Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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It was a dare. I never did say no to a dare, but something in the back of my mind was laughing at me for being a fool. The dare was to come up with a very special gift for my fiancee's 22nd birthday. I had consulted his best friend and he had an idea. At first I didn't like it. I still wasn't sure about it. But he dared me to do it. It certainly was a special gift but I wondered how my fiancee would re act. A little background information might be in order here. I'm Lauren and this is my little story. I am a twenty-seven year old, with long red hair and deep green eyes. I think of myself as attractive. I usually spend about an hour a day working out to keep my figure.  Chris is my fiancee and Greg is his best friend. Chris and I met 3 years ago. I'm his first love and he is mine. I know it sounds corny, but when I met him, I just knew he was the one for me. 3 Years later, I still can't believe my luck.  We both have a interest in bondage but we rarely have the time or privacy to experiment with that interest. We are not really to hard core, usually it is just straight sex with handcuffs or some rope. We're not really switchers, meaning that we usually don't switch, the one doing the restraining is usually him. I kind of like it when he ties me to the bed while we make love. But usually we just cuddle without any restraints.  Still, even without getting to use them often, we obtained quite a collection of restraints. I've always been a collector at heart. My philosophy has always been to hide things in plain sight so most of our friends know about our hobbies. After all, it's not illegal and when there's no secret, it can't come back to haunt you.  That doesn't mean it was easy telling Chris about my hobbies to begin with, but that's a different story. By now, he likes to play with restraints almost as much as I do.  Anyway, here I was, Chris' parents were away for 2 weeks on a business trip and I had taken the day off of work. Chris would be at school for another 4 hours and I was finishing my preparations.  Greg would be here any minute to help me. I hit the print button and waited for the document to roll out of the printer. It was a gift certificate. A nice formal layout on thick paper stating that I was his birthday gift. Included were some ideas of what he could do with me, and some things he could not do. In small print there was a short description of my hard limits. What made this gift so special was that as long as he stuck to the limits mentioned on the certificate, she would have my safe word. I was getting cold feet. True, Chris was a real sweetheart at heart and I never needed to use my safe word. before. With the limits clearly stated on the certificate, I wouldn't be in any real danger either. But still, I would have no way out unless Chris wanted me out.  Finally, the certificate was printed. I took a deep breath and signed it. I put it inside the frame I bought for it and placed it on the coffee table.  I nearly jumped when the doorbell rung. It was Greg. I was nervous about letting him help with this and had butterflies in my stomach. We sat down around the coffee table and I started to tell him what I had in mind for my bondage. He thought I should go with something more extreme to make it even more special for Chris. We discussed and brainstormed for half an hour to come up with something special. I ended up showing him our entire collection of restraints and explaining how certain things should be used. In the end, we came up with something that would be pretty tough but not impossible.  Maybe I should give a little background info on Greg. Greg's a punk with a pretty bad attitude. He and Chris grew up together and went to the same school. They are almost exact opposites of each other. Greg was always in trouble while Chris never was. He has a general bad attitude to everyone but Chris. He has mellowed a lot since I got to know him but I still couldn't figure him out most of the time.  Greg was only helping me because the gift was his idea and I needed the help. He wasn't interested in bondage at all but knew his friend enjoyed it.  Greg would do anything for Chris. When it was time to start putting me into bondage, Greg asked me if I was sure I knew what I was doing and whether or not I still wanted to go through with it. I told him that I was still scared and not sure about many things. But I couldn't back out now since there was no time to get another gift for Chris. Greg laughed and told me to get started.  He laid out the restraints while I went to the restroom.  Blushing a deep red, I undressed in front of Greg until I was down to the leather thong underwear and bra I had bought for the occasion. He smiled and complimented me on my body, which made me blush even more. I asked him if the ball gag was really necessary and he told me that it was Chris' gift and that I shouldn't be able to influence Chris' decisions once he got home. I sighed and opened my mouth, put in the ball gag and buckled it tightly behind my head. I looked at my watch: 45 minutes before Chris would be home. I can do this, I muttered behind the gag. Greg laughed as he heard me mumble. I picked up the leather hood and carefully put it over my head.  It's an extreme hood. Thick padding inside, only a small opening for the mouth to breathe through and leather lockable straps to tighten around the chin, neck and eyes. I sat with my back to Greg and held the hood tightly against my head so he could lace it up. With the ball gag in place this was even more difficult than it normally is but thankfully Greg didn't lace the hood up too tightly.  Next up was the custom-made leather straitjacket. I stuck my arms out and I felt Greg put the jacket on me. He started to strap it up pretty tightly, but nothing I wasn't used to by now. Once all straps were secure, I felt him taking out all slack out of any straps and tightening the whole jacket down a little more. I tried to complain but the combination of the gag and the hood worked better than I thought it would and only a moan got out.  Then Greg went back to work on the hood. He unlaced it partially and tightened the ball gag another notch. I tried to complain but could not stop him from tightening it yet another notch because I complained. Greg told me not to complain because I liked this kind of stuff. I couldn't tell him just how much more difficult restraints are when they are very tight and just groaned and dreaded the wait for Chris to get home.  