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Femfeet Tickling

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The bondage ordeal of Jasmine, tied and tormented

It was a Thursday when Jasmine rang the doorbell of Patricia's small but comfortable home. Jasmine was a beautiful woman, obviously a mix of different cultures, her dark skin and long straight black hair gave away her Hispanic decent, but she was tall with bright round eyes and a full mouth, and her small but firm breasts, were to die for. Even Pat, who was very pretty herself, was quite jealous of Jasmine's body.

"I think that I met Mr. Right, Pat!" Jasmine exclaimed with a school girl giggle.

"Who is it this week?" Patricia replied with the usual disdain. Pat loved Jasmine like a sister but Jasmine's man jumping was starting to get on Pat's nerves.

"He is the picture of tall dark and handsome. He oozes confidence, and he has got gobs of money, and he asked me out for tomorrow night. I couldn't believe it. I was sitting at the coffee shop and he walked right up to me and told me that I had to go out with him. It was amazing."

"And dose this superman have a name?" Pat asked.

"Yes, it's Mr. Hawthorne."

"Mr. Hawthorne, don't you think that's a little weird? I mean, if he wanted you to go out on a date, don't you think you should be on a first name basis?"

"I don't know. I kind of think its, erotic. and mysterious. Besides, he had these clothes sent to my house, with a note asking me to wear them tomorrow night."

"No first name and dressing you in less than twenty-four hours. This guy seems like a first class freak if you ask me. Aren't there any warning signals going off in you head?" Pat Asked.

Jasmine suddenly got very angry with Pat, "I think that you are just jealous. You never did like the fact that the men who ask me out are better than the ones that you go out with!"

"But, isn't a little weird that." Pat tried to say but was quickly cut off by Jasmine.

"No, not another word, I won't have you bad mouthing him." She got up and stormed out of Pat's apartment.

Jasmine didn't speak to Pat the next day, something that never happened, Jasmine and Pat talked to each other every day. This worried Pat on two serious levels. One, she didn't want to lose her best friend over something stupid like a man. And second, if this guy was a big weirdo, could he have done something to Jasmine. Pat tried to call Jasmine's house but only got the Answering machine. She figured that Jasmine must have gone out on the date with the mysterious Mr. Hawthorne. Pat didn't sleep very well that night.

The next morning Pat was awoke by a pounding on her front door. It was an excited sounding, yet vacant looking, Jasmine. "Oh, Pat, I think I'm in love." Jasmine said. "Mr. Hawthorne is the most wonderful man in the world. He is so caring and so loving and, in the sack, he is the best. " Pat was shocked that Jasmine would sleep with a man on their first date but more peculiar was the way Jasmine looked at her. Jasmine sounded and acted like she was happy, but her eyes just seemed to stare into space. Like they were separate from her body. And Jasmine was wearing a turtle neck sweater, which was also quite strange, it being in the middle of summer. The sweater also seemed to be concealing something, at first Pat thought that it was a hickey or something but when Jasmine moved she saw that there was something silver and shinny around her neck.

"What do you have around your neck?" Pat asked.

"What? ... Oh. . This. Mr. Hawthorne gave it to me. Isn't it beautiful." Jasmine pulled down the collar of her sweater to reveal a metal collar that was so tight to her neck that it looked as if it had to be choking her. "He gave it to me with the clothes, yesterday. I guess that I gust forgot to take it off. Well I guess that I have to be going. Mr. Hawthorne is taking me out on a date tonight."

With out saying good bye, Jasmine turned on her heals, (almost robotic Pat thought) and left. In Pat's mind alarms were going off all over the place. Still with the Mr. Hawthorne? Two dates in a row? And what was up with that freaky collar? She made up her mind that she would follow Jasmine and meet this Mr. Hawthorne for herself.

Later that evening, Pat found herself sitting in her car, in front of Jasmine's home. At about 9:00 a black sedan pulled up and a tall man got out. He went to the trunk of his car and pulled out a large, shinny black box with a white ribbon wrapped around it. When he went to the front door he knocked only once. Immediately, as if someone was waiting next to it, the door opened. The man walked in.

