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Femfeet Tickling

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The Witch Bondage Story

The last thing Jennifer Thorn felt like dealing with was a long line at the Big "X" grocery store. The fact that she was only getting a few items, and that she was in the express line, she didn't think that it would be this long. Unfortunately, thanks to a long line of people with the same idea and a new cashier, a five-minute venture was already going on twenty. Jennifer, not having the patience to deal with this, thought out loud how stupid it was to have a new girl working the express line, and was startled when the woman standing in line behind her, responded. Jennifer felt a little embarrassed, not realizing she verbalized her thoughts out loud.

"Hi. My name is Cheryl ...Cheryl Trinity." the woman said while extending her hand with a smile. Jennifer couldn't help herself as she openly gazed at the woman's beauty. Cheryl appeared to be in her late twenties and easily was the most beautiful woman Jennifer had ever seen.

As soon as Jennifer and the woman's hand touched, Jennifer felt a friendliness flow into her; "Hi, my name is Jennifer Thorn...but my friends call me Jens."

A few seconds went by without a word as Jennifer found herself staring. Cheryl wore her long blonde hair teased stylishly in a wild, sexy sort of way...and possessed a pair of huge breasts that seemed to defy gravity! Jennifer turned red, blushing, when she realized she was caught staring at them.

Still the woman had a way of making her feel comfortable and she smiled at Jennifer. Obviously, the woman was used to people staring at her. "So Jean. You must be in a rush...you don't seem to be the type to complain."

Jennifer responded to Cheryl like a long lost friend, telling her all about herself. Eventually, as they moved outside the store to the parking lot, it started to dawn on Jennifer how late it was getting. "Oh my god...weve been talking for an hour!" exclaimed Jennifer.

Cheryl smiled at her and replied; "That's alright...Ive enjoyed every second." Jennifer smiled in response, feeling pleasure in the fact that this beautiful woman enjoyed talking to her.

"Look Jean. I have to leave right now, but I want to invite you to a very important party. Here, take this.<Cheryl hands Jennifer a business card>... I'm a talent scout for a New York based modeling firm and you're a very pretty girl. How old are you?"

"Twenty-one." Jennifer whispered, not expecting the direction this conversation was going. Jennifer looked at the card in stunned silence. Jennifer had always been aware that she possessed model-like looks, but never thought about pursuing a career like this ...until now that is.

"Perfect. Anyway, I would love it if you could attend this private party. It's tomorrow night. I seriously think you have what it takes to make it in this business...if you're interested."

Jennifer couldn't have been taken more off guar d. This was absolutely the last thing in the world she expected. Quickly, her mind checked her plans and thought about Tom my."Ah...ould I bring my boyfriend?"

"I'm sorry, Jen...the party is private and men aren't allowed. There will be other models there, slipping in and out of clothes...you understand."

Jennifer nodded her head, then thought about her closest friends. "I have two friends, Suzanne and Kara, and they're both very pretty...in fact, Kara looks like my twin. Can they come?"

"Again Jens., I'm sorry...aybe the next party."

Although Jennifer felt slightly disappointed at not having her friends with her, she still felt excited about this opportunity. "Okay...ah...what should I wear?"

"Well ...I may have you modeling some clothes, so I'd like you to wear a dress that you can get in and out of easily...okay" Jennifer blushed again, but this time she wasn't sure why. "Thank you...Ill be there."

Although it was hard for Jennifer not to tell Suzanne and Kara about the party, she chose to keep it quiet. She'd tell them all about it after the party; that way they wouldn't ask her if they could go. The party was held at Cheryl's condo in the town of Amherst.

Jennifer's initial impression upon arriving was how beautiful everyone looked, especially Cheryl. Cheryl was dressed in a long beautiful black dress that showed off her ample breasts while tugging tightly around her very full, sexy ass. Jennifer didn't realize it at that moment, but what she was feeling for this other woman was sexual attraction...and Jennifer blushed when she caught herself staring at her again.

