased as she happily bounced back toward the trolley. "Now all the hard work is done we'll just clean you off and then we can have some  fun!"

"Nooooplease..." Maddy moaned still  squirming her legs in a desparate attempt to scratch the throbbing red love muscle.

"We have several ways of cleaning all that muck of you,  lets see..." Harriet looked over the selection of objects on the trolley and snatched up the thin electric tooth brush. "...this might  work!"

"pleaseno...I can clean myself..." A shiver went up Maddy's spine as she heared the whir of the spinning brush and watched in horrible anticipation as its fast spinning scrubber whirlled towards  her underarm. "I'm...not even dirty  therAHHAHA!"

Vibrating quickly the hundreds of spinning brush tips skimmed with light pressure over Maddy's smooth silky underarm. Cruely Harriet wasted no time finding a job for her free hand as she quickly spider tickled just milimeters above the red raw itching on the squealing girls lower tummy. If only those long nails could lower, even just a centimeter and scratch  for some form of relief but it was hopeless, Harriet was just too evil.

"Hmmm...it doesn't seem your dirty there at all" Harriet said briefly removing the tooth brush although keeping her spider tickles at an all time high. "Lets try here!"

"AHAHAHA! NOOOHOOO!" Maddy shrieked as the whirlling tooth brush tendrals engulfed her right nipple making the bright yellow aerole go almost instantly stiff. "NOMOAHAHA! AAAAHAHAH!"

To Harriets delight in reponse the other untouched nipple rose amongst the thrashing aswell. Maddy's wavey red hair now stuck plastered to her sweating body, her eyes opened wide and closed tight with each new tickling touch. Such stimulation on such a sensitive woman's nipples was sure to cause near instant arousal. Although having never been tickled there  Maddy wouldn't often cum within minutes of nipple play alone. It was a trait she  often considered an advantage, being able to orgasm before the guy but  unfortunatley Harriet had done this many times before and would always stop before her victim got too close to climax.

"This isn't working  very well at all." Harriet turned away placing the now switched off tooth brush on the trolley and trading it for the water spray bottle. "Lets try this instead."

"Eee! Eeee!" The water didn't tickle Maddy as Harriet sprayed it all over her breasts and tummy, it was simply icy cold and gave a refreshing yet shocking and and arousal depleting shock. "I'meee! I'm clean  enough!"

"No, no" Harriet debated as she  turned back to the trolley and took hold of the bottle of liquid soap.  "We need to get up a good foamy soap going to get rid of all that  paint!"

"No...stop it! You...your just looking for excuses to tickle me! I can clean myself!" Maddy squirmed as the bottle had been unscrewed and the thick clear soap oozed down her breasts and onto her  tummy.

"Ooh, uh oh!" Harriet said trading the bottle  for the scrubbing brush and quickly using it to scrub Maddy's lower belly just before the soothing liquid could reach her tender itchy mound. "Can't  have that!"

"ohno! Ohnostop!" Maddy squealed as Harriet reached one hand around to hold the small of the nude girls back while the other scrubbed viciously at her soapy tummy. "AHA! STOP! HAHAAHA!"

Before long a nice white foam had formed and Harriet was scrubbing everywhere, underarms, breasts, ribs and special focus on the  tummy which was now a light shade of pink beneath the bubbles. The paint had  gone except for the spot of pink on Maddy's nose and the blue swirls on her peach like butt but still Harriet continued to scrub. And scrubbing tickled, and tickled and tickled.

"What a clean girl." Harriet said  finally relenting and turning to put the scurbbing brush back. "But not clean enough!"

"NOAHAH!" Maddy screamed with  surprised laughter as Harriet quickly spun back around and began scrubbing her  belly once again. "STAHAHP HAHAHA!"

Poor Maddy. All she  wanted was to sit and have her portrait done, five thousand dollars for one sitting, definetly too good to be true although she hadn't thought it at the  time. Be tied up fully clothed? Sure why not? Get stripped naked in a sadistic  tickle torment and have her pussy painfully throbbing from the intense itching? Never, and yet here she was. Screaming her little heart out, lungs sore from laughter, mound itching and throbbing bright red, tummy pink from endless  scrubbing and to top it all off she had blue paint swirls on her butt.

"There, only one place left to clean." Harriet said leaving Maddy giggling in a limp exhausted, but mostly clean state. "What to use, what to  use?"

"nomore..." Maddy felt she had said that for about the millionth time that day as Harriet had her back to Maddy not able to see what the brunette was doing.

"Do you know what this is?" Harriet asked turning around with one of the little black rectangular cell phone sized boxes that had one side covered in fluffy pink fur and the other just a small green button, although this one had duct tape over the side without the fur and the button sat just next to the tapes edge.

"Ohgoood..." Maddy didn't know what it was but she knew it couldn't be good.

"Well I'll just let you find out for yourself." Harriet smiled as she walked around the back of Maddy.

