Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Below are just a few of the predicaments the girls get into at
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she remembered who sent the Catburglar

Vanessa drove back to her condo, still fuming at what had took place tonight. a Catburglar had broken into her place, looking to steal important info about a huge investment deal. however, she had turned the tables on the small, Asian intruder by tying her up and tickling her senseless. Vanessa felt a surge of power flowing thru her veins as she tormented the Catburglar. then a rush of anger rushed thru her body as she remembered who sent the Catburglar. her chief rival at the stock exchange, Karina Toscano, sent the intruder, trying to undermine her deal. the blood rushed thru the veins of Vanessa. she wanted to get back at Karina, but how? then her eyes turned to slits as a wicked thought crossed her mind.........

Karina Toscano got out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around her. the towel dropped and her magnificent, 5'8", 120 pound frame stood naked in the mirror, her long brown hair wet and sticking to her back. the cool air made her nipples hard and she touched them slightly. Karina knew she was beautiful. in fact, it made her quite the arrogant bitch that patroled the stock exchange. it wasnt beneath her to sleep with any broker or investor to get what she wanted. but her main rival was Vanessa. Vanessa's beauty made her a natural rival. Karina would never admit it, but Vanessa was one of the best brokers around. she heard thru some love-struck nerd that Vanessa was on the verge of a major deal. one that could rake in millions. Karina's eyes turned to slits as she recalled a few days ago, she saw a naked woman on her doorstep with a note attached to her. her plan was foiled. she sent the catburglar to get the info, but the catburglar failed, and failed miserably. she never knew what happened that night, as the catburglar never told her. she only told Karina that she failed. she needed to think of another plan. she had to have that info!! she continued to dry herself off, and put on her thong panties, a bra and finally her nightgown. after rubbing on fragrant lotions, she walked over to a desk in her study, and began to go over some figures before the next day.

Vanessa sat in her SUV, outside of Karina's place. this time, she was dressed in a black long sleeve sweater, with black tights, black socks and black shoes. her blond hair was tied back in a bun and covered by a black knit cap. she looked in her rearview mirror and placed on a mask and smiled. the adrenaline surged through her body as she now realized that it was her turn to be a "Catburglar". Karina was going to pay dearly! she exited her vehicle, grabbed her "playbag" and began to infiltrate the premises. Karina had left a window open and Vanessa slipped through the window, trying to stay very very quiet. her soft shoes made no noise as she tip-toed across the carpeted floor. she passed by a mirror and scared herself as her all-black figure looked a little menacing. a smile crept on her face as she realized that with her outfit, there was no way she could be identified as Vanessa. she then heard some footsteps!! she quickly ducked behind a door and held her breath as she saw her target, Karina!! this was too easy! she walked up behind Karina and grabbed her from behind. she placed her hand over Karina's mouth and twisted an arm of Karina behind her back. Karina tried to scream, but there was nothing but muffled sound. Vanessa leaned over and whispered into her ear.

"....silence...if you cooperate, i wont hurt you!" Vanessa barely whispered so that Karina wouldnt recognize her voice.

Karina was frozen with fear. she couldnt recognize the voice, but she didnt care at this point. she didnt want to get hurt. she felt the catburglar push her forward and into her bedroom. then suddenly, she smelled what seemed like chloroform.

Karina began to stir and fear gripped her body as she realized that she couldnt see!! she then realized that a blindfold was covering her eyes, so she relaxed a little. then she realized that her wrists and ankles were bound, and she was spread eagle!!! some form of relief occurred when she noticed that she still had her nightgown on, and even her fuzzy pink slippers!! she moaned a little, scared of what may happen to her. horrible thoughts crossed her mind. was she going to be raped? who would do this to her? an ex-lover? a jealous wife? she had so many enemies, she couldnt figure out anyone in particular.

