Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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You have my clothes off

You have my clothes off... I stand behind you and slide my hands over your shoulders down your arms...and then from your stomach to your breasts squeezing them. As I am hugging you with affection. I undid your shirt and let  it drop to the floor. Then I slide my fingers inside your bra and feel your warm  breasts as your nipples are hard. I take your bra off and let it fall to the ground. Then I unbuckled your paints..while I am also softly touching your body and kissing your neck. I let your pants drop to the ground and then your panties. I turn you and start to kiss you...our bodies are touching, my penis  called Ralph...touches your pubic area as it is getting harder and harder. I learn you to sit onto the bed. I spread your legs open and take my fingers to  spread your lips wide...I start to take my tongue up and down your clitoris and slowly sticking it into your wet volcano. My hands are moving up and down your thighs and your entire leg... I stand slowly moving my body rub up your body  where Ralph almost starts coming into your clitoris but not all the way as I  massage both of your breasts and lick them, then up to your lips on your face start to kiss you with excitement. I take my fingers to help Ralph get inside  your pussy and start to slowly move in and out but still in contact. I look into  your eyes and come down and kiss you as my body is moving in and out with the  feeling of your warm walls rubbing my thick Ralph. I can feel your friction. You feel him moving in slowly deeper but real deep to hurt your insides. As I am kissing you, touching your nipples and touching your body, we both feel the we needed to cum ... my Ralph feels the explosion of your warm juices surrounding  him as you feel the small amount of cum pushing through your canal. Your volcano drips as I continue to place him in you...and I move you up onto the bed and we cuddle until the next round. You are in my arms with your head laying on my  chest. Both of us touching each other. Softly but sensually too.

Awhile has past, Ralph starts to become a little more active. We start to kiss a little more, around each others neck, sucking the ear lobs, I am putting as much of  your breast into my mouth to let my tongue play with your nipple. You start to get horny again. I place myself on top of you, I take my fingers and rub your  clitoris up and down to stimulate and get you started in getting wet inside you. You start to moan with excitement. I slide myself in you and thrusting my body  to make such a friction of enjoyment for you and for me. Then I placed your legs  on my shoulders and able to bring you closer to me, me further inside you. You  feel me more and more. My ridge of Ralph is rubbing you so erotic that you cum. Ralph is still hard as ever and has not cum yet. I continue to thrust with  excitement. Continue to use my fingers to assist Ralph to stay in your whole, rubbing you, toiling with your emotions that you cum again. Your breathing is  getting more and more excited that your thrusting is starting to take a toll on  my body but you continue anyhow. You move to a different position, you are doggy  style but you are backing yourself into my penis that you are feeling both the  rubbing and the jabbing of him inside you from the back side. Sliding my Ralph up and down your love canal and massaging your anal as we move together. Your  getting more increasingly hotter and hotter, you cannot stand it much longer that you explode that you feel you can make the river of fluids flow over me to  bath me. You lean over to your hands. Panting. I am massaging your anal. You lean upward again and we start to rub each other with our bodies. The bed is making a lot of noises hitting the wall next to the bed board. We go do it more  with more excitement. I am starting to moan with holding back..your moaning to hold back as well. Rubbing, rubbing, I am sticking me inside you as you come closer and I am pushing you away to create the friction of both of our bodies.  Then we both explode again...this time more fluid wetting the bed. I come up to you so we can hold each other very tightly. Both of sweating and panting with exhaustion. This time I am laying on your chest. So we both fell asleep for a  period of time. You feel Ralph is getting bigger and harder again. Your saying  to yourself, he is killing me but what a way to die. End.