Femfeet Tickling

Femfeet Tickling

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Kelly pulled her platforms off

Kelly pulled her platforms off as Kris kicked off her pumps and started
unrolling her nylons.  Kelly had beautiful pink and white feet, with
light pink nail polish.  She lay on the couch, placing her feet at the
arm at Becky's disposal. "Ok, Becky, I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever
be." Becky nodded at Bosley, and stroked her index fingernail quickly
down Kelly's bare sole.  Kelly immediately shrieked, and withdrew her
foot.  Becky quickly turned to the other foot, and grated the sole with
her nail.  Again, Kelly yelped and jerked her foot away.
Sabrina sounded cross, "Kelly, that's not fair.  You have to at least
try! Come on!  Mind over matter!"
Kelly protested, "I did try, Sabrina! My feet are just extremely ticklish.
I just simply won't be able to take any tickling!"
Kris smiled at Kelly, and patted her arm.  "It's okay, Kel.  I'll see if
I can get through it.  But at least now we know how to get your attention.."
She feinted for Kelly's bare feet, grinning. Kelly screamed and ran away.
Everyone in the room laughed. "All right, Becky", Kris said as she sat
on the couch, "let's see whatcha got.  I'm going to put myself in a trance
and I'm NOT going to be ticklish."
Kris' feet were small, very tanned, with perfect dark red polished toes.
Becky had an eager look on her face as she pulled her chair closer to
Kris' feet.  Sabrina caught this and filed it away.  Kris closed her
Becky started by drawing a single nail from toes to heel on each foot.
Kris didn't move or make a sound.  Becky went to work on Kris' toes
and the balls of her feet. Kris took a deep breath, but didn't react
otherwise. Sabrina kept a trained eye on Becky's face, which now had
a smile played across it.  I'll bet she is enjoying this, Sabrina thought.
Becky began dragging all her nails up and down Kris's light golden soles.
Kris kept the deep breathing, but did not laugh. Her toes were twitching
slightly though, as Becky's nails crossed the heel of her foot. Sabrina
caught it, and wondered if Becky would.  Sure enough, Becky held the toes
of Kris's right foot in her left hand, and gently pulled them back.  Then
she firmly scrubbed her nails on Kris' uncalloused heel. Kris began to
hyperventilate; her breathing became more shallow. She tried to curl her
toes, but couldn't.  Kris now had her eyes screwed shut tightly.
Becky grinned broadly, and began taunting Kris. "Wow... look at these
heels!", she teased, "how cute! Tickle, tickle, tickle...."  Kris
thrashed her head back and forth, and pounded her fists into the cushion.
Sensing that she was going to laugh soon, and not wanting to witness
any more of this torment, Kelly asked, "Bosley, has she passed Sabrina
Bosley answered, "Yep, thirty-two seconds. Thank you, Miss Thompson."
Becky stopped tickling Kris's heel (Rather grudgingly, thought Sabrina).
Kris' face was flushed; she sat up unsteadily.
"Wow!", Kris said breathlessly, "That was intense. I'm not sure if I
could take much more than that.  And if our tickler is better than Becky
here..." Becky smiled.  "Well, I wasn't showing any of you much mercy",
she explained, "mainly because I don't think that the two victims got
any."  The Angels all exchanged glances.
"Well", Bosley stated, "Kris wins the dubious honor of trying to bait
our tickler by staying at the Chatworth Hotel & Resort.  Sabrina, I want
you to become an employee there. Both of you will check in with Ms.
Thompson from time to time.  Sabrina you need to discover and infiltrate
Boston's tickling underground. Our tickler may be there.  Okay? Let's
get to work."
Chapter Two.
Kris and Sabrina talked on the way to the hotel. "Bait?", Kris complained,
"this is going to be tough.  I've never tried to flirt with women before
by using my feet.  What would you suggest?"
Sabrina said, "First thing I'd do is get a pedicure at the resort. Not
only will your feet look, hopefully, irresistable but you may be able to
find out some things from the nail tech. I'm going to work in reservations
and hopefully I'll get some hush-hush talk, you know?"
Kris nodded, "Okay, good idea. I'm tired of this polish anyway, I guess."
Sabrina stopped at the front entrance to drop Kris off.  They exchanged
goodbyes, and Kris went to check in. Sabrina drove around to the employee
Chapter Three
Kelly walked in to the adult bookstore.  After browsing the shelves for
about fifteen minutes (and ignoring the stares of countless old men) she
took two magazines to the front desk.  One was called "Tickled Pink", the
other, "Sweet Feet". The male clerk eyed her curiously, but took her money.
Upon arriving home, she kicked her shoes off and opened the magazines.
After browsing the pictures, she read the personals sections and made notes
on a legal pad.  Kelly was actually disgusted by the entire magazine, but
remembered that she had to get into this life, so she forced herself to be
open minded. Most of the personals were from males; these she skipped.
In the foot magazine, there was a letter from a "Toe Lover" in Boston,
with unknown gender. "Toe Lover" was looking for a female pen pal to
write to, and listed a P.O. Box. Kelly wrote a short note to "Toe Lover"
saying should would like to corrspond. She planned a trip to find out
the physical location of the P.O. Box, so she could stake it out as well.
She penned a letter to the personals section in the tickling magazine,
asking for the formation of tickling club in Boston. Kelly dropped both
letters in the mailbox, and she headed out to some mailing service
Chapter Four
Kris was able to get an appointmant that day to get her toes done.
She showed up at the shop at 3:00 pm, and announced to the receptionist
that she had an appointment with Cindy.  After a couple of minutes, a
young woman came out to greet her. "Hi Kris. I'm Cindy. Would you follow
me please?"  Kris followed the younger woman to the back of the shop.
Cindy pointed to a chair, explaining, "Go ahead and have a seat. I'm
going to get you a tub for a soak."  Kris removed her shoes, reminding
herself to check Cindy carefully for any reaction. Cindy brought the tub
out and placed it at Kris' feet. Kris placed her bare feet in the warm,
scented water. Cindy sat on a low stool and looked at Kris's feet for
an instant before speaking, "It's nice give a pedicure to someone who
takes care of their feet for a change. Usually all my customers are old-
er women who don't do anything to their feet for years, and expect me to
make them look great."
Kris smiled. Here goes my first foot-flirting, she thought. "I try to
keep my feet looking great.  I'm going to be staying here alone for a few
weeks, and I get pedicures once a week, so..." Kris let that dangle.
Cindy beamed, "Great!  Well, it'll be a pleasure to serve you. Now, let's
get that old polish off."  Cindy put a towel in her lap, and picked up
Kris' foot.
Kris added, almost off-handedly, "By the way, you should know that my feet
are extremely ticklish."
Cindy was in the process of drying off Kris' soft foot.  She stopped,
arching a pretty eyebrow.  "Oh?", she said, smiling,"where on your foot
are you the most ticklish?"
Got her! Kris thought. Time to reel her in. She giggled, "Don't tell any-
one! If you take your fingernail and very gently run it up or down
my arch, I go crazy. I turn into jelly."  She looked directly into Cindy's
eyes.  "Try it." she said
Cindy held Kris' tanned foot up and gently tickled her slightly wrinkled
sole.  Since Kris really wasn't that ticklish there, she could fake
laughter.  She began to giggle, but kept her foot in Cindy's hand. Cindy
tickled her a couple more times, but stopped when Kris' laughter became
more unrestrained. Cindy laughed, letting Kris' foot fall back into her
lap. "You certainly are!  I'll make sure to be careful with the pumice,
then.  Now.. which color would you like?"