Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Melissa woke up on a Friday morning

Melissa woke up on a Friday morning and looked at her alarm clock. the clock read 6 am and she moaned. it was just the beginning of the day and she had to go to work. the only glimmer of hope that she had was that it was Friday and it was soooo close to the weekend. she dragged herself out of bed and got ready to go to work.

an hour passed by and she gave herself a lookover in the mirror before she left. she was a beautiful woman, not "drop dead" gorgeous like her best friend told her, but quite attractive. she was about 5'5" tall, with long blond hair. her body was athletic, but she wasnt in tip top shape. she used to play tennis in college, and tried to stay in shape. today, she wore a red, long sleeve shirt, with black pants, and black high heeled boots. she tied her long hair into a ponytail and her face was adorned with her glasses. she grabbed her purse and began her journey to work. Melissa worked at an aerospace engineering company. her position was that of "executive assistant", or secretary, of a high level executive. her boss was nice, a pleasant woman who was also blond and about her height. some of her coworkers kidded her by saying that they were twin sisters. but Melissa hated that comment as her boss was 10 years older than her. she drove her BMW (she was paid very well!) down the highway, listening to her favorite music station. soon, her car made it down to the guard post in the parking lot. she scanned her key card and the guard waved to her as she drove in. she parked her car in her assigned parking spot and got out. her boots click-clacked on the concrete floor of the parking lot and finally she made it to her desk.

"Good morning Melissa!" a coworker of hers told her.

"Hello Bob! how's it going?" she replied.

"ah, you know. same crap, different day! i'm just glad it's Friday!! party time!!" Bob shouted.

Melissa chuckled to herself. Bob was always the office clown and usually made everyone laugh. she sat down at her desk and began to do her work. the hours went by and Melissa was up to her eyeballs in paperwork. her boss, Julie Demira, had gave her plenty of work to do. Julie was a nice boss, but she tended to give out a lot of work. Melissa in a way admired Julie. Julie started out as a entry level engineer and made her way up to an executive. Melissa hoped that she woul done day do the same, but as she eyeballed the stack of papers, she sighed.

"Melissa?" Julie called out from her office.

"Coming..." Melissa replied.

Melissa walked into Julie's office and sat down. Melissa quickly glanced around the office and could only imagine if this office was hers.

"Melissa, i have some bad news for you.." Julie started.

"What? what is it?" Melissa responded.

"i know it's Friday, but i really need you to complete the MacGregor paperwork today." Julie told her.

"but, that will take me all night! i thought it was due by next Wednesday?" Melissa replied. she was getting a little upset.

"I know, but they called me today saying they needed it by Monday. sorry!" Julie told her sympathetically.

Melissa got up and tried to smile. she walked out of the office and sat back at her desk. she knew that she would be leaving really late today. she looked at the MacGregor file and began her work. the hours went by and soon it was 5:00 pm. the rest of the office began to file out and Melissa sat there looking depressed. Bob walked up to her.

"have fun Melissa! sorry you have to stay so late! but then again, better you than me!" Bob chuckled.

Melissa shot him an evil look and Bob walked away laughing. Melissa moaned as she watched everyone leaving to go on their weekend. Julie had already left 2 hours before, so now, it was only Melissa there in the office. she took a deep breath and began her work.

soon, it was 9:30 pm and Melissa was about a quarter of the way from finishing. she figured she would leave about midnight or so. she took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes. she got up and decided to get herself some bottled water. she walked into the break room and put in some change into the vending machine. the bottled water came out the machine and she grabbed it. she then began to walk back into the office. when she did, she saw a mysterious figure staring back at her. she dropped her bottle water and began to scream. then she saw the mysterious figure raise up what looked like a gun and heard a shot. soon, Melissa saw blackness.

Melissa began to wake up and shook her head. there was a slight pain in her shoulder and she tried to reach for her shoulder. she then realized she couldnt as her arms were now above her head. she tried to move her legs and couldnt. her eyes popped wide open and she realized that she was tied down on a couch in Julie's office! Melissa tried to struggle but couldnt move. then her heart nearly stopped when the mysterious figure appeared in front of her. the intruder had the body shape of a woman and wore all black, with a black "racoon" mask on.