Vanessa looked down at her victim. this was going to be SWEET!! finally, someone was going to get this bitch back for all the hell she put people through. Vanessa looked at the beautiful body and what she had in mind just made her smile. she knew that Karina would never know it was her, but Karina would NEVER forget what was about to happen.

"...please....please..if you're in here. please dont hurt me!! what do you want? money? jewels? i can give it to you!!! please dont hurt me!!" Karina begged, hoping that however tied her up wouldnt harm her. her body then jerked as she felt something crawling on her left bicep. she felt it again and wanted to scratch the itch. but the itch continued. soon, it got annoying, then she started to giggle. this was starting to tickle. "...hehehehehehehehehehehehehe...excuse me? can you scratch an itch for me?" Karina asked naively.

Vanessa shook her head. Karina had the audacity to ask a catburglar, perhaps a serial killer to scratch an itch? Vanessa REALLY wanted to torment her now! she then continued to lightly trace the tip of her fingernails along Karina's outstretched arms. she liked how Karina reacted. soon, her fingers made their way into the smooth hollow of Karina's armpit. the laughter she heard was so delightful!

" hehehehehehehahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

HAHAHAHA THAT TICKLES!!!!" Karina screamed.

the tickling continued as Vanessa dragged her nails all over the smooth skin. she then changed the rhythm and began to skitter her nails across the flesh. Karina lost it! the laughter poured out like a fine wine and it was music to Vanessa's ears. she then straddled Karina and put both hands in each armpit and tickled even harder. Karina began to buck her body and almost tossed Vanessa off. it seemed like Karina was VERY ticklish!



Vanessa continued her tickling of the armpits. this was beginning to be so much fun!! Karina was laughing and bucking like a wild bronco! Karina hated the fact that she couldnt see anything. with the loss of her sight, her other senses became even more alert, ESPECIALLY her sense of touch. she was always ridiculousy ticklish, but this seemed even worse. she begged and pleaded for the tickling to stop, but the catburglar wouldnt stop. Vanessa continued to torment these soft and ticklish armpits. she dug her fingers even deeper and felt Karina trying to arch her back. she smiled, and decided it was now time to explore some more of this body. she scooted down the body and saw Karina breath easier. poor bitch didnt know what was coming! she then raised the nightgown up and ripped it open, exposing her bra and panties.

"NOOOOOOOO!!! what are you doing?!!" Karina screamed. she didnt know if she was about to get raped. she felt the cool air caress her body and goosebumps appeared on her smooth skin. her fears changed as she felt fingers digging into her ribcage. "NOOOOOO!!! STOP!! NOT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AGAIN!!!!!"

Vanessa then began tickling the ribcage even harder. she noticed that Karina had an awesome body. it was very toned and fit and she grabbed the ribs and Karina went nuts! Vanessa loved tickling each and every rib that Karina had. Karina screamed bloody murder, but there was nothing she could do. Vanessa continued to tease the ribcage, then went for the smooth taut belly. her index finger plunged into the belly button and Karina screamed. Vanessa was actually taken back as she heard the scream. time for this to end. she reached into her bag and pulled out a ball-gag. she stuffed the red ball-gag and now she heard muffled screams.

"MMMMPHHHHHH!!!! NNNNNNNHHHHHHH!!!!!" was the only sounds Karina could make now.

Vanessa smiled. that was much better. no loud horrific screams to wake up the neighbors. now she could tickle Karina to her heart's content. she continued to tickle Karina's belly and Karina continued to buck and writhe. she couldnt stand it. she was trapped and her belly button was being assualted. she wanted the tickling to stop. now she couldnt even beg! she would do anything to have this tickling stop, even if it meant having sex!! she truly hated being tickled this long. Vanessa saw the sweat forming all over Karina's body and lust filled her eyes. she couldnt wait to explore A-L-L of Karina's body. but now, it was time for a special spot. Karina's feet!!