Thirty minutes later, no one came out. Patricia was getting impatient. She got out of her car and, as stealthily as she could, went to the back door. Using the key Jasmine gave her long ago, Pat let herself in and tiptoed to the door to the front room. Looking through a keyhole she saw Jasmine standing naked in front of this man with her fingers laced behind her neck and her beautiful breasts pushed out as far as they could go. She couldn't see the Tall Man's face, but could clearly see that he was toying with her erect nipples. Jasmine's eyes were closed and she looked as if she were about to orgasm, when he suddenly stopped. He moved away from Jasmine and returned with the black package that he brought in. He set the package on the floor and undid the bow.

From inside the package he pulled a black shinny mass, the way it oozed over his had, reminded Pat of oil and taffy at the same time. After fumbling with it for a bit he held it up for to Jasmine to see. She shuddered when she saw that it was a pair of rubber hot pants. The tall man bent down and told Jasmine to lift one leg. Jasmine was shaking uncontrollably in anticipation now, as he slipped one foot into the panty. Shaking violently, Jasmine almost lost her balance as she put her other foot into the rubber. Jasmine began to moan as he crept the panty up her legs.

Pat was beside herself, everything in her being said that something was wrong here, that her friend was in terrible danger. That she should bust in with a knife and pull Jasmine away from this man. But, something kept her from doing it. What if she was wrong? Jasmine would never forgive her for interrupting and intimate moment that she looked like she was enjoying. And the scene itself was getting Pat so very hot. The utter submission by Pat's friend was making her pussy wet with anticipation.The slow dance up Jasmine's legs continued. When the Tall man got the tops of Jasmine's thighs. He commanded her to spread her legs. His back got in the way of Pat's view as he fiddled with the rubber pants. He stood up and pulled the waist up over hips, and Jasmine screamed. Pat's fear passed for a moment and she grabbed a knife. She was about to push open the door when the Tall Man stepped aside reveling that Jasmine was in the throws of an intense orgasm. One hand was rubbing her Clint through the slick rubber and the other was viciously twisting her nipple. The Tall Man didn't let her finish, commanding her to put her hands at her sides. He reached back into the box and pulled out a pair of high-healed boots. They looked like they were made of the same material as the panty but had four silver buckles up the front.

Jasmine had a very distant look, her eyes stared out into space as the Tall Man told her to sit down. She complied without hesitation. He slid the first boot up onto her foot. The black rubber went all the way up her calf and stopped just below the knee. He fed the buckles together, and after each one Patricia heard a fizzing sound and saw a small blue streamer of smoke come from each buckle. The process was then repeated on her opposite foot. The Tall man ordered her to stand. Elbow length gloves were added, they had similar buckles at the wrist and above the elbow. Patricia was in a terror. What was she going to do, she was so frightened, that she didn't know what to do. She wanted to go in and 'Save' her friend, but she wasn't putting up much of a fight. Patricia was suddenly very aware of how tired she was sitting in this squatting position, looking at the keyhole. Her momentary loss of concentration caused her to lose her balance. And before she could stop herself, Patricia fell through the door.

Part Two: Getting Patricia

The tall man turned and exclaimed "What the hell?" Pat then saw that it wasn't a man, but a very tall woman dressed as a man. She smiled a wide evil grin and said, "I see you Pat."

Pat couldn't speak she was griped with fear. She looked up and saw that Jasmine hadn't even acknowledged that Pat was in the room. Jasmine just stared off into space completely oblivious to her surroundings. Pat jumped up and ran out the door. The Tall woman yelling for her to stop, but Pat didn't stop, not until she got to her car. She could still hear the Tall woman calling to her as she fumbled with her keys.

Back home, Pat couldn't think. What was she going to do? Call the cops, call Jasmine to see if she was O. K.? She didn't know. She paced all night, she couldn't sleep, she wanted to help her friend but she didn't know how.