"WHO ARE YOU??!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT??!!" Melissa screamed.

"wouldnt you like to know.......look, i know you have certain knowledge about this place and my employers sent me here to get that knowledge.." the woman told her.

"huh? knowledge? what knowledge? what the hell are you talking about?!!" Melissa yelled back.

"i think you know...by the sound of it, it seems like the tranquilizer i shot you with is wearing off..." the woman told her.

a tranquilizer!! that's what she was shot with. Melissa was a little relieved that it wasnt a bullet! "look, i dont know what you want, but i dont know anything!! please let me go! i wont even tell anyone that you were here."

"i cant do that. i want that information on the IKON project and you are going to tell me about it." the intruder advised.

IKON project? what in the world was the IKON project? Melissa's eyes bugged out. she had absolutely no clue what this woman was talking about. "look, i dont know who you are, but i have no idea about the IKON project!!!"

"i was hoping you say that. it makes my job a little more fun! look, i know you have the details of that project and i wont rest until you tell me. we have ALL weekend!!!" the woman shouted.

Melissa's eyes bugged out. all weekend? she didnt have any idea what the woman was talking about. then her heart nearly stopped. was this woman going to torment her somehow? trying to make her reveal information she doesnt know?

"i can see you're a little worried. dont worry, my methods are painless, but QUITE effective....." the woman said as she walked over towards Melissa's upperbody. she then grabbed a chair and sat down. she began to unbutton Melissa's shirt and exposed her bare belly.

Melissa stared at this woman in disbelief. what did she mean by painless? what was she going to do? she looked up at the woman who had an evil grin. she then saw the woman remove her black glove, revealing long red fingernails. Melissa was trying to figure out what was about to happen as the fingernails then began to scratch lightly on her belly. Melissa's body tensed up.

"w-what heheheheh are hehehehe you doing?" Melissa giggled.

"tickle tickle tickle......" the woman purred.

Melissa then realized what was about to happen. this intruder intended to tickle her! she began to squirm as the nails danced across her smooth firm belly.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA DONT!!!!" Melissa began to laugh louder.

"tell me what i want to know......." the woman sang.


"fine by me...tickle tickle tickle.....is your tummy ticklish?" the woman sang as her nails continued to tickle Melissa's belly.

at this point Melissa broke out in hysterical laughter. her body began to thrash around, but the woman continued to tickle her belly. the woman's nails slid across the smooth flesh and then poked into Melissa's belly button. Melissa's back arched high up off the couch and the woman then tweaked her ribs. her body shot straight back down to the couch. this woman was relentless!! she felt the nails dig into each space between her ribs and Melissa could only laugh hard. her body squirmed all over the couch, but there was no escaping those horrendous nails. 10 minutes passed and finally the tickling stopped.

"now, about that IKON project.." the woman mentioned.

"i...hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe...dont know anything! please...hehehehehehehehehehehehehe...." Melissa gasped.

"suit yourself...." the woman told her. the woman then took out some scissors and began to cut away Melissa's shirt. soon, the shirt was in threads and the woman removed the cut up shirt. Melissa laid there in her black lacy bra.

".....no more *cough* *cough*....i dont know anything......" Melissa moaned.

"give me the info....i have ways to make you talk." the woman sang.

Melissa began to cry. she knew she was in deep trouble now. then she felt the woman's fingers tickling her smooth shaven armpits. Melissa went ballistic! her body thrashed wildly know as her exposed armpits were being tickled. the woman's nails stroke the skin in an up and down manner. left and right. up and down. Melissa was going nuts. she was in silent laughter and her eyes clamped shut. the woman was obviously enjoying her work. she then kneeled down and began to run her tongue in Melissa's armpit, then moved her tongue over to lick Melissa's ear. Melissa shrieked at this torment. her laughter became more deeper now as the tickling sensation coursed through her body. all she could feel was the wet tip of a tongue gliding across her armpits and her earlobes. she felt the hot breath going through her ears, but she really lost it when the woman dug her fingers deep into the hollows of her armpits. her eyes bugged out and she was laughing desperately. the woman tickled her armpits for 15 minutes, but to Melissa, it might as well been 15 years! soon, the tickling stopped and the woman put her face into Melissa's tear soaked eyes.