Despite the fact that Jennifer was every bit as beautiful as these other models, for the first time in her life, she found herself feeling self-conscience about her own looks. Jennifer stood about 5'8", which was perfect height for a model, and she weighed about 115 lbs...hich was distributed perfectly throughout her 34B-23-34 body. As Jennifer socialized with a girl who looked to be about her age, she noticed that some of the girls appeared to be more intimate with one another.

It was about mid way through the party when Jennifer started to experience sensations she just didn't expect to feel here. Living in conservative Hamster county, Jennifer wasn't so naive to think that every girl attending this party was heterosexual. She figured some could be lesbian, or at least bisexual, and wondered who? Jennifer could see how it could easily hap pen ...everyone was so damn gorgeous, but the last thing she would have expected was to feel it happening to her! Nonetheless, every time she looked at Cheryl, she felt a tingling sensation inside her groin, and it grew with every glance in her direction. At first, Jennifer ignored it, pretending it wasn't there...but as her arousal grew, it became harder and harder to hide. Jennifer finally admitted to herself that what she was feeling was sexual arousal for another female.

Why? She wondered. Jennifer wasn't a virgin by any means and prior to tonight, she would have considered herself one hundred percent pure heterosexual. Now she questioned this as she felt a dampness spread throughout the crotch of her panties. When Cheryl came over to see how she was doing, Jennifer almost gasped at the casual way Cheryl touched her body. Intense sexual desire flooded her entire being, making any previous sexual feeling pale in comparison. 'I want her.' Jennifer told herself. 'I want to make love to Cheryl.' She concluded, but why all of a sudden!?! Why was she now head over heels for Cheryl when she had felt nothing previously? Was there something in her drink? Jennifer couldn't understand any of this...and it was getting harder and harder not to proclaim her feelings.

Jennifer was relieved to find that she wouldn't be asked to model clothes tonight. She had no doubt that if she were to take off her red dress, anybody checking her out would easily see how wet her panties were...not to mention how she must smell. When Jennifer tried to figure out 'why?'she would be aroused by another female now, and never before, she just couldn't understand it. Why hadn't she'd been attracted to either Suzanne or Kara these past five years? She had seen them naked several times, and not once did their naked bodies elicit any sexual feelings in her. As the night wore on, Jennifer found her feelings for Cheryl intensify while still feeling frustrated and confused. Not only did she feel this unbearable horniness for Cheryl, but she found a part of her accepting these wonderful feelings as natural. If Jennifer didn't know better, she'd swear what she felt for Cheryl was love...but why?

When the party broke up, Cheryl asked Jennifer to stay later because she wanted to talk to her. Jennifer felt both pleasure and a fear, knowing that she would be alone with Cheryl. When the last guest departed, Cheryl turned to her and smiled. Jennifer was standing up in the middle of the room. Like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, Jennifer stood rooted, unable to move.

A very small portion of Jennifer's mind yelled for her to scream and run out of the room, but the other part that was welcoming this new experience rooted her to the floor. 'I'm not a lesbian!' Jennifer's mind cried, but her body responded otherwise. Cheryl used the back of her fingers to lightly caress Jennifer's face and the contact sent her to another plateau of desire. Jennifer fought to catch her out-of-control breathing. Cheryl walked behind her and tugged down the zipper of her dress. 'It was happening!' Jennifer screamed to herself. 'I'm actually letting another female seduce me!' Jennifer's eyes followed the movement of her own dress sliding down and off her own body, as it pooled around her feet. Cheryl then unsnapped Jennifer's bra and slid her hands underneath Jennifer's arm pit s. ..before cupping her small, but shapely breasts. Cheryl tweaked Jennifer's nipple s. ..eliciting a moan from her. Jennifer found herself feeling a sweet passiveness and leaned her body back to feel Cheryl's large breasts up against her back. Cheryl moved Jennifer's hair off the side of her neck and lightly kissed her. Jennifer whispered; "pl ea se ...please" while squirming with uncomfortable arousal. Cheryl turned Jennifer around and kissed her full on the lips, while Jennifer hungrily accepted Cheryl's tongue. When the kiss ended, Jennifer felt totally dazed and drenched with passion. Cheryl then slid Jennifer's panties down, leaving her totally naked.