By eight o'clock the sun was shining and Pat was exhausted when she heard a knock on the door. It was Jasmine. Still uncertain of what Jasmine was doing, Pat went to the door and looked through the eyepiece in her door. Jasmine was dressed very strangely for such a warm spring day. She had on a full turtleneck sweater a full length dress that hung to the ground and white gloves that went over her hands, and her hair was pulled back into a strict pony tail. The ponytail really confused pat. Jasmine never wore her hair up. She hated it that way. "What do you want?" Pat called to Jasmine

  "Just let me in, Pat. I have something for you." Jasmine said in a husky monotone voice.

"What is it?" Pat responded.

"It's a present. Mr. Hawthorne wants you to have it as a peace offering. He feels bad because he thinks that he has come between our friendship. He would really like to be your friend too."

"Don't you mean Miss Hawthorne Jabs." Pat said sarcastically, " Your, he is a woman."

"Look, Pat, I don't know what the problem is but I can see that you are upset. I come back later and we can talk, I'll just leave the present on the steps and you can come get it when I leave."

Through the eyepiece of her door, Pat saw Jasmine put the package down and walk away. Pat could have sworn that her she looked a lot thinner more curvaceous, even with all those clothes on.

When Pat saw that Jasmine had driven off, she opened the door and looked at the present Jasmine had left for her. It was a small box wrapped in black paper and decorated with a white bow and sash. Pat took the present in and opened it. When she took the top of she was struck by a powerful perfume, one that she had never smelled before, but one she would certainly like to have, it was so powerfully erotic. From inside the black tissue paper Pat pulled a silver collar exactly the same as the one Jasmine had been wearing last night. It was lined with a shiny black rubber that was so soft and smooth that it didn't feel like any material she had ever felt before. The lock on the back seemed very strong. She pushed the two ends together and heard an audible click as the collar snapped shut. She found a button in the middle of the lock and when she pushed it the lock sprung and the collar opened wide almost inviting her to put her neck into it's solid grip. As Pat examined the collar she couldn't help but feel how optic it was, but at the same time she was repulsed by it. When she saw the ring set in the front of it she couldn't help but see he think of a person being lead around on a leash like a dog. The whole image was just too powerful for her and the pheromone perfume that lined the box and the collar was battering her senses and breaking down her resistance. She was becoming aroused and that she felt she had to do something to relieve the tension.

With out thinking to put it down, Pat took the collar to her bedroom. She dropped it nonchalantly on the bed and began undressing. From in her drawer she pulled her little pocket rocket and began to pleasure herself. The scents in the air, the powerful images floating through her mind were too much for Pat. She began pumping the vibrator in and out of her seeping count and pinching her nipples, and exploded into orgasm.

Covered in sweat she looked down and saw the collar sitting at the corner of her bed. Begging her to try it out. Her mind was telling her not to touch it, to wrap it back up and throw it out. But the eroticism of the thing was just too much for her to handle. She began rationalizing to herself.

"I'll just try it on."

"It's so shiny."

"I don't have to keep it."

"It's so heavy."

"The lock pops open easily."

"I'll just try it on then give it back."

"And Jabs., looked so good in it"

"It's so shiny and pretty."

"I'll just try it on," She said to herself.

Slowly she put the collar up to her neck touching her throat to the front and began to push the clasps together.

"CLICK!" The lock snapped shut more loudly than before, and the instant that it closed, Pat knew she made a mistake. She tried to push the button to open it up but the lock became too hot to touch as he heard a faint whir and smelt a little smoke. She pulled and at the collar fiercely cursing herself for putting the damn thing on. Then the obedience collar began to push images into her mind. Erotic images, of Pat and Jasmine on their knees before a faceless woman. She saw Jasmine reach out to her and caress her breast, moving to embrace Pat. Pat tried to shut the images out, tried to close her eyes, so not to see. But the show continued, forcing Pat to see herself and her best friend in a long passionate kiss. Pat rubbed her legs together as she became more and more wet. She lost control of her hands, one moved down between her legs the pulled violently at her breast. She couldn't help herself as she began to cum, the vision was to intense.