"the IKON project? want to tell me something you ticklish little girl?" the woman teased.

"I.....*gasp*....i dont hehehehehehehe know any-hehehehehehehehehe anything......." Melissa moaned.

"you know, i love ticklish little girls like you! you WILL tell me what i want to know. now let's see, where else are you ticklish?" the woman asked.

Melissa tried to suck in precious oxygen, but her heart nearly stopped when she saw the woman next to her boots. she knew her feet were next.

"....please....dont do this to me.....i dont know anything...." Melissa sobbed.

"you know what? i love a woman who has ticklish feet. i wonder if yours are ticklish. are your feet ticklish? or do you want to tell me about IKON?" the woman asked.

"pleeeeeease.......i cant take it anymore.....i dont know anything about IKON!!!!!!!" Melissa shouted.

"have it your way then...." the woman laughed. she then loosened the rope that tied Meliss'a ankles together a little bit, then grabbed a high heel and pulled Melissa's boot off. with a tug, she pulled off the other as well. she then re-tightened the rope and stared at Melissa's black sock covered feet. "i LOVE ticklish feet....." the woman taunted. she then grabbed her scissors and cut away the toes of Melissa's socks. she stared at Melissa's long, thick toes and gasped. she then licked her lips as she continued to cut away the rest of the sock. soon, Melissa's size 9 feet were exposed. the woman loved the shape of Melissa's feet. the soles were pink to contrast with the pale skin of the tops. the toes were wiggling and the woman loved the high arch and obviously tender skin.

"MY!!!!! what BIG feet you have!!!" the woman joked.

Melissa's face turned red. she was always teased about her big feet and now she had some crazy woman staring at them. she clenched her toes in anticipation. soon, she felt the woman's nails scratching up and her down her soles. she didnt even hold it in. hysterical laughter flowed from Melissa's body, even from the deep recesses of her soul. the woman continued to run her nails in the deep delicate arches and enjoyed the sounds of horrific laughter she was hearing. but when her fingers tickled the soft, warm undersides of Melissa's thick toes, she was rewarded with a gut wrenching, pure unadulterated laughter. she saw Melissa's body squirm and writhe all over the couch, but was helpless to avoid having her feet tickled. the woman made sure she tickled each and every soft toe crevice, the balls of both feet, the delicate arches and even tickled her heels. Melissa thought she was in hell. her feet were devastatingly ticklish and she knew she was trapped. she felt the tickling fingers probe every inch of her sensitive feet. then when she thought it couldnt get any worse, it did! she felt the warm moist mouth of the intruder sucking and licking around her toes, while her fingers tickled her soles.


"just tell me about the IKON project....." the woman sang.

Melissa's shook her head violently. she knew nothing about this project and her feet were paying for it. she wish she did know, so she could tell this evil bitch what she wanted. an hour passed by and Melissa still felt the woman's nails gently running up and down her soles. she was totally exhausted. she didnt know how much longer she could take of this.

"my, you are GOOD!!! most woman would told me what i needed after a good foot tickling! you must really want to protect that project! that's fine, i have other places to tickle you." the woman thratened.

Melissa felt the woman drop her ankles and she breathed a sigh of relief. but then she panicked again when the woman used her scissors and cut open her bra! this woman exposed her bare breasts! the woman stared at Melissa's breasts and nodded her head. she liked the roundness of the size "C" breasts and especially loved the pink nipples. she then stared into Melissa's eyes. she removed Melissa's glasses.

"now it's time to tickle your breasts!!!" the woman told her.

"NOOOOO!!!! PLEASE!!! NOT THAT!!!" Melissa screamed.

