Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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As Imani entered the confines of the tickle torment room from the back door

TickleVal.com has been hot for several weeks now, Mr. Fugisaki." Imani said into the phone in her plush office overlooking Metro City's technology sector. "Yes, the site hits just topped one-hundred thousand yesterday. At $49.95 a customer, we are making a killing on this! Valentia has no idea she is on a live web-cast 24/7, so she is not attempting to ask for help via her "customers". Not that they would give her any help, anyway. They're paying to see a superhero tickled non-stop, all day long. They have no interest in the circumstances, of whether it's consensual or not. I don't anticipate a problem with being found out. We're safe and secure. Yes, Sir, OK…Sionara."

As Imani hangs up the phone, she smiles wryly at her stroke of good fortune. Only a few months ago, she had been close to bankrupt and hating life. Her constant battles with Valentia, the city's ever-present superhero, had left her down and out. Val had destroyed most of her local criminal enterprise and she didn't have many prospects outside the city. That was before she met Shiro Fugisaki at a downtown jazz club. The Japanese billionaire confessed a love of two things: technology and tickling. Over several Remy Martins that evening, a plan was hatched. A plan that could take care of the Valentia problem and make Imani rich in the process, all the while satisfying Fugisaki's tickle fetish. By the end of the evening, the framework for "TickleVal.com" was born.

As she settles down into her plush leather desk chair, the newly minted millionaire logs on to the Internet and pulls up the familiar URL from her bookmarks. After entering her password, Imani puts her feet up on her huge mahogany desk and opens a bottle of spring water. On the screen, the video feed flickers in…

"HAHAHAHAHAHA….Ohhhhhhhh…NO!!! Not My Feeeeeeeettttttttt!!!!!! HEE-HEE-HEE!!!!!! PLEASEEEE STOPP!!!!!!

  Val's familiar laughter fills the air of the office from the computer speakers. The screen shows Val wrapped in a blanket, a steel cable looped around her for security. She is on the floor, with Victoria and Siccola…Imani's chief lieutenants…seated on her torso and legs. Val's feet and head are the only parts of her body showing, and her feet are getting a major tickling from Siccola. Val shrieks and laughs uncontrollably as Siccola's red nails stroke her soft, wrinkly soles repeatedly.

Imani frowns. She begins to dial the number to the secret warehouse across town where Val is being kept and where the webcast originates from. The phone rings once and Imani sees on camera Victoria grab the cell phone from her hip. "Vicky, I told you once before, double-wrap her in the steel cables! If she gets away, there goes our fuckin' meal ticket!" Imani slams the phone down before Vicky can respond and turns her attention back to the camera. " She sees the girls let the sobbing Valentia up. Vicky gets another cable and begins to wrap the tired, broken superhero a second time. Imani smiles as the girls get back on top of Val, pin her and begin to work on her ticklish feet again. "Another hour or so to this scene." Imani thinks, "Maybe I'll order Chinese..."

10:43 12/25/2000

As Imani entered the confines of the tickle torment room from the back door, Val could feel the rush of cold air that swooped in around her. "Must be another snowstorm tonight." she thought. She marveled at how something as common and peripheral as the weather could enter her mind at a time like this. But she knew with her superpowers eroded by the countless hours of vicious tickling, she was now as effected by the cold as any normal person. She shuddered as the arctic blast hit her, her nipples growing erect in the cold air. Her beautiful mocha-brown body stood erect in the center of the room, her hands pulled above her head and attached to steel cuffs that extended from a cable in the ceiling. She wore only a tiny red thong that disappeared down into the crevasse of her perfectly shaped ass. She pulled on the bonds sharply, but felt no hint of give in them. It wasn't helping matters that she couldn't get any traction on the floor due to her feet being elevated slightly. Imani had made sure she wasn't going to get away any time soon. Even without super powers, Val was smart and cunning and could pose a threat to escape at any time. Imani knew this from their countless duels the past, and had prepared for it accordingly.