Jennifer felt like a nude statue, standing still before Cheryl. Only her ragged breathing, the up and down movement of her breasts, and her own juices running down the insides of her thighs, gave her away as a living person. Cheryl reached her hand down underneath and cupped Jennifer's wet mound, while Jennifer moaned in response. Cheryl then took her hand and led Jennifer into her bedroom.

Jennifer woke up and stretched first before remembering where she was and what she did last night. 'Oh my God!' Jennifer thought to herself, while looking down to see that she was completely naked, and an equally naked Cheryl lay beside her. Jennifer tried sneaking out of the room, but just as she reached for the door knob, Cheryl called out to her. "Jens. honey, come back in bed with me."

The soft sexy voice stopped Jennifer in her tracks, and she quickly turned around to look at Cheryl. The woman was breathtakingly beautiful and Jennifer found herself totally entranced by her. A mere second later, Jennifer climbed back into bed with Cheryl...and they resumed making passionate love.

Jennifer and Cheryl made love throughout the morning...and it seemed the longer she stayed with Cheryl, the more addicted she became. Jennifer also found herself obeying everything Cheryl said to her, and as strange as it was, she found herself feeling sexy when she obeyed her. It was near 2:00 p.m. when Cheryl told Jennifer it was time to get up.

"I'm taking a shower...and then you are. We're going to Northland to have an intimate dinner." Cheryl grinned, then added; "You'll need the energy for to night."

"Can I...ah...can I join you?" Jennifer shyly asked her new lover. Cheryl simply patted her on her naked butt and said; "You stay here on the bed until I'm done, then you can take a shower. If I were to let you join me now, we would never get out of there. "

While Jennifer sat down on the bed, looking towards the bathroom door, she found herself wishing more than anything that she could join her lover. 'Why was she acting so passive?...and why did she feel so much pleasure from being submissive to Cheryl specifically?' It seemed that all Cheryl had to do was look at her and Jennifer's body would shake with arousal. Jennifer reached down inserting two fingers inside her pussy...she constantly felt wet. Never in her life did she ever think lesbian love could feel this way.

That night, after Jennifer and Cheryl had an intimate dinner in an expensive restaurant, Jennifer again brought up her boy friend. Cheryl merely responded by handing Jennifer the phone. "Break-up with him." she stated. Jennifer did so without giving it a second thought.

As Jennifer fell deeper and deeper under Cheryl's spell, she was forced to severe all her ties. This included her two best friends, Suzanne and Kara. Within a week from her seduction, Jennifer moved in with Cheryl...and for the next five months, Jennifer lived a new life as Cheryl's pleasure slave. Jennifer wasn't allowed to go outside the condo, unless she was with Cheryl. She wasn't' allowed to masturbate, unless Cheryl permitted it. Cheryl insisted that Jennifer be nude all the time, telling her once; "If I have an urge to all of a sudden play with your wet pussy, I don't want to be hindered by any clothes." Jennifer was always horny, so she was always wet, and blushed in response.

One night, Jennifer woke up to find herself sleep walking...or at least she thought she was sleep walking. It was hard to explain - she saw herself walking, but it was as is she were a passenger in her own body...and of course she was naked. As Jennifer's legs propelled her forward, she soon found herself walking downstairs to the basement...and didn't stop until she was standing in the center of the room. If Jennifer was able to look down at her feet, she would have seen that she was standing inside a huge red circle drawn on the floor. Without understanding how she knew, Jennifer felt compelled to lay down on the hard cement and stretch out spread eagle inside the circle. Jennifer then saw the other women. All of them were beautiful and all naked. Jennifer blushed for a second before feeling a flood of the other sensation...lust

Jennifer found herself in the throes of multiple orgasms throughout the erotic ceremony and hungrily participated in the orgy of female sex afterwards. Later, as Jennifer lay in bed with Cheryl, she was told that she was now a witch. Jennifer was also told that any female who took the initiation rites into witchcraft became pure lesbian. The opposite sex would never arouse them again...and if they ever allowed a man inside them, they would lose their powers forever.