Karina had a hard time breathing through her nose as the ball gag was firmly entrenched in her teeth. she tried getting in all the air she could, but she was also relieved the tickling had stopped. this was getting to be too much. then a shock of fear ripped through her body. she felt a tugging at her fuzzy pink slipper!!! oh no!! her feet were going to be next!!! Karina clenched her toes, hoping that the fuzzy slipper stays on. Vanessa chuckled under her breath. this was going to be fun! she easily pulled off the slipper and exposed Karina's foot. she was impressed at the foot before her. it was a size 9, the tops of the foot were tanned, but the sole was a nice shade of pink. she loved the plump big toe and the other toes descended in length, and were nicely shaped. she loved the silver nail polish and the ring on the middle toe was wonderful. she gently touched the sole and felt the warm flesh, but it was so damn soft!! this was going to be fun!! she saw Karina's body brace itself for the impending torment. her finger stroked the length of the sole and Vanessa heard a scream through the ball gag that she didnt think was possible. she was actually glad that she did put the ball gag in, otherwise people in Afghanistan would have heard that scream. she continued to run her fingers up and down the length of the sole and held the toes back, so that the perfectly soft foot couldnt escape. Vanessa was thrilled to see Karina's head shake with wild agony as her fingers invaded the smooth tender arch. it made her swell with evil pride when her fingers tickled the plump, meaty ball of the foot. she then released the toes and stared at their wild wiggling. she then went after the toes by digging her fingers deep into the crevices.


Vanessa continued to assualt these wonderful toes! the big toe was divine and she continued to torment these toes. she tickled the undersides of the toes and traced the base of the toes. Vanessa smiled more as she saw Karina's whole body wracked with ticklish agony. this woman's foot was wonderfully ticklish and she was going to exploit it to the fullest. she tickled the ball of the foot again, and Karina bucked harder. then she quickly scrabbled her fingers up and down the length of the sole, from the hell all the way to the base of the toes, then invaded each and every toe crevice. Vanessa then thought of something even more wonderful. Karina does have ANOTHER foot!! she quickly peeled away the other slipper and didnt even hesitate tickling that foot. her fingers moved all over the newly exposed sole and the reaction was what she hoped for!! Karina bucked again harder and harder as she felt the catburglar's fingers torment her barefeet. she hoped that this would all end soon. the ticklish sensations wracked her body and she just wanted to mercifully pass out. she felt herself slipping out of consciousness, but then the tickling stopped. her chest heaved up and down trying to suck in as much oxygen as possible. the tickling of her feet was horrible. she hoped it was finally over.

Vanessa looked at her sweat-glistened victim. now it was time for some real fun. she pulled out scissors and quickly cut the strap of the bra. Karina gapsed as she realized her bra was cut. Vanessa then peeled open the bra, exposing Karina's big breasts. Vanessa was in awe. these breasts were well rounded and so tender. she loved the light brown nipples, standing at full attention. she reached into her bag and pulled out a feather. she then quickly circled the tip of the feather across the now hard nipple. Karina gasped at the light touch. she began to giggle through the ball gag, but it also made her body even more responsive. her body began to react to the feather's touch as it slowly circled her nipples, then her areolas. she felt the surge of passion from having her nipples teased. for the life of her, she couldnt figure out what this catburglar wanted to do with her. why is he or she tormenting her like this? the feather continued it's slow teasing self around her breasts and they began to jiggle. Vanessa got caught in the sight of these huge mammaries jiggling before her. she could no longer wait. she then used her scissors and snipped away at the thong panties.

Karina began to moan. the feather teasing made her very hot, now her womanhood was going to be exposed. she felt the room air touch her mound as the thong was peeled away. Vanessa stared at the curly brown hairs and the moist lips of Karina's pussy. she twirled the feather between her fingers and brought it down to the warm, wet mound. Vanessa saw Karina's body react, then she felt a blunt object hit the back of her head. she collapsed to the ground and right before her eyes closed, she saw a pair of small feet. then blackness..........