"HO-HO-HO, Val!" Imani said as she took off her long fur coat. "Merry Christmas! You don't look to be in the spirit of the season, my dear. What's wrong?"

"Stop fuckin' with me, Imani!" Val replied, pulling at her bonds. "You've got me here, bound and at your mercy. Isn't that enough? Must you torment me with your mockery also?"

Val had come to be halfway civil toward her captors in her tone of voice and attitude recently. She had cooled the rhetoric because she was wasting too much time and energy in verbal battles with her keepers and not enough on planning her escape. Plus, she surmised, if she engaged them in conversation, she might get a clue as to how she could get out of here.

"There, there now…" Imani replied in her still chiding tone as she walked over to the struggling Val. "Is my little Vally-Wally a bit lonely on Christmas? Sorry hon, didn't mean to neglect you. How about a little rub on the tummy, hmm??? Would that make you feel better?"

 Before Val can reply, she feels the soft brushing of Imani's fur coat sleeve rubbing against her abdomen. Instantly, she feels a giggle building in her gut but is able to stifle it through her ebbing willpower. She twists instinctively away but can only go so far due to the bondage she is in. Imani's fur again strokes her tummy…this time Val cannot hold the laughter down any more.


Soon, Imani has put the coat back on and is rubbing her body against Val's naked flesh, the fur tearing up Valentia's sensitive, tender nerve endings like a machete. Electrifying pangs of ticklish sensation shoot through Val's body. She struggles and writhes but Imani holds on for dear life, grinding her fur-covered breasts and torso into Valentia's.


"Don't think about sweating on my fur, Val…you think I'm a bitch now…"

The torment continues until the two hear a car door close in the parking lot. Imani stroked a few more times, then paused as Victoria, Siccolla, and Johnson entered the chamber through the back door. With them was a short, middle-aged, Japanese businessman, followed by two lovely young Japanese women, also in business attire. Both ladies wore high heels and short well-tailored skirts, showing off their shapely legs. The new trio remained silent as Val wondered who they were.

"What up, Imani?" Johnson said. "How's the 'package' doing today?" Val had come to be known by all of Imani's crew by that derogatory term, and she winced at it every time.

"Glad to see our guests made it from the airport before the snow shut it down. Seems like Val is a bit lonely because it's Christmas, people." Imani replied.

"I didn't say that…I…" Val began.

 WHACK!!! Arrghhh!!!

"Don't interrupt me, BITCH!!!" Imani yelled as she smacked Val across the right jaw. Valentia's head rolled across her body, smacking into the bicep of her left arm, which was extended above her head. She let out a whimper that sounded like that of a struck animal. Her head hung to her chest as she tried to clear the pain from her stinging right cheek.

"Like I was saying…" Imani continued then paused. "You know what…FUCK IT!!! Everyone gather around. I'm gonna teach this Bitch a lesson right now! She's getting a little TOO chummy with us. I think we need to draw the line again!"

"NOOO!!! Imani, don't…please…" Val pleaded. She knew Imani's temperament all too well. When Imani got that tone of voice, she was in for trouble. Obviously Imani was showing off for her guests, and she was about to send a message of her control of the situation. Val braced for the impending attack.

"Hold on, Imani" the Japanese businessman spoke in a soft tone that revealed an accent of his native land. He was obviously no stranger to the states, judging from his firm grasp of American pronunciation. Imani instantly stopped her rant and gave her undivided attention. The man was a power player, Val presumed.

The man continued. "You have had Ms. Valentia for several weeks now…she is familiar with all of your methods and arsenal of weapons. Let me now have a moment to explore this beautiful woman's lovely black skin and supple form."

 "Yes, Mr. F…" As Imani began to answer, she felt a soft yet strong hand shoot into her armpit from behind. "YYYIIKEESSS!!!!! EEEEEEEEKKK!" Imani instantly doubled over and crumpled to the floor at the feet of the culprit, one of the Japanese man's beautiful assistants. The young woman did not break a smile as she gently helped Imani back to her feet.