After two months of private tutoring with Cheryl, Jennifer went back to her previous life. She found it quite easy to influence the woman manager into taking her back. With a new agenda in mind, Jennifer decided to reestablish some sort of relationship with Kara and Suzanne.

When Jennifer tried to re-spark the friendship with Suzanne, she found her cold. Jennifer had obviously hurt Suzanne, and it would take awhile. Jennifer could easily have tampered with Suzanne's emotions, but given she had different plans for her, she chose to leave her alone. Kara was nice, but she always was nice. She also probably figured that she'd be working with her again, so it would be easier to try and get along with her. Both Kara and Suzanne knew that she was a full fledged lesbian these days, but what really fascinated them more than anything was her new attributes. Jennifer's hair now came down to her ass, and where she had small perky breasts before, she now filled a 'D' cup! Jennifer also made sure the spell she used on her breasts gave them a supernatural firmness...this way she wouldn't ever have to wear a bra again.

Jennifer had proved a quick study under Cheryl. She now knew Cheryl used witchcraft to seduce and enslave her, but she wasn't upset about it ...instead she felt honored. Jennifer still felt a deep love for Cheryl and looked at her as a sister...well, not entirely since she still had sex with Cheryl. Jennifer's witchcraft and knowledge had grown so strong over the last two months that some of the other witches told her that she had a real knack for spell casting. Just recently, Cheryl had given her permission to start her own coven...and Jennifer knew right away who would be her first coven member.

The first part of Jennifer's plan was to create an infatuation charm. Since she had several photos of both Kara and Suzanne, it was easy to personalize the charm. Whoever was lucky enough to wear the charmed ring would be the object of both Kara and Suzanne's infatuation. Like all charms though, it would only work for a short time period of time...but long enough for Jennifer to execute her plan. Jennifer wanted to cast a major spell that would bind the object of her desire to her forever. In order to do this, she would need some items very close and personal to the person. The love spell that Cheryl used only took a strand of her hair...but that particular spell was broken the second she became a witch. Jennifer didn't want her lover to ever escape her enslavement...even if she 'turned' her into a witch. This would mean she would need a much stronger spell...it would also mean she would need a plan and some help.

First, Jennifer had to recruit someone outside the area, so she drove down to Springdale and recruited Jeff Knight, who was manager at Block Boulder Media. Jennifer had met Jeff a few years ago. In fact, they had spent a few intimate nights together. There could be no way that the girls would know who Jeff was, given that she had never disclosed his name to them. Jennifer thought that Jeff would make the perfect 'Tall Dark Mysterious Stranger' in the plan she had come up with.

Jeff wasn't the shy type and asked Jennifer about her boob job. Jennifer laughed, realizing that Jeff had known her with smaller tits. While she continued talking to Jeff, she could see where he was truly charmed with her new lo ok ...especially her new tits. Jennifer remembered how her own eyes had been glued to Cheryl's set when they first met, and she could see Jeff was doing pretty much the same with hers.

When Jennifer disclosed her purpose for looking him up, Jeff responded by laughing. Jennifer expected this type of response and decided he needed convincing. Jennifer told him to pick anybody in his store out and watch. Jeff selected a couple of girls who appeared in their teens. Jennifer smiled and was pleased he selected a couple of cutie's. Jennifer mumbled a chant and used her right hand to make a couple of motions in the air. She turned to Jeff and said. "Watch." Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, both girls started taking their clothes off. Jeff stood in amazement, but amazement quickly turned to alarm when he noticed the scene the teens were causing! Jennifer laughed as Jeff pleaded with her to make them stop. By the time Jennifer removed the spell, the girls were down to their panties and only one of the girls was wearing a bra. When the girls realized what they had done, they screamed and quickly redressed. Then they ran out of the store in embarrassment. Still, Jeff didn't want to believe witch crt was possible and figured the girls had been paid money for their actions. This is the position he took until he looked down to see himself standing there in his underwear! After Jeff dressed, he re-listened to her proposal with apt fascination.