He tightened the laces of the hood down and I felt like my head was going to be squeezed to pulp. The pressure was incredible and I really hoped Chris would come home soon. Then Greg tightened the collar strap a little and locked it with a padlock. He must've used all his strength to tighten the strap over my eyes and the one underneath my chin. By the time he got done I had tears in my eyes and the ball in my mouth felt like it was squashed against my jaw. He used padlocks to lock every strap down securely and patted me on my butt.  "Time to get moving", I heard him say rather loudly so I could hear it through the hood. I stood up and he guided me to the basement where he guided me up a chair. Earlier on we had prepared a pulley system in the middle of the basement. He pulled the wide canvas straps under my shoulders and locked them to two eyebolts in the ceiling. I was now held standing up by my shoulders and tested the straps by lifting my feet up a little and trying to bounce. No give at all.  I put my feet back on the chair and Greg locked two heavy leather manacles around my ankles. Between the manacles was 3 feet of chain, and there was another 3 feet of chain on each manacle. Knowing what was going to happen now, I took a deep breath and kicked away the chair. Greg locked the two chains tightly and securely to two eyebolts in the floor. He tightened the chains down until I couldn't move my legs at all anymore and the chain between the manacles was taut.  Then he started turning the winch of the pulley system to lift me up from the floor a little further. I groaned and grimaced in pain as the chains tightened and my legs felt like they were being pulled out of their sockets. Greg was making everything far too tight on me.  I realized how stupid I had been by letting him restrain me like this while I wasn't able to guide him. He had no experience with restraints and just assumed everything should go as tight as possible.  I tried to struggle but there was no give in my restraints at all. The chains were so tight they didn't even rattle. Still, I managed to move around in the restraints a little bit. Greg thought I was showing he that I could still move and tightened the winch even more. I heard a faint sound as he locked the winch. I struggled in pain but couldn't move. I yelled and tried to beg but I was gagged too securely for Greg to even notice. He patted my butt again and told me that I looked great and how Chris was a lucky guy to have someone like me.  Then he left me. I heard the door to the basement slam as he left the basement. I started counting the seconds. Not a second passed without my nerves complaining. My legs and arms cramped up more and more. My back started to complain too. The tightness of hood gave me a headache. The gag made my jaw sore and the crotch straps of the straitjacket were digging in deeply.  I was really anxious for Chris to get home so he could let me out.  A few minutes later, I was worrying myself sick over all the things that could go wrong. What if Chris wouldn't let me out? What if Chris wouldn't come home? What if there was an accident? What if the house caught fire?  Little did I know that at that time, Greg had noticed that I hadn't turned off the computer. The file for the gift certificate was still open. He noticed a spelling mistake in the text and started to read the text more thoroughly, then started to make changes to the text. When he was done, he clicked on the print button. He shut down the computer when it was done and took the frame with the original gift certificate and practiced faking the signature on a separate sheet of paper. When he was satisfied with his imitation, signed the new certificate with my signature and opened the frame. Greg placed the new certificate in front of my original one and closed the frame again.  Greg checked his watch. Chris should be home in less than 5 minutes. Greg walked to his car and got out a long gift-wrapped box. He went back into the house, went into the basement and hung the framed certificate on the wall. He placed the long box on a small table underneath the certificate and moved the chair to another room. The main room of the basement was now completely barren except for the box, the certificate on the wall and of course me. Greg smiled and muttered to himself. "Here's my gift to you Chris. Enjoy it." Then he locked the door behind him and left. He timed it perfectly, the bastard.  A whole 2 minutes to spare as he drove off. He wasn't too worried about it since he knew Chris well. Any anyone who knew Chris knew that he was almost always later than he planned.  I didn't know about what Greg had done. All I heard was the door slamming when he left the house. I hardly noticed because of the physical sensations I was going through. My whole body felt like it was becoming numb. A throbbing, painful numbness that was there and could not be changed. Struggling didn't help at all. Gradually, the pain seemed to fade a little. Either that or I was becoming used to the constant tightness. I wondered how I looked, suspended tightly in the middle of the gray cement basement, tightly hooded and strait jacketed. I couldn't have been there for over half an hour yet, but it felt like I had been tied like this for a lifetime. I had already decided that I would never go for a dare like this again and that I never would let Greg get near any restraints again.  I was starting to get even more worried. Chris didn't know I had taken the day off today and wouldn't be expecting me at all. What if he wouldn't come home directly? What if he got asked to work a few hours in the cafeteria?  What if decided to go and visit Greg? Or worse, what if he decided to go to my parents' place and wait for me to get home from work?  Once again I tested my bonds and groaned. I really wish I wouldn't always try to buy the highest quality restraints I can find. On television it seems so easy to escape from a straitjacket. But try doing that while wearing a custom-made leather straitjacket. Made to measure, two crotch straps, loops to hold the arms down and strapped up as tightly as it can possibly go. Not to mention every strap being locked down by a padlock.  After an eternity (45 minutes), I heard the front door slam. That must be him. If I could've, I would've bounced in my restraints. I would be finally freed soon. I started to yell into the gag in order to draw attention but hardly a moan escaped from my mouth. I panicked as I realized he didn't know I was here.  My dad had dropped me off here earlier this morning since my car was in the garage for service. Then I remembered the gift certificate I had left on the table and started to breathe easier again.  In the meantime, Chris had gotten home almost an hour later than he planned. He had lab for 2 hours today but the experiment failed completely and he and his partner stayed for an hour longer to try and figure out what went wrong. He wasn't in the best of moods but a smile came to his face when he saw the envelope on the table. He recognized Greg's handwriting immediately