"Now, Imani…I told you. No mention of my name here in this place." The quiet man said.

 "Y-Yes, Sir." Imani muddled as she got back to her feet, shaken but otherwise OK.

"Something more than Imani's private amusement with me is going on here." Val thought as the group gathered around the hero's taut, hanging body. Johnson, Victoria, Siccola and the Japanese beauties all took a position around her…some in front, some behind that she couldn't see. Val felt a nagging fear enter her and tried again in vain to break free.

11:15pm 12/25/2000

Imani and the mystery man stood back a few feet from the group surrounding the bound and helpless Valentia. Val could see them talking but could not make out any words. Suddenly, the Japanese man clapped his hands twice, and his assistants began to slowly poke and pinch Val. One prodded her tummy with a forefinger…the other pinched her lovely, soft breasts and nipples with her long nails. After watching for a few moments, Imani's crew joined in also. Siccola scratched the backs of Val's knees with her fingernails while nibbling on the small of her back and ass. Victoria, for her part, was pinching Val's outstretched armpits with a pair of eyebrow tweezers from her purse. To round out the group, Johnson used a stun gun to lightly zap Val's smooth, muscular inner thighs.

Val wiggled and squirmed as the tiny pangs of frustration and giggles mixed in her belly. The annoying poking, prodding and rubbing was driving her crazy! She was not laughing, merely cursing and frowning her beautiful brow. Soon, Val couldn't hold her composure as the tiny touches teased her endlessly.


"I call this treatment the 'Frustration Factor', my dear Imani." The Japanese man said softly into his partner's ear. Imani listened intently as she looked across the floor at Val's pained expression. "You see, we could tickle her senseless again like always, but instead we will "tease" her a little more… anger her somewhat. I could tell she was ripe for this treatment when we walked in. Her level of inner frustration is high. She is growing exhausted of trying to figure a way to escape. Her resistance to tickling is building somewhat due to her time in your care, so let's give her something that she is not used to…being teased to the point of rage, then broken…THEN tickling her into submission. "

 "Wow. She'll be begging for tickling by the time they're done. But how long will this take?" Imani inquires.

"Have patience, my American friend, have patience."

(Two hours later…)


Soon, the insidiously humiliating attack has left Val emotionally destroyed and heartbroken. She is sweating and tiring from her constant jerking and jiggling over the last two hours. She curses the tormentors again, then spits on one of the Japanese women, who calmly takes Val by the hair and rubs the saliva in her eyes. Val's willpower dims as even her own spit becomes an instrument of humiliation. On it goes…snow is stuffed down her g-string and left there to melt against her warm loins...the spaces between her toes are rubbed with itching powder, causing her to jump around like a frog in heat to keep them from burning...her smooth, muscular abs are zapped endlessly with the taser…her nose is rubbed in the women's asses…fingers roam freely in her orifices…verbal taunts are heaped on her by the dozens…

Soon, as the mystery man predicted, Val is begging for the mindless abuse to stop. Not for fear of physical harm or pain, but just to keep her sanity amid the jubilant humiliation being heaped on her by Johnson, Victoria, Siccola and the two Japanese girls.

"i give…imani…mister whoever you are…please make them stop…tickle me…do what you want…just make them stop this humiliation…"

Imani and the Japanese man had been sitting and watching the horror all along. Now, with Val having been broken by the 'Frustration Factor' game, it was their turn to have some fun. Imani and the man moved over to Val as the others backed away.

 "A little louder, Valentia…we couldn't hear you." Imani said as she pulled Val's slumping head up from her sweaty, heaving breasts by the hair. Val's teary, broken glaze was enough to tell Imani that Val would do or say anything to keep from having the gang start in on her again. "Did I hear you asking…no-BEGGING…to be tickled? The big, bad super-heroine who's torn Metro City's criminal enterprises to shreds single-handedly for years…begging to be made to laugh like a clown?? Because that's what you are, you know, Val…nothin' but a fucking CLOWN, right?!?!