Kara Dennison smiled as the announcement was made; 'Miss Dennison, for the fourth straight month, you are the top sales person in the entire New England Region.' Kara experienced another thunderous applause and various staff circled around to shake her hand. This would almost assure her the promotion she was looking for as the region's sales manager. Who would ever have imagined, just nineteen years of age, and thanks to her commission and recent bonus, she was already making as much money as the manager's position pa id ...although, she did have to work twice as hard.

It was about this time that Kara first spotted him...and her first reaction was; Who was this man? Kara had never seen him before, and wondered if the man was new with the company, or a client? Kara tried guesstimating his age. He appeared to be anywhere between mid twenties and mid thirties...it was hard to tell. While Kara continued to follow the man's movements, she found herself checking him out. The guy had a lean frame, dark brown hair that just barely covered his ears, and appeared about six feet in height...and the more Kara stared at him, the harder it was for her to look away.

As Kara continued to shake hands with people, she saw him approaching her. Was he actually taller than she first suspected? Kara stood 5'8" herself, so she rarely felt small among men, but the closer he came, the smaller she felt...in fact, that wasn't the only thing she felt. For the first time in a long time, Kara felt a stirring down below and the feeling grew with every step he took closer to her. How could the mere sight of him affect her this way? Then Kara started to feel self-conscience about the way she looked. Part of her wanted to duck inside the ladies room to take a peek. Was her make-up on right? Her long dark hair...did it shine like it was supposed to?

Why was it so important for her to look good for this man? No sooner had she thought this, than the man appeared in front of her with the most charming smile she'd ever seen. Kara found herself captivated by his gorgeous blue eyes and when she met his hand for a handshake, the contact of their flesh elicit a gasp...and a rush of arousal.

"Hi Ka ra ...congratulations." stated the man in a deep voice.

Kara murmured "thank you" while she continued to stare. The man's eyes continued to bore straight into her...ntil she felt a falling sensation and stumbled forward. The man must have anticipated her fall, because he quickly moved in to give her support...and it was this closeness that elicit a hunger unlike she had ever felt before. As difficult as it was, Kara moved back out of the man's arms. She couldn't ever remember feeling this horny before...or such overwhelming weakness. When she tried explaining the feeling to her sister later, she described it as feeling incredibly feminine.

This just didn't make sense!?! Kara, who's normal personality was outgoing and extroverted, now felt docile and quiet...and the longer he held her gaze, the harder it was for her to regain her breath. Her breasts pitched forward, her nipples hardened, and deep inside her sex, she felt a flash of wet heat.

"My name is Jeff Knight...and I find you, Kara, absolutely stunning."

Again Kara responded in a sweet quiet voice "thank you." To anyone observing their seemingly private meeting, Kara looked like she was smitten with the man, but to Kara, she found the whole experience much more disturbing...but not necessarily in a bad way. Disturbing in the sense that Kara felt powerless to resist this man...and the realization that if this man wanted her, Kara would strip naked this very second and beg him to fu ck her on the floor in front of everybody. The image of this act increased the heat she felt between her legs and her blush covered her entire body.

"I would love for us to get together...are you busy tonight?" asked the man.

Kara heard herself reply "no." Did she want to say that? What prompted her to reply at all? Kara turned beet red when she realized that she was going to make this easy for him.

"Then let's say I pick you up at your place at nine...okay?"

Kara, still under an intense arousal she couldn't deny, couldn't believe she was doing this! But yet, it didn't stop her from shaking her head 'yes' while saying; "That would be nice."

Kara stood in stunned silence as the man turned and walked away...and with every step the man took, Kara's body cried out. 'STOP' and her mind pleaded 'PLEASE DON'T GO'. Nobody had ever affected her like this before...and despite what the man had just told her, she felt a fear that she would never see him again! It was as if he owned her! Kara excused herself and quickly rushed to the ladies room.

Jennifer smiled after witnessing the scene from across the room. Kara never had a chance...and it had nothing to do with Jeff. Any man wearing the charm would have had the same effect on Kara...but this was only a small taste of what was to come for both Kara and her lovely sister

There was nothing more arousing than watching a beautiful girl squirm helplessly with desire. except maybe, if she were squirming naked with desire. Jennifer found it hard not to caress herself as the scene had played out before her. The charm Jeff had on his finger would wear off in less than 24 hours, which meant everything had to go according to plan and quickly.

