Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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A young nurse with brown hair and a tired expression drove home

A young nurse with brown hair and a tired expression drove home from a long day of work. "Another day completed at 'the Clinic from Hell,'" she thought wearily. "Nicole, what you need is some t.l.c. after today." Images of crying children, impatient parents and doctors, endless paperwork, a missed lunch, and all too brief periods of sitting down flashed through her mind. Her back hurt and her size 8 feet ached, despite wearing padded nurses' shoes. "All I want is a warm bath and some quiet."

  Nicole pulled up to her apartment, and went inside. She'd just settled down on her plush couch, when she heard the doorbell ring. She sighed, then yelled, "Who is it?" A man's voice replied, "Troy." Nicole thought for a second, then realized, "Oh, NO! We're supposed to go out this evening!" Nicole had met Troy on the Internet, and after chatting for a while, met him in person at a local coffee shop. They got along quite well, joking and laughing, so Nicole agreed to go out on a date with him...TONIGHT! She bolted upright and tried to straighten out her outfit.

  Nicole opened the front door, thinking about their conversations. They both loved tickling and had quick wits. They'd traded many barbs and laughs and were looking forward to seeing how they'd get along, and now she'd probably have to postpone or cancel because she worked for a friend who was, ironically, sick.

  Nicole saw a tall man, with brown hair and eyes, a mischevious smile, basically a big teddy bear. He had a grey suit with a silver and teal tie, ready for a night out. He grinned and said, "Good evening, Nicole! These are for you." He handed her some red roses in a big bouquet. She smiled and replied, "Thank you. Come in, please." Nicole ushered him in, and they sat on the couch.

  Troy took in the sight of Nicole in her nurse's uniform and said, "I'm not early, am I?" She shook her head and said, "No, I just...well, I completely forgot about tonight. I had to cover for a friend at work and I've been run ragged." Nicole lowered her eyes and ventured, "I guess I'll have to cancel tonight."

  Troy smiled and said, "That's okay. It happens." Nicole looked up, making sure that it was really okay, then said, "Thanks for being so understanding, Troy." He laughed, then suggested, "Listen, how about I help you relax? I've only bragged about how I give massages about a million times." Nicole paused, thinking, "I've only met him a few times! But...I could REALLY use that massage..." She spoke up, "All right, Troy, what first?"

  He lifted her legs from the floor, laying her feet on his lap. His fingers deftly untied the laces and slowly removed the shoes one at a time, making that soft suction sound of shoes removed from nyloned feet. Troy took her right foot into his hands, using the left to bend the toes back and forth, while his right thumb rubbed all up and down her instep and sole. Nicole leaned back, savoring the warmth of his hands, kneading the tension out of her tired foot.

  Troy took both hands and began to massage each toe individually, flooding it with relief from the day's work and cramped space. Nicole sighed deeply, enjoying every stroke and rub. After about 20 minutes on her right foot, he set it down and began to do the same to the left foot. Troy used the heel of his right hand to firmly rub up and down the sole, relieving pressure and fatigue. He bent the toes forward and back, to limber them up, then massaged each of these toes. He grinned as he saw the peaceful look on Nicole's face and the wide smile there.

  After another 20 minutes or so on that foot, Troy said, "Now, turn over and I'll do your back." Nicole gladly complied, laying face down on the couch. He moved to sit beside her hips, then put his hands on her lower back. Troy worked his thumbs around the muscles of her lower back, fighting the tension that had built up all week. Nicole grunted a few times, then relaxed as the knots began to loosen. Troy then moved up and down along her spine, tracing lines of tension through her back. His big hands pressed firmly, but gently, over her back, eliciting groans of pleasure and relief from Nicole.

  "Is that okay, or should I stop?" Troy joked. "Stop and die," Nicole mumbled in reply. He took his palms and pressed down along the spine, then took his thumbs and rubbed along her shoulder blades, kneading the tensed flesh into submission. Nicole saw stars and felt wonderful. After another 15 minutes of this therapy, Troy got too close to Nicole's ribs, tickling her. She flinched and giggled, "Hee hee, cut it out! Just rub!" Troy got an evil look on his face, then with one hand, removed his handkerchief. He brought her arms onto her back, lightly looped the hanky around Nicole's wrists, then tightened it and tied a knot.