"Y-Yesss…I'm a c-c-clown…" Val's voice broke as she uttered the words. The Japanese man smiled silently at her plight.

"A ticklish clown. Right?" Imani taunted further.

"Y-Yes…a ticklish clown…"

"Then beg to be tickled, Clown!!!"

"Tickle me…p-please…tickle the clown…" Val could barely believe she had been reduced to this. Imani was right. She had entered this adventure the premier crime-fighter in Metro City, head and shoulders above all other do-gooders. Now, due to her one weakness, she was reduced to a quivering, spineless jellyfish. She was indeed begging for the one thing that had caused her current plight…she was begging to be tickled. Imani had broken her-mind, body and spirit. Before Imani's reeling mind could fully grasp her thoughts, she felt the Japanese man's fingers in her sweaty armpits.


Imani smiled satifyingly. Mr. Fugisaki had flown all the way in from Japan to see his investment in TickleVal.com in action and had overwhelmingly approved. The second round of venture capital was coming to her as she had hoped. Now she could expand the operation and bring in more victims for her tickle machines to devour. To celebrate, the seven tormentors tied Valentia to an X-frame and tickled her late into the night.

2:03am 12/28/2000

Val couldn't believe it. In all the weeks she had been held in the tickle torment room by Imani and her cronies, she hadn't had so much as a hint of good fortune. The tickling had gone on almost non-stop every day…each day bringing some new horror. Now, as she was being tormented by a large mechanized hand, her luck had changed. While the hand had been generously groping her ticklish, muscular thighs and torso, it had suddenly stopped in mid-stroke. Val was wasted and out-of breath by then, sweating and aching from the laughter. But since the hand stopped she had had time to fully catch her breath and for the first time in awhile, she felt her superpowers returning. Puzzled as to why the machine had stopped, Val began to look around. To the left of the metal torment rack that she lay bound on, she noticed the flashing "error" message on the computer monitor. "Incredible!" She thought. "The server crashed. Johnson must have forgotten to re-boot the system before he left." Val had heard Imani tell her underlings on several occasions to restart the computers running the big tickling machines at least twice a day to prevent them from crashing due to the enormous amount of memory the machines used. In his haste to leave the afternoon before, Johnson had neglected to do so. His oversight had now given Val the chance she needed to make her move.

With her powers back, Val wasted no time. Her super strength allowed her to break the stainless steel bonds holding her arms down. Soon, she had freed her legs also and hopped off the rack. Her nude, sweaty body glistened in the chilly air of the warehouse- sized room. Still feeling a bit disoriented, Val slipped and hit the floor. Her pee had run onto the concrete and made it a hazard. She landed with a "plop" right in her own urine puddle. After recovering, Val slowly began to move across the room toward the exit door she had originally entered all those days ago. Suddenly, the superhero stopped…her attention grabbed by the flashy images on the monitor of a nearby computer. It was a website…one with her image splashed all over it. What she saw made her heart drop.

"Oh, my God!!! They've had me on the Internet all this time! A website with me being tickle-tormentd…how many people have seen this?!?" One look at the hit counter at the bottom of the TickleVal.com website gave her the answer. It read 124,318.

Val burst out in tears as she crashed through the familiar back door once again. Before leaving, she had paused to take out her rage on Imani's tickle machines and the computers housing the website. Within minutes, all of the equipment was in shambles. TickleVal.com was now dead. It had been 24 days since she first arrived here, 21 days since Imani had erased her entire life, 6 days since Imani had made her first million off TickleVal.com, 3 days since the mysterious Japanese contingent had departed. Val flew away into the cold December night back toward Metro City to reclaim what was left of her dignity. As she flew, one last thing struck her about that dignity, she was naked…he firm breasts giggled freely in the wind. A pair of drunken college students on the ground below whistled and catcalled her. Val just sucked it up and went on her way…no need to fight any further tonight. There would be other days...tonight she just wanted sleep.

 "Imani and that Japanese man will pay for this," she thought to herself as she disappeared into the night sky.