"then tell me about IKON........" the woman teased.

Melissa began to cry. she knew she was in for it now. she knew she had very sensitive breasts. then her crying turned into laughter as she felt the woman tickling underneath her breasts. Melissa laughed in agony as she felt her boobies being tickled tormentd. her breasts jiggled wildly, trying to avoid the tickling fingers. then the woman began to lightly tickle her nipples. Melissa laughed even harder. the woman forced her nipples to stand erect, now they were being tickled. the woman systematically tickled the nipples and continued to tease them. she then used her tongue and began to lick and suckle the nipples. Melissa moaned then laughed in agony. this woman didnt know any mercy and she knew her breasts were not going to be spared. she felt the hot tongue lick her stiff nipples and Melissa didnt know whether to laugh or moan in pleasure. she never had a woman lick her nipples before and didnt know how to react. Melissa was getting weaker. the tickling took it's toll on her. her body was limp and now at the complete mercy of this woman.

"now my dear....tell me about IKON!!!!" the woman demanded.

".....i hehehehehehehehehehehe dont know anything ehehehehehehehehe" Melissa giggled.

the woman was getting frustrated now. she couldnt believe that she didnt break this woman. but she had an ace up her sleeve. she knew after this next part, there was no way she could hold out. she stared at Melissa's pants and loved the way Melissa's barefeet poke out from the pants. she grabbed her scissors and began to cut away the pants. soon, she ripped off Melissa's pants and stared at the red panties. she then cut the panties opened and now Melissa's womanhood was exposed and vulnerable.

".....please dont do this to me......i dont know anything..... i swear!" Melissa begged.

"now, if you dont tell me about IKON, i will tickle this sweet pussy of yours until you CUM!!! then i will tickle you again and again in this sweet, moist, sensitive, PUSSY!!!!" the woman demanded.

Melissa cried. she knew her most private part was about to be tormentd. she then laughed as the woman stroked her fingers through her blond pubic hair. Melissa's body began to buck, trying to avoid the ticklish sensations that coursed through her body. the woman continued to tickle the pubic hairs, then moved her fingers to the outer lips. the woman knew that Melissa was in torment. she saw the womanhood getting wetter and then she scraped her nails around the inner thighs, then back at the wet mound. she then put her finger deep into Melissa's vagina, while still tickling the inner thighs with her other hand. Melissa was getting more and more aroused. she felt the finger in her, but the tickling of her inner thighs was driving her crazy. then she felt the finger leaving her body, but then she felt the woman's tongue licking her mound. her laughs were replaced by moans, then the woman used the very tip of her wet tongue to lick her clit. Melissa felt the powerful surges of an orgasm coming. when the woman gave one last, long, firm lick, Melissa had her orgasm. her body tensed up as her love juices poured out. the woman continued to lick Melissa's vagina and knew that Melissa was very sensitive now. she pulled her head up and saw Melissa's face covered in sweat and then looked at her feet. she saw the thick toes curling open and close. she knew Melissa was hers!!

"now my dear Julie, care to tell me about IKON??? or do i have to tickle your feet, then your pussy again?" the woman asked.

".....please no more.....hehehehehehehehehehehe....wait...my name isnt Julie........"

"what? you're not Julie Demira????????!!!!!!" the woman asked.

"......no.....i'm....hehehehehehehehe *cough* *cough* Melissa....."

the woman stood up. she looked around, then she reached inside Melissa's cut up pants. she pulled out Melissa's ID badge. it read: MELISSA PATTERSON. the woman dropped the badge and looked over Melissa's naked body. she tormentd the WRONG woman. she quickly untied Melissa, grabbed any evidence she may have left behind and left quickly. Melissa then went into a deep sleep.

hours later, Melissa woke up and realized that she was stark naked and laying on her boss's couch. her head was spinning and her body still tingled. she remembered what happened and her toes curled reflexively. she remembered the intruder wanted Julie. Melissa's couldnt believe she was tormentd for NO reason. oh, she was going to talk to Julie about this on Monday and she was going to demand a raise!!!!!!