Maddy giggled as she felt the fur caressing around her butt crack  and then the tape sliding on. With the fur side touching her anus the small box was taped securley to the red heads ticklish butt. Suddenly Maddy whimpered as she remembered the green button and then whimpered again as she remembered their were six more of these devices. Before the nude girl could mutter another plea Harriet had flicked the switch and the cursed fur began to vibrate.

"AAAAHAHHAHAHHA!" Maddy screamed and lauhged at the same time as she writhed wildly trying to escape the device trapped to her bottom. "AHAHNOOHAHAHA!"

While Maddy continued to scream like a silly little girl Harriet was up to more mischief. Struggling but  successfully pulling the heavy paint drenched table the artistic brunette messed up the floor sheet as she put the colourful four legged furniture about five feet directly from Maddy's right hand side. Still howling with laughter as the thousands of furs tickled her bum Maddy was ignored by Harriet as she now  dragged the chair with its back to the cackling red head again about five feet  from her, this time however it was on the left. Placing four heavy paint cans on the seat of the chair Harriet smiled and stood back for a moment just to watch  her victims torment.

Snapping herself out of the mezmirising thrashing  and shrieking laughter of Maddy's nude body Harriet knelt down and began to  untie the short soft rope around the helpless girl's ankles. The tickled red  head's screams for mercy fell on listening ears, they just chose to ignore her.  Harriet easily tugged the remainder of both stockings from either foot and began to lift the girl's bare right leg uptoward the table. With the same length of rope she'd just untied, Harriet secured it back around the writhing ankle and to the corner leg of the table causing the poor crying girl to do a half split  while her other leg hung kicking in reaction to the tickling.
"Don't worry dear the little bum tickle just makes my  job easier." Harriet said smiling to her wide mouthed toy as she now lifted the left leg and from her overall front pocket of tricks pulled a similar length piece of rope to the other.

Occasionally drowning into silent  laughter Maddy could barley hold half a thought and there for didn't notice her other ankle being tied to the back of the chair. It was only after several agonizing minutes when the vibrator on her butt was clicked off the young girl realised she was being forced to do nearly a full split and it was hell on her  itching red mound. With her body streched out Maddy's head hung foward while she gasped for air and let out a tiny ticklish squeak when Harriet ducked under her  to come back around the front, one of her long brunette hairs just brushing the red raw pussy.

"Arrghh...hhh...it hurts..." Maddy looked terribly upset with her teary wet face and sweating tickled body.

"Not to worry dear, you've worked very hard."  Harriet said pulling the two goose feathers back from her pocket. "And my models to not go unrewarded."

"Nooo" Maddy said helplessly her voice a little hoarse from all the laughter as the duel  feathers glided towards her swollen womanhood. "EEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHAH!"

Suddenly Maddey's voice returned in full as she let out a most blood curdling scream. The large window to the  porch nearly shattered when the feathers only lightly storked their tips over her mound. The itching didn't die but after all the torment her love muscle had been through it had grown incredibly tender and inhumanly sensitive. Maddy had  never really thought about it before but if she had been asked which was her  most ticklish spot chances are the reply would have been her feet. The harshest foot tickle couldn't have begun to match the torment the light storkes of  feathers were jolting through her body.

"Silly me, almost forgot to get rid of that itching powder." Harriet stopped the feathers and turned once more to her trolley of tricks. "Leaving that on would be just mean."

"Ahhah" Maddy whispered suddenly with a great surprise of relief as Harriet turned around to spray water right  inbetween the red heads legs, the feeling almost that of someone waking her up  with an ice cube or pouring cold water on a sun burn.

"Oh we like that then?" Harriet asked rhetorically, putting the bottle back down, satisfyed the itchy plant extract had been neutralised. "So what do you think we should do now that you no longer itch? Put ice on it? Untie you and let you walk out?...tickle you?"

"...untie  me...please..." Maddy wept weakly, her face stained with the red lines  of countless tickle tormentd tears as Harriet kneeled down before her, the brunettes head now level with her throbbing mound. "Let me gAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHA!"

Five long nails suddenly spidered there  way quickly all over the swollen sensitive skin. Maddy had never really thought about her most ticklish spot but had she been asked prior to this nightmare the  young woman would probably have said her feet. Feet? No foot tickling could have even come half close to the ticklishness of her woman hood. The over shaving had started it all, then the stinging wax, the tiny slap wasn't much but it added to  the sting and then the unbearable powder. Nearly an hour her groin had itched and throbbed, swelled and grown more and more subseptable to touch. Sensitive  beyond belief, which meant insanley ticklish.

Going insane Maddy thought she would never be freed as five more long nails joined in. It was too much,  there was no thought, just ticklishness coming from the very center of her body.  All the shrieking girl could feel was ticklishness, it over rode any other sensation such as her aching arms, streched legs, sore lungs or flaming libido. Once painted and tickled errect nipples ached to be tickled once again as  Maddy's own body betrayed her ludley thrusting foward begging to be penetrated.

"I see what you want naughty girl." Harriet said to  her sweaty tearful toy as she walked on her knees to the trolley leaving Maddy  hanging and giggling even though she wasn't being touched. "But you can't, it can't just happen. It needs to be controlled, it needs to be master  piece."