Jennifer remembered the relationship she shared with Suzanne and Kara before her turning. The three of them were inseparable, doing everything together. Roller lading at Inter skate America, pigging out at various burger places...and sharing their secrets with one another regarding various boys. Now, of course, they weren't as close, but soon all this would change...in fact, they'd be much closer than ever before.

Jennifer spotted Kara re-enter the room. The girl looked positively flu she d. ..probably from getting herself off in one of the bathroom stalls. Jennifer smiled, knowing that the charm would play havoc on Kara's libido until the its' spell was spent. Jennifer walked over to Kara, noticing the younger girl's glazed eye vs..."Earth to Ka ra...arth to Kara." Jennifer softly said to Kara.

"Oh...Jen...hi" stammered the shaken Kara. Jennifer could smell the girl's arousal and found herself getting excited. Soon Ka ra...soon"So, what did Jeff Knight say?"

"Who...who...is he?"

"Oh ...I think he's a salesman from the southern region. I was talking to him earlier."

"God, he's something." Kara replied, still trying to recover.

"It looks to me like you've got it bad for him." Jennifer said with a smile. "So, tell me what happened...did he ask you out?" asked Jennifer, already knowing the answer.

"Yes...he just walked up to me and asked me for a date tonight. I said 'yes' without even realizing what I was doing. How could I agree to go out with someone I don't even know?"

"Ka ra...dont fight it...just go with it. The guy's a hunk and he likes you...go for it."

"But ...but ...I don't even know him...and he doesn't even know where I live?"

"Oh ...I'm sure he knows exactly where you live...and you do know who he is because I just told you."

"I...I...suppose...yes God...he is incredible...isnt he?"

Jennifer smiled at her friend and replied; "Yes, he is that.<then under her breath> ...or at least the charm that he's wearing is."

Suzanne couldn't recall Kara ever spending two hours preparing herself in front of her vanity mirror.

This guy Jeff must be someone really special, she thought to herself. The last time Kara even looked like she cared for someone, Suzanne heard all about him...what was his name? Oh yeah, Dennis. For whatever reason, Dennis never panned out and Kara never told her why. Suzanne wasn't sure what this Jeff looked like, but she was going to make sure she found out. She'd make sure she was downstairs to open up the door when he arrived.

Suzanne was going out herself tonight, but she wouldn't be leaving until ten. She'd be meeting a couple of friends at the club. Originally she thought designer jeans and dark red shirt would suffice, but now...she decided on her tight black dress. Suzanne quickly stripped off what she had been wearing and stood naked before the mirror. Suzanne liked what she saw. At five feet - six inches, and one hundred and twenty pounds, Suzanne packed a very curvaceous body. Suzanne's mid-shoulder length hair was light brown and her eyes were sparkling blue. Her measurements were 32B-23-34. She brought her hands up to cup her small breasts and smiled. Her mind brought up Jennifer. Why did her mind always go to Jennifer when she looked at her tits? It had to be because Jennifer and her had the same size tits, but now Jennifer was much bigger and filled a 'D' cup! No doubt breast implants, but Suzanne never heard of overnight implants! Suzanne remembered not to long ago, how all three of them lined up one night and compare their breasts. Their shapes were slightly different, but they all pretty much had the same size, and fit into a 'B' cup. It didn't seem possible that Jennifer could be as big as she was now, but a tight-fitting revealing halter top one day proved there was nothing but her unaltered skin underneath her halter. Susanne found herself dressing much sexier than she usually did, and she wasn't quite sure why. First Suzanne put on her black panties and then her black bra. Black nylons, and then her black dress. She smiled...God, I look like a witch' she said with a laugh...not realizing how ironic that statement was. As she started to apply her make-up, she hoped that Kara wouldn't notice the extra attention she spent on herself. Kara was always accusing her of trying to steal her boyfriends aw ay ...Suzanne grinned at the thought.