  Nicole snapped out of her massage-induced trance and said, "Hey! What're you doing?" She already had a pretty good idea, from the tickle talks they'd had before. Troy turned her over onto her back, her arms under her. "Remember how you told me you were REALLY ticklish and liked it, but hated to get into those situations?" Nicole nodded warily. "Well, you're in it now!" He poked both sides of her ribs, making her jump and squeal. "Heeheeheee! Now, wait a minute! Can't we discuss this?" Troy paused, then said mock-seriously, "I don't think so!"

  Troy began to play Nicole's ribs like piano keys, playing up and down both sides, varying light and harder prodding. She began to buck and giggle uncontrollably. "Haahaahaaa! Noo-ho-hoooo! No fair! Heeeheee!" "Let's see, your stomach's ticklish, too, right?" Troy played his fingers over it, eliciting more laughter. "Ahhh-haahaaaaaa! I'll get you-hoo-hoo! Heeeheeehaaaaaa!" Troy continued, "I think these underarms are sensitive, too." His finges darted along the inner hollows of her underarms, caressing her ticklish flesh. "AHHH! Ple-hee-hee-ease, no mo-hoo-ore! Haaaahaaahaaaa! Heeeheeeheeeee!"

  Troy continued his assault until Nicole got a little tired. While she rested, he removed his tie and bound her ankles together, then moved her legs onto his lap with one of his legs on top, holding them still. Nicole threatened him, "You'd better quit now!" Troy replied, "Or what?" She smiled, trying to think of a threat. He shrugged and said, "Time's up! Let's see, hips are ticklish, right Nicole?" Her eyes grew wide and she yelled, "No!" He tickled all over her hips and waist, causing her to thrash, unable to escape. "Kitchie coo, Nicole! Isums ticklish, hmm?" She issued a steady stream of laughter, mixed with pleading and threats. "Heeeheeheehaaa! St-haa-haaa-opppp! Please! Hooohooohooooo! My friends wi-heh-ll get you! HeeeheeeeeHEEEEE! HAAAAHAAAA!" Her voice grew hoarse from laughter.

  Nicole felt almost overwhelmed by the wonderful tickling sensations. While she was helplessly laughing, Troy switched legs so he was down near her nylon covered feet. She realized this and immediately yelled, "NOOO! Not my FEET! Tickle me anywhere but there!" It would be even worse, she knew, with her nylons still on. They magnified tickling to new torturous heights.

  Troy lightly fingered her left foot, tracing underneath her toes. "Not here?" he taunted. "HAAAHAAHAAAA! HEEEHEEEHEEEEE! AHHHHH-HAAHAAA!" Nicole released even more laughter and volume. The tickling was GREAT, yet mind-blowing at the same time! "NOOO! HEEHEEEE! PLEASE! HOOOHOOOHOOO!"

  "Since you said 'please,'" Troy said, "I'll tickler HARDER!" He then dug all ten fingers into her vulnerable, super-sensitive feet, tickling the insteps, inbetween toes, on the tops and on the heels. "WHA-HAAAHAAA! HEEEEEHOOOO! HEE-HELLP! AHHHHH! HEEEHEEEHEEEEEE!" Nicole bounced up and down on the couch, enjoying every ticklish moment. It had been awhile since she'd been tickled this much. Troy also enjoyed every laugh, giggle, and scream from her. He stopped for a minute, and Nicole kept giggling even after he stopped.

  "Heeheee, haaahaaa, I'll g-ge-heh-tt even. Hoohooo!" she managed. Troy released the bound ankles and began to massage the feet again. Nicole calmed down, enjoying the fading tickling sensations, coupled with the massage pleasure. Troy smiled and said, "I hope you're not mad." Nicole leaned up and rested her head on his shoulder. "I really needed that today, Troy. Thanks a LOT!" He blushed slightly and stammered, "Well, uh, I guess I should get going." She replied, "Just one last thing..." He gulped and said, "Yes?" She turned around, showing her still bound hands. "Untie me?" They both laughed and he freed her.

  She walked him to the door and gave him a quick hug. "I'll let you know when I'm ready for sure next time, Troy." "Sounds great, Nicole," he said. She watched him walk to his car, then yelled, "Tomorrow, 6 p.m. sharp!"