Pat passed out on the floor. It wasn't a restful sleep either as the obedience collar attempted to reprogram Pat's mind. She saw visions of rubber-clad women in cat suits and French maid uniforms. Each so horrible to Pat and yet these women, stuffed into these second skins, were undeniably erotic. Pat would have felt this even before the collar.

Then a terrifying image came into view. She saw a woman completely incased head to toe in a black rubber body suit, even her face was covered by a rubber hood. There were cutouts for her breasts, eyes, and mouth and for a ponytail in the back. This woman's hair was red and Pat knew that this was an image of her. Pat saw herself standing like a robotic soldier at attention, her eyes starring blankly off into space. She heard a familiar voice say "Number 15, come here and lick." The Robot Pat moved and saw another woman dressed like she was. The only thing different was that this woman was suspended upside down with her legs spread wide. Pat couldn't control her movements she went to this unfortunate woman and stood with her breasts touching her belly. From behind her, Pat her the command again.

"Be nice to your friend and give her a good lick."

Pat unconsciously bent her head and began to lick the rubber-covered crotch in front of her, and as her tongue touched the rubber another touched hers. Suddenly Pat realized that the woman she was pleasuring was Jasmine.

Pat woke up to a nock on the door. She lay in naked in a pool of her own sweat with the obedience collar still around her neck, still arousing her. She wanted to ignore the nock and jam her fingers into her pussy. Uncertain, Pat got out of bed and a funny thing happened. Her arousal grew. The closer she went to the door, the more aroused she became. The obedience collar promised her a New World of pleasurable thrills. She strained to control herself enough to get a bathrobe before she left the bedroom. Just the slightest movement away from the front door made the need to go there that much worse.

Pat ran the front door. But paused just before she opened it. The conflict in her mind was terrible. The need between her legs was so instant, promising her relief if she just opened the door. But her mind screamed for her to run, get a way, go and find a blowtorch to cut this collar off. Pat realized that as her mind was arguing the pros and cons of opening the door. Her body had acted involuntarily. One had slipped between the folds of her robe and had begun rubbing herself the other had already griped he doorknob and, before she could do anything to stop it, twisted the door open.

Jasmine was standing at the door as if she had been waiting for it to open. "Our Mistress has given us these presents that we might become her devoted servants," she recited like a child in an elementary school play. "We should be thankful for all her gifts."

In her hands she held two packages similar to the ones Pat saw the Tall Woman carry into Jabs. house the other night. A small one on top of a larger, both shiny black and trimmed with a white satin bow. Jasmine started to walk towards Pat extending the gifts to her friend. Pat looked in horror at her friend. She moved like a cat swaying her hips seductively like a streetwalker, but her eyes were empty, like she wasn't even there. Pat backed away in disbelief. She tripped over her robe and fell to the floor still backing away from Jasmine on her elbows. Jasmine looked down at her friend almost puzzled.

"I see that you have not been fully instructed in our Mistresses love," she smiled as if some mindless religious zealot. "I will show you another example of her love." Jasmine lifted the bulky sweater to reveal a strange rubber shirt. It was similar to a skin tight T-shirt except it had no sleeves, and just below her breasts it became thicker, like a corset with visible boning only there was no separation between the halter and the corset. It had two cutouts so that her luscious breasts shown out. Pat was again assaulted by the strange pheromone perfume, which relentlessly tried to break down Pat's resistance.

Holding out her arms as if to embrace Pat, Jasmine said, "My essence has been transformed into my Mistresses love for you." As she walked towards Pat a white milky substance began to dribble from Jasmine's breasts. "Come partake of her gifts."

Pat's battered will was no match for the sensations assaulting her. The obedience collar promising the most succulent elixir flowed from her best friend's nipples, the perfume making her count seethe with anticipation, and her beautiful friend lovingly asking her to suckle from her like an infant. With a sigh of relief Pat gave into her body. She leapt up, ran to Jasmine and latched on to one of her magnificent breasts.