Kara was finally ready to dress. She stripped off her bathrobe and walked slowly over to the full-length mirror. Kara knew her sister thought she was crazy, but it didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was making a great impression on Jeff. Even though that thought should have alarmed her, but it didn't. Usually while she inspected herself, Kara smiled at her reflection. She was very beautiful and usually very confident...but not tonight. For the first time in her life, Kara questioned the image reflecting back at her. Her hair almost bordered black and came down to her shoulders. Should it be longer? She spent nearly fifty minutes with it, and it was as perfect as it had ever been, but she feared that there might be a hair out of place. This was not like her at all, but that thought never surfaced to the front. Kara's blue eyes sparkled with...was that 'hunger'? Kara turned to look at her buttocks. Her ass certainly received its share of compliments from her former boyfriends. Every boy she ever went beady with couldn't get enough of squeezing her ass cheeks when they were alone. Kara never really understood why they were so fascinated with her ass, and never felt that aroused when they touched it. However the mere thought of this man spreading her ass cheeks tonight made her feel wet...and wishing she could present her ass to him this very moment. Kara blushed even a darker shade of red at this thought. Kara took a close look at her breasts. They were on the small size. She had always preferred small breasts but now she questioned this? Did Jeff like girls with bigger breasts? Kara put on her sexiest red panties and bra. She looked hot. Kara then put on her tight red dress, and red pumps. Was she pretty enough for Jeff? An itching between her legs forced her to reach her hand underneath her dress and caress the outside of her panties. Kara could feel her wetness as her arousal continued to build. She didn't have time to change and shower again, so she stopped caressing herself.

Suzanne hung around downstairs, hoping that Jeff would arrive before Kara came down. This Jeff better be something special, she thought to herself. Then she heard the knock.

When Suzanne opened the door, she was floored at what she saw. This guy was incredibly gorgeous. Suzanne attempted to say 'come in', but found her voice failing her. She now understood why Kara was acting the way she was. "Good evening...you must be Kara's lovely sister, Suzanne." stated the man in a deep voice.

Suzanne barely shook her head in acknowledgement, as she slowly moved to the side to let him enter. As the man passed her, Suzanne felt the brush of his thigh...the contact sent a rush of pleasure straight to her groin. Suzanne gasped at the intensity. Her breasts suddenly felt incredibly tight against the sexy bra she wore and she felt a sudden desire to take her bra off. She managed to restrain herself while feeling a damp spot inside her panties. Suzanne found her voice and asked; "How did you know my name?"

"Oh...your friend Jennifer told me all about the two of you."

Suzanne wondered if this guy knew that Jennifer was gay. "What else did she tell you?"

"That you three used to be quite the trio...too bad you let petty differences get in the way."

Suzanne was taken back by the last comment, and was about to respond when Kara came down the stairs. Suzanne had to admit that when Kara dressed up like this, she could really turn heads. Suzanne glanced at Jeff, and noted his express ion ...strange, she thought to herself. He looks at Kara almost as if he owned her...ever realizing that he looked at her the same way.

Jeff smiled at Kara. Both girls were totally gorgeous babes and although he could only take one, he was still allowed to play with the other. This was turning out much better than he had thought. Both girls were stunning and totally infatuated with him. Jeff couldn't stop beaming.

Kara again found herself entranced. Jeff was absolutely captivating. He was like a dream. She wanted to go over and hug him, kneel down and take him in her soft, lovely mouth, not caring who might see. Kara didn't even notice her sister, and when Jeff extended his elbow, Kara looped her hand around his arm, and they walked outside together. Jeff said out loud; "Bye Suzanne...nice meeting you." Kara never said a word.

Kara didn't understand why or how her body could react in this manner, but she knew that it was senseless to try and resist it. "Ka ra." Jeff said to her. It took a second for Kara to realize he was speaking to her, but when she did, she looked up at him with a smile. "Yes." She responded.

"First...we go to my place." Jeff said with a smirk.

"Okay...I...Id like that...but please hurry." Kara responded in a whisper