Breaking a q-tip in half Harriet then broke the halves into quators and taped the two soft ends back together, effectivley making a quator length q-tip. Knee walking her back over to her desparate victim the red  head howled again when Harriet opened her fleshy curtains of ticklish pleasure  and titled the q-tip, putting it in side ways. The soft edges brushed the walls just above her hardened clit and now acted as an irremoveable brace, holding her  pussy open for full clitatory access.

"AAAAHAHAHNOOOHAHAHA!" Maddy shook violently,  one of the bolts attaching the shandiler begining to loosen as Harriet didn't  even touch the girl it was the soft fluffy edges of the quator q-tip inside her causing such intense reactions.  "HHAHAHAHAAAAEEEEHAHA!"

A constant stream of the loudest possible laughter her fine figure could produce screamed from the poor nude girl as Harriet attached tape to the six other one fluffy sided black vibrators. As if pleasent music played quietly in the background rather than loud tormentd squeals of tickled laughter, Harriet hummed happily around the  thrashing bound girl applying the vibrators to her body as she went. With one  already on Maddy's butt and not being a particularly big foot tickler Harriet had to be creative, so one each for each streched out underarm, another over the  heaving belly button and the remaing two taped securley over each throbbing errect nipple.

The small instruments of torment didn't even need turning  on, the idol pink fluff alone was causing enough tickling to last an eternity. Harriet however did not have eternity, she just had the here and now and with the same meaningless yet cheery hum the cruel woman skipped around pushing all seven green buttons. With each new humming that couldn't even be heard beneath the laughter Maddy let out another scream of surprise and each time returned to a hell even more vicious than before.

"Hmmm, that seems to have  covered nearly everything...but what to do about this funny little pink nubbin?" Harriets words went unheard and had the tickle craized Maddy  heard them she never would have understood anyway. "Lets see, we've already used the feather's...everything on the trolley's been done...what do I do with this silly we pleasure button you have just waiting to be...ahh...I  know..."

"HAHAHA....." Maddy went to a silent,  shocked laughter if only for a brief second, the tickling was subdued and time seemed to freeze as Harriet's long wet tounge wrapped devilishly around her  begging clit. "...ah...HAHAHAHAAHAH"

Tickle pleasure  overload. Hell and Heaven ravaging the young bound body both at once, an end  only to Heaven and it was fast approching. Unfortunatley Hell had no end, a  bottomless pit of tickles. Between thrashing Maddy couldn't help thrust back and  forth as Harriet delighted in deleviring a much deserved pleasuring. Through her  tickle shattered mind Maddy finally saw the orgasm express approching and the  break lines had been cut. It would come and so would she, the make shift q-tip  turned brace snapping under the pulsating of Maddy's helpless love  muscle.

"Mmmhmm hmm hmm" Harriet giggled to herself as she continued to delve her tounge deep within Maddy, the once helpful q-tip now  laying broken on the floor.

"AHAHA AHA..AH AH AH EEEENGGGHH" Her teeth gritted hard, her back arched harder, the table  and chair were dragged in closer with insane orgasmic strength and Maddy experiecned the very personification of pleasure itself.  "GGAAH...AHHH...OOOOOO"

Orgasm after orgasm after  orgasm, each one more intense and mind blowing than the last. Harriet too came and lay back on the floor writhing in the sadistic master piece of pleasure she  had created for herself. Minutes passed and eventually Maddy just hang there,  head limp in silent agonizing laughter as the vibrators continued to torment her, the occasional orgasm still rippling her body from the tickling touch, her body now one giant sensitive ticklish  spot.

"...sweet...merciful...crap." Harriet said sitting up and brushing the her hair from her sweaty forehead. "I can't see you dear, you have to go in the personal gallery."

Occasionally Maddy would scream hoarsley but often she just hang nude rolling her head in silent torment. The seven fluffy vibrators  humming away unmerciful. No more could the poor red head retrieve memories or create thought, her surroundings were a void of pure tickling. Maddy just wanted to pass out or die, whichever as long as there was no more tickling. Breathing was tough, the energy simply wasn't there as her whole self, body and mind,  focused on the endless tickle torment. Eventually, finally, Maddy passed  out.

"Wh...where am I?" Maddy woke blinking her eyes  and trying to take in her bizzare surroundings, first knowing she was still nude and still hanging bound but something, something was different.  "Oh...oh god..."

It was a white hall. Long, no end in sight in either direction. No bigger then the entrence way to the large  apartment Maddy had enetered hours ago, before the torment. The red heads hands were bound above her, wrists clamped to the wall in leather straps. Body taught her legs were speard a foot apart, individual straps for each ankle. Behind her, pressing against her back was just the white wall, surrounding her entire body  however was a large golden frame. Even more frightening than all of this was the  fact the opposing wall, and all down either side of the same wall Maddy was on, were countless other large golden frames each with their own bound nude girl.

"Welcome" Harriet said standing directly in front  of Maddy completley ignoring all the other framed bound nude girls.  "..to the Gallery..."