It was glorious, like liquid sunshine. Pat had an orgasm the moment her tongue touched Jasmine's nipple. Sensations like never before enveloped Pat as her old personality melted away. The obedience collar with the help of Jasmine's milk transformed Pat into a coy little submissive as well as a devout follower in the church that was their Mistress. She began to think of herself no longer as Patricia but as Pleasure Slave 15. She would serve her new Mistress, and it would bring her the ultimate satisfaction and pleasure to do so. Slave 15 had an orgasm at the thought of groveling at her Mistress' feet.

Jasmine, now thought of herself as Pleasure Slave 14, pulled the former Pat from her breast. Pat let out a little whimper as she did. "Now now, Number 15 there will be much more time for that later now we must complete our slavery to our new Mistress." Jasmine_14 moved away from her fellow slave and brought back the larger package. She undid the bow and opened the box. There was a stack of velvet trays in the box. In the first tray was a black shiny mass just like the one she saw the Tall woman pull out for Jasmine just one night ago. Jasmine_14 bent down and held out the hot pants so her friend could step into them. Pat_14 saw that there were two large dildos sticking up where her pussy and ass hole went. For a moment she was nervous, but it was all quickly washed away when the collar promised that these pants would love her like no man ever could and would allow her Mistress to give her the joy of orgasm any time Mistress wished. Jasmine_14 pulled the pants up and inserted the silky smoothness into Pat_15'saiting count It slid in and throbbed warmly for Pat_15. After a few moments fumbling with the rear dildo, it slid in with equal ease. Jasmine_14 allowed the new pleasure slave a moment's orgasm before removing the second tray. In it was the same shirt that Jasmine_14 wore. It was a tight fit, and Jasmine_14 cruelly pulled Pat_15's breasts through the holes by her nipples. Pat_15 gasped, the pain was exquisitely pleasurable.

Slave 14 moved behind Slave 15 and fed the corset's buckles into their fasteners. Slave_14 heard the same snap whir as when she put the collar on earlier today. She knew that the corset was now permanently locked on to her body, even before the obedience collar told her that it was bonding to her skin and would, over the next four months reduce her waist to a tight 17-inch circumference. She was happy to know that the suit would make her beautiful for her mistress. Next came the boots, with the toweringly high heels and shoulder length gloves all with locking mechanism's, all with the same knowledge that she would be locked inside forever. When finished the two new pleasure slaves looked at themselves in the mirror. They were a stunning pair, both beautiful in different ways, but sharing a similar bondage.

"Our Mistress has one last gift to complete our bondage. She returned with the smaller package, opened it and pulled out to masks. They were full-face masks, like the ones you might see at a masquerade ball, but they were made with the same black rubber that all their other clothes were made from. 14 handed one of the masks to 15, they embraced and kissed deeply and passionately one last time, before holding the mask to their faces.

As Pat_15 touched the mask to her face she felt a disturbance in her outfit. She dropped her hands and looked in the mirror. The mask had already began to adhere to her face, but what happened next shocked her; then filled her with joy. The suit came alive. It began to ooze over her uncovered parts, as if someone had opened a can of oil and poured it over her the space between her shoulders and gloves covered in an instant. The tops of the boots began to creep up as the bottoms of the hot pants began to flow down, meeting at the middle of her thigh to form a solid mass. The suit flowed over the locks making them disappear. The boning lines of her corset were suddenly just gone. The mask came alive next flowing its way around her head, pushing her lush read hair into a tight ponytail on top of her now slick-black-shinny head. In the mirror Pleasure Slave_15 now saw a completely new person. The only remnant of the old Pat was her breasts which still jutted out suggestively, her green eyes and red lips.

It was dark now. And the Obedience Collar came alive again with instructions. The two slaves closed up the house. Picked up any evidence of their mistress' gifts for them and walked out of the house. Sitting at the side of the street was a long black limousine. Both women walked directly to the car. The door opened, inviting them to their new lives as slaves to the Mistress. The both got in